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PVE idea

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by ruititadiogo, Jun 19, 2017.


Agree with my idead?

  1. No!But i have some different ones.

  2. Yes, i agree!

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  1. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    1st- new pve were you can do it solo.

    So eny one that buy the game can still play it after you turn of the servers.

    2nd- Take of the timer let it be more of a ride a smooth one were you can roll play and have fun and not a shit thing were you have to run and you cant even look to the items or looks of people.

    3td- let the game mods we already have on maybe some people like them.

    4th- Make the pvp maps available for pve with some encounters will be nice to clean a map from the heretics.

    5th- I really want to buy the elite but i don't now if after some time this game will be off and i cant play it so will be waist of my money. Is there a pan for the future so players can play it solo wen all is off?
  2. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    No. Because PvE is balanced for a team of 5 players. It is barely balanced for 3 players. 1-person-PvE would be an entire new game-mode with entire new maps and enemies and entire new balancing.

    Just imagine walking through a Tyranid-dungeon... and 1 Hormagaunt comes at you every 10 seconds. Yeah, that sounds fun.

    If you want to look at other people, go to the garrison.
    If you want roleplay, get a head-set.
    You know what people fighting Tyranids do not do mid-combat? Tell their origin-story.


    You do realize that the AI should be able to handle the map, right?
    And that PvE should be balanced on the map, right?
    And that the difficulty of the match should be related to the XP and VP you can earn, right?
    So, No, you don't get a PvP-map where you can hole up in a sweet spot and shoot PvE-Tyranids that have no chance of reaching you.

    If you don't want to spend money on Elites, you just have to win 10 or 20 campaigns or so. That gets you enough RT to buy an Elite. :p
  3. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    The game already scales.

    If you have 2-3 people, you see fewer guants than if you have 4-5. This is not INTENDED to be a singe player game no matter how many people WANT it to be one. Teamwork may BE for ninnies but you do better in this game when you fight as a team instead of Rambo.

    *GASP!* The horror!
  4. Guys he stated his bias in the first line: "So anyone that buys the game can still play it after you turn off the servers."

    1) Its a free-to-play game. If you paid money, that's for the perks that come with the full/premium edition of the game. If you want a single-player game where you play a marine against a sea of Xenos, that's called Space Marine.

    2) The concept of PvE is that you're a Kill-Team, not a 1-man army. Like my coach used to always say, "there's no 'I' in team." But there is an =I= in Inquisition... okay bad analogy.
  5. Proteuz Recruit

    There is an I in Imperial Fists, Grey Knights and some blue chapter I guess.
  6. We don't discuss the blue Chapters, man...
  7. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Some do, but only on days that do not end in 'Y'.
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  8. But, in the interest of fairness, lets discuss the other points:

    I disagree with you here. The timer creates a sense of urgency, which makes the experience feel MORE interesting. I've lost a few rounds because of a termagant that was below half health and was tucked in a corner as time ran out. Without a timer Horde would be boring and Lair would become a joke. Perhaps a "Casual" mode where the timer is extended further, but not removed...

    My guild runs Hard Lair and Horde daily with nearly full guild stacks. PvE is Truth. PvE is Life. Better Req/XP/AP for everybody as opposed to better for just one guy, too. That and almost all of the things people hate about PvP are non-existent in PvE. I think people really miss out if they SOLELY confine themselves to PvP in this game.

    I would say make PARTS of the PvP maps available: as it is the ENTIRE maps are designed to be used for 30 on 30 engagements, which a 5-man team just can't cover. As it is most Kill Teams have figured out the 'meta' of each map and in Horde mode, apart from running to resupply caches only use maybe 30 meters of space, if that.

    That said I could see sweeping Agnathio's Fortress of Xenos, or holding Ronan's wall, or maybe accomplishing 2-3 objectives while holding off waves at point D of Zedek.

    Since Elites and Veterans aren't in PvE yet, I'll take this to mean "add Vets and Elites to PvE," which I am in favor of.
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  10. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Remove timers and you open up the doors for more interesting gameplay content to be added.

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