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Putting the Grim and Dark back into EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. A bit like an average match, 1 JPA, 1 Ground Assault and the rest;
    because /easymode, it's hard to hide a thing like that.

    Ages ago copy.png

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 ^
    Meanwhile back in the present we are currently cruising on a stable level of reality at Thursday the 19th of July, 2018
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    By Celestia's fat ass!!
    People calm down... jeebus..

    Look just remove rolex so we can look at melee ballance vs ranged ballance .. overall TTK has been set since that tacticool escalation patch... melee got buffed to have stupid ow TTK as well ( if they actually get into combat and land hits ).. now we gonna have to take a look at how we get to that TTK.
    And removing rolex means we can finally sit down and see how exactly tac vs assaults interact with each other on an even ground using actual intended fighting mechanic's..
    And I kinda predict the favor will be in the assaults corner once rolex is gone. since knives shittyness will become a lot more apearent..
    But we can fix those things later .. 1st get rid of the stupid buggy crap.. you know half of the ppl reading and commenting on this don't even know wtf rolex really is and think its just rolling and shooting and they don't know shit about no crouching no animations crap WHICH ALREADY MAKES THIS DIFFICULT TO EVEN TALK ABOUT TO BEGIN WITH ..see now you got me doing it .. damnit...

    Just keep ur fcn shirts on... ain't nobody wanna see them flabby muscles anyways!!
  3. What about how the TAC archtype is just outright allowed to bypass the entire melee system entirely by just shooting between swings, instantly transitioning from bolter to knife back to bolter without any delay?

    To fix that simply jam in in a set of reload animation frames when swapping from Knife to Primary Ranged weapon, would be the absolute first fix after /Rollex crutch is dead and buried.

    Then increase all melee attack speeds across the board to be a little faster than the current sword model and we might be getting somewhere.

    also. . . . . .. . .rainbow dash is t3h bezt ponie
    ^Brony shame
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I have no issues with them being able to shoot in between swings..
    Its part of the damage trading that happens per RPS round.
    You also carry a pistol after all so you can pretty much do the same thing.
    Plus there is also a bid of skill involved if you wanna time shooting with countering attacks that are incoming. you can fuck that up hard and get totally train rekt by a melee guy.
    I do have a problem with them being allowed to land more hits than intended by by passing intended animations that are supposed to "limit their actions per rps round" as it were..
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  5. Well Orks can kindof do the 'same thing' as Bolter with Dakka Slugga auto fire though far less damage per shot and far less ammo, not so much Eldar with their pea shooters.

    Out gunning a Bolter with a pistol is fun, but extremely hard to do and with primary weapon being melee why would I feel like I had to switch to secondary side arm after I've used proactive stealth / flanking to get the advantage in close quarters combat? You don't see TAC archtype switching from Bolter to Pistol when they engage in Melee because their advantage is clearly with primary ranged weapon.

    Omg, that's what needs to happen. When TAC archtype engages in melee it automatically switches them to combat knife, make it automatically switch to their side arm pistol as well so they have to make a conscious effort to switch back to bolder which does have animation frame delays.
  6. Iron Dragon ByeBye Well-Known Member

    Ahh the good ol days. When the HB sucked, the enemy could shoot your grenade before you threw it, and melee was fast and deadly. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Now to go wash my brain with bleach so that I never have to think on those time again. ;)
  7. Armgarion Armgarion Confessor

    Yea the HB that had no wind up time, stunned people when you hit them with the melee attack, and 1 bullet put ranged players cone of fire to maximum yea I agree it was a pretty bad gun

    Fast and deadly melee was fun for everyone especially when JPA's couldn't be Dbashed and melee hits gave iframes
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I was quite possibly the first person on this forum to make an in-depth complaint about the Boltgun. At least the first I have seen and I got quite a bit of pushback for it.

    I wanted to see a nerf to the drummag and I wanted to see a nerf to hipfire-spread. I also agreed on what was originally Proetus' idea to buff damage for lower RoF to make it more flavorful.
    Coincidence or not, I got everything I wanted.
    The point being: The Bolter is fine now, let it go. It is the worst, tactical rifle across all factions. Stalker, Storm and even the Plasma are viable alternatives. This is the best you are going to get.

    You pretend to care about the new players? Well guess what most of our new players use!

    And a note on rollex: I think it wouldn't hurt to see it disappear. My favourite option would be to see iframes gone and rollex by default so you can physically dodge from harm.
    But it's not a priority! It has always been and unintended feature. The question has never been 'if' to fix it but 'how' because it's actually not easy to do. So, a little request: Rollex could- and probably should go but, until it does, just stop inserting it into literally every, single conversation.

    Thats not what I came to say though. Do you guys remember what happened to Thrakka, to Njord and Thraxxus? They started with a somewhat reasonable position. perhaps wrong, perhaps not, I don't care. Then, some others came along who disagreed and started to make fun of them and call them stupid, they brought powerful math to back up what they said.

    And here is what went wrong: Thrakka did not admit that maybe Orks can be powerful, Njord did not just keep saying melee needed a buff. No, they doubled down! Suddenly Orks were unplayable and ranged is a crutch.
    This is called the 'backfire-effect', your position getting more radical the more it gets attacked. In the end, everything they said was completely ludicrous and had very little to do with the game but everything with trying to oppose Blop and friends.

    This is how we remember them, as completely unrealistic and unreasonable. Buts thats not what they originally used to be about. Sometimes, you want to escalate an argument, no doubt it worked for our resident elitists in these cases, whether or not they did it on purpose.
    But if you want to WIN it, you need to find common ground, find something that you can live with and say "I like this, lets start here and work together".
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  9. Keep it civil guys.
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  10. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Some pretty good points, I can't disagree with any of them. The thing about team melee and team ranged reminds me of some similar partisan phenomena from some other universe ;) I'll try to keep it as harmless as possible and bring up Skub and anti-Skub so as not to connect this to the real world.

    This reminds me, I still have absolutely no flipping idea how to to a rollex or a melee sprint attack. And that's OK. I guess it's once a noob, always a noob with me :SMDeal:
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