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PVE exclusive aesthetic items and weapon skins

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Njord-Halfhand, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. There should be a (normal and hard) Tyranid Loot Crates that automatically open once you complete the lair. Failing the lair gives no reward. Once you have opened all the loot crates there wouldn't be any incentive to do the Lairs but people could still do Horde mode for their PVE which would give requisition as normal.
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  2. One thing we could consider is rare and ultra rare bosses randomly appearing in certain lairs. These ultra rare bosses would drop a scale or something we could turn in for some great loot.

    I recall hunting for ultra rare bosses daily in certain areas of the open world when I played Everquest. I also did the same in certain instances when I played WOW. It was pretty fun and brings back some great memories.
  3. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    I would love a power sword made from the Warrior's bonesword. Doesn't have to be special but it would be a cool trophy
  4. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

    That thing would work for orkz
  5. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    chaos like trophies as well
  6. Threule Threule1994 Firebrand

    Chaos could have them hanging from the belt or the backpack
  7. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    Or as i suggested could have weapons made from Tyranid bits. Take a gaunt claw and giving it some Nurgly blessings and viola!: Plague Knife
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