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PvE Difficulty and Optimization

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by PHzero, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. PHzero Recruit

    Hey the PvE difficulty is just wow lol the game mode is challenging i like that but there is a fine line between challenging and just plain fucking impossible. Ive attempted it with random players at least 29 times yes i counted, with not one victory and the game mocks me every time by saying "you could do better". LOL not only that but the game mode just isnt fun when you are getting gang banged by the tyranids and they all do like 40 percent damage. and you always got that one asshole blaming everybody. And another thing is the boss. picture what i just said but with an even bigger bullet sponge that one hits you i like the boss tyranid dont get me wrong that shits awesome. BUT there should be an arena style area to fight him in. i know this post is kind of a rant but i really want the devs to see this .

    My game is bipolar when it comes to framerate and all around performance, i have a decent system i can play most games on ultra. i can play EC on high with 60 fps sometimes and other times it just poops PVP going from 30 to 15 this is unacceptable when people are paying for nearly a full priced game and its not even finished yet. Please focus on Optimizing!
  2. thejammy thejammy New Member

    I agree with PHzero on the difficulty of the game; it has become punishing. The sheer number of enemies feels totally out of scale with the power of the weapons. The normal difficulty feels just insanely difficult. One of the devs talked about a patch sometime after Christmas which is a bit of a bummer because of course I have time off now.

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