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PvE fortress mode?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Hungarian_Patriot, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Yes it'd be awesome but, we need to remember some points.

    1.) Every nid costs the same performance hits to game, as a full player, or at least damn close.
    2.) You'd need ALOT more nids than players, which would mean even worse performance than a standard fortress map.
    3.) The map would require ALOT of players, only LSM would usually be able to fill these matches.
    4.) Nids climb walls, and have other paths they need to use that are predetermined. They'd have to put these things into the entire fortress map piece by piece. The time investment would likely be huge, and glitchy.
    5.) Nids would have to have such great numbers...they'd clog themselves up in the chokepoints or around players. Either way, that'd suck.
    6.) Nids would have to somehow break gates...
    7.) To break the gates they would need new units, and any new nid unit is a pretty big investment for little gain.

    And the list goes on. At least if the game performance wouldn't take such a massive hit, and if the pathing wasn't so time consuming we could give it a try, but even then you're talking about an uphill battle in a game that...well doesn't produce very consistently.

    Some smaller game modes, with smaller amounts of players on smaller maps would be nice though.
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  2. Tior Elsworth Tior Steam Early Access

    1.) If you play ex.Warframe, it is possible to have that many enemies and not have frame rate issues.
    2.) There is a mode in Warframe where in it allows a group of up to 8 players (normal is 4) to play on a large map and huge amount of enemies.

    I think it is quite possible to do, however it will need a huge amount of work and optimization.
  3. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    I don't necessarily disagree but, this isn't warframe, nor is this the same team. If we are pragmatic about this, the team for THIS game has a long LONG way to go before we get that far. That, and there are likely many more intricacies that no one really knows about that make the comparison a rather moot point.

    So, I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm saying it's feasibly unreasonable, doubly so in the next couple months.
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  4. It's cute how people come up with idea's that have already been discussed. There's literally nothing you noob's can think of that we have not already bled to death.
  5. Alpha-087 Alpha-087 Preacher

    What if the PvE enemies were just LSM/CSM/Eldar/Orks? Basically just the PvP mode, but populated with bots. Could give newer players a way to actually get a hang for the maps and mode. Could also potentially help with people who just want to hop into a game without a queue, if the friendly side had the empty slots filled with bots as well.
  6. I think the issue is that if people want fortresses, they should queue for fortresses and get the populations up to help make fortresses happen. PvE is about a small team sent in to accomplish a mission. Its "Kill-Team," "Deathwatch," "Necromunda," "Shadow War: Armageddon," etc. Its for you and your buddies to get in a quick match while you wait for the PvP queue, or - in the case of Horde mode - power leveling toons to get to the gear you'll need to be competitive in PvP.

    Its also fun as hell - probably one of my favorite parts of EC, to be honest. but too much expansion of the PvE side makes it a stand-alone game; a game the developers aren't being paid to make/maintain/expand.
  7. I agree that the number of players involved in a PVE match should remain low. Are Tyranid infestations still going to be used as a handicap for factions that pull too far ahead in the campaign?
  8. Large scale pve? Yes im sick and tired of this four player co op trash. Bring on the sixty player co op!
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  9. Yet Warframe is going open-world before the year ends.
  10. pathfinder Jarrel Curator

    thats a very cool Idea. Beside all those PvP Focus in the Game there are a lot of People out there who wants to play PvE in Team against Hordes of Mobs. The actual Lair Missions are boring and poor designed ... =/

    A good and handy PvE Experience can hold the Playerbase up till there is more progression on the other Issues.

    EXTERMINATUS from well loved SPACE MARINE is the best comparsion.

    And for the real good Dudes and Guild Players there must be something realy hard to beat like CHAOS UNLEASHED from well loved SPACE MARINE.

    Space Marine is realy old Stuff, EC is so much better in most of the Things, 60 Player Coop sounds very cool too ^^

    something like that, a COOL PvE Thing

    After all that Years i log back to Space Marine from time to time and work trough the Exterminatus. Ist really fun - after ALL that Years.

    i love it to kill Orks, but i love it more to kill Nids!

    give it a go!


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