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PvE Lair - A beginner's guide

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by GraveSpectre, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Narrow corridors (filled with green sludge): You need to keep moving toward the next objective. Tyranids will almost always keep spawning, so don't stop to fight them in one place. If you slow down and try to kill all the tyranids... You will get bogged down. You will get outnumbered and overrun. You will die and your team may fail.

    The only correct action is to KEEP MOVING.
  2. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    I SO wish more people would read and understand this.

    Every day I get some yahoo who thinks he is Rambo or Marneus Calgar and goes off to do his own thing while the timer runs out. They don't get the fact that it doesn't matter how many you kill, if you fail the objective, you fail. Period.

    Sure, some badass JPA or Stormboy may get 200+ gaunt kills before getting swarmed and eaten. Out of the likely BILLIONS on the planet.

    Kill numbers are pointless if the mission fails, guys.
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  3. SaffronB SaffronB Preacher

    People like to do that, regardless if they lose or not
  4. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Well, some of us realize that we get more XP, Requisition and Advancement when we win.

    Go figure.
  5. SaffronB SaffronB Preacher

    Some do, some don't :rolleyes:. I would advise to do PvE with friends it is way more fun then with random people
  6. TheLightGamer Subordinate

    What weapons are good against the tirranid warrior
  7. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    Explosives. Melta weapons, plasma weapons are good against him but as stated before they are useless the rest of the time as they are only a dead weight that don't kill gaunts effectively.
    So using grenades, or even having someone carrying a melta bomb is a good choice against the warrior, but as for weapons, I would say the grav gun is an actual good one, but he only does slightly better than the bolters and again, you must prepare yourself againts gaunts, not need, it's fairly rare that you MUST kill a warrior to secure an objective so sometimes running away from him is the best option.
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  8. Hunkz Recruit

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  9. b_1 Recruit

  10. Grimskar Grimskar Subordinate

    how do you play PvE?

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