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Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Bakau, May 11, 2017.

  1. Bakau Recruit

    I am new to the game and doing PvE. Is there any guide that gives recommendation of what classes are best suited to play (both horde and lair).
  2. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    1. Stay together.
    2. Don't get in your brothers' line of fire.
    3. Be careful not to wipe out your brothers with explosives.
    4. No flying classes, they're squishy and can't use their mobility effectively in those tight spaces.
    5. Only one melee character per squad for tanking the bosses, the rest takes ranged weapons.
    6. The most effective weapons against the bosses are bombs and powerfists/powaklaws, both are risky to use.


    The squad makeup is a bit more flexible for lairs, you need at least one healer and exactly one tank. The rest can settle for almost any combination of gunners and riflemen as long as they're competent.


    The squad makeup is more rigid here, the standard being exactly one healer, at least two gunners and never more than one melee character, if at all. Usually squads go for no melee and just aim at completing the first 9 waves on hard for 9'000 XP and wiping on the 10th. If you get to pick the difficulty, always pick "hard", it gives double XP for very little additional effort.
  3. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    As far as im aware if there is any guide you will find in on steam, just launch the game and do shift + tab to easily access the guides, i do have some hints for you btw

    1st of all nor care the faction the way to go is 1 medic, 3 soldiers(tactical/shoota/traitor/eldar guy with an assault rifle) and 1 heavy gunner, that formation is the one that works the best, how it goes? simple:

    the medic(obviously) keeps everyone alive, the heavy gunner is modded to take out as much enemies as he can(for LSM grav cannon is fantastic to kill tyranids, for chaos i recommend khorne teeth, other 2 factions dont have necessary a go-to PvE heavy gun, just dont bring huge explosives and youre good) other 3 soldiers at least 2 of them must have melta bombs(anti vehicle bomb) or krak bundle(2 sticky nades) why you ask me? those 3 guys will mod their bolters with maximum close range DPS with good reload speed or large clip, one of them will have 2 anti infantry nades in case things get messy, other 2 will have anti vehicle bombs so when the huge tyranid(wich i forgot the name) apears you can quickly kill him, 2 melta bombs is enough to hit 99% of his health

    Good alternatives are powerfist/klaw as they will do heavy damage to the big tyranid and keep him in a stun lock as long as you only do heavy attacks, melee its posible if you got a coordinated team and proper life steal on your melee
  4. Bakau Recruit

    Thanks for that guys
  5. Bakau Recruit

    Mainly been playing a Havoc with CSM - are Traitors any use in either Horde or Lair?
  6. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Traitors can carry meltabombs which are very effective against warriors if you can stick them on properly. I'd say they're more useful in the lairs than in horde games. As far as god marks are concerned, I'd probably go with Nurgle... Oh and ammo packs are obviously more useful than fleshweaver orbs.
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  7. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Actually I have seen a Stormboy of supreme sneakyness jump around with a Pokkit Rokkit and virtually kill out the entire hardmode wave 9 by himself.

    -Do not bring AOE weapons unless you are really good.
    -Do not bring medikit, you'll have a medic. If you got the points bring an ammo pack.
    -Have one healer class with a heal spell. Healy beacons are a must.
    -Have at least two heavy weapons.
    -If you bring a Tactical, don't use the regular crappy bolter or storm bolter. They chew through ammo too fast and are not that useful when there are heavy bolters around. A heavy bolter dev is always better.
    -Always bring a servo skull. Do not bring more than one Tactical.
    -If your team is very good, bring a plasma gun or grav gun and melta bomb second tactical or a Power fist / shield assault. But this is for expert teams only.
    -If you are LSM, bring at least one Grav weapon. It slows the gaunts down and lets the heavy bolters take them down with more time.
    -Beware grenades. The hitboxing is very bad in this game. They will fly back at you, be stopped by the marine standing next to you, and so on.
    -Do not jump in front of the heavy weapons guy, especially if you are an Eldar.

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