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Putting the Grim and Dark back into EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. Slap on a passive ranged damage mitigation buff while in close quarters combat, any projectile damage done is then lessened (or mitigated) due to the fury of close quarters combat (explained by both allies and enemies, in theory would be more careful not to shoot friendlies, and the adrenaline boost of steel on steel itself)

    This gives incentive to get into the fight (with proactive flanking of cause), get stuck in and stay there regardless of your class. All while reducing the current and extremely likely scenario of being prematurely downed from 17 different angles by passing projectiles while your bailed up in the slow slogg of a clang battle.

    IfEC needs less nancying about the safty of the back lines with your gun, more brawling.

    Also it's sort of another subject but it kind-of slides in with the grim and dark; remove corpse blocking, if a corpse is in front of me I'm stepping over it damn it.
  2. Getting into close combat? What do you think I do with my power maul?
    Get up into combat and take skulls. If you're being gunned down while trying to get there, you're doing it wrong. I try to never attack head on with a power maul, as it's near useless at that, instead I flank and strong attack (which can 1 shot or stun and I then finish them off with a fast attack). Alternatively, I'll use a power maul in a fight in a capture room where there are a lot of enemies and allies at close range, so I can get behind someone and 1 shot heavy attack them and move onto next target.
    Somehow the other day on Harkus, I managed to 7v1 and take out 5 with a power maul, plasma pistol, and no rollex. Similar thing again in the same game, just it was me and a Space wolf apoth (or whatever they're called), we held the pipe at the bottom of the walls (not the one that goes to the top) for about 5 minutes against like 10 enemies. Space wolf bated out, I attacked from around the corner to 1 shot them. Worked brilliantly.
    Melee is all about knowing how to use the weapon, and knowing where you need to be, and I think the same applies to pretty much anything close quarters.
  3. Flanking, using cover to get to your opponent is easy (and fun) :p.

    The actual problem is in the time it takes for 1 clang to happen you will die by being shot from several directions before you can even break your primary targets weapon let alone kill them.

    Even if you do manage to kill your target through the slow slogg of the clang battle, their corpse is then in your way so you either have to;

    Use your inferior pistol side arm and hope it out guns their superior gun.
    Finish off your target and hope to get to the next target before they gun you down
    Evade around the corpse and hope to get to the next target before they gun you down.

    Or if an ally is gunned down in front of me it's most likely too dangerous for me to get them up, and since I cant just run right over them to attack their killer I have to go around while the enemy just shoots at me with the protection of the corpse between me and them.

    Giving a damage mitigation buff for people engaged in close quarters combat AND removing corpse blocking from the game would fix both of these multi faceted, annoying and not-fun problems.
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I am inclined to say: If you go into close-combat and there are several enemies around you who are not too busy to shoot you, you are doing it wrong.
    The idea of melee is going in, hit people to stun them, throw Iframes and strike into the backline so enemies have to turn around to deal with you. The purpose of all that is that they either have to ignore you, so you can do damage, or deal with you, which takes much longer than dealing with your ranged buddies who focus on killing.

    If you are facing multiple enemies, every new strike should go in a different direction. That solves both problems you described as it makes you a much harder target and you are much less likely to get clanged.
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  5. Sometimes picking off surrounding outliers just doesn't get the job done. Sometimes someone has to get in there and break up that cluster of enemies while our allies pick off the edges. There is no incentive to do this because of clang bailups slowing down the fight enough to be picked off from however many angles you might imagine.

    Proactive stealth/flanking only gets you so far, often there's no subtle way of doing it unless your a Scorpion -ork stealth is so horrible it doesn't count- or your targets are particularly unobservant. And being bailed up in a clang fight that could potentially last up to a minute when ranged TTK is under half a second is just not fun, what it is though is bad one sided game design.

    And it isn't really fine that melee players are the only ones who directly face the problem of corpses blocking their line of sight. and the only ones that face the problem of being attacked from potentially up to 20 different enemy (discounting friendly fire) projectile directions at once appose to two directions, back and front for melee.

    Just remove corpse blocking, nobody gets directly nerfed from it, just makes the game more fun and fair all round for everyone.

    -sigh- you know none of this matters as nothings going to change anyway lol.
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Reading Bad Melee players like they dont have a pistol and want to 1v10 the world :CSMAlpha:
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  7. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    We had that back in the day, when we had only LSM and CSM, melee was so OP it was pointless to even pick a gun.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Ah well it's not a thread till the resident carbon copy sociopath chimes in with one of their boringly predictable deflective remarks of self-loathing. At least if they're here they're not out there doing god knows what to cute fuzzy animals.


    Thank you for your input, it's always nice to get some constructive feedback.

    So seeing as damage mitigation as incentive to get people to play melee failed, any ideas on how to make it less pointless to pick up a blade perhaps? Maybe implement some kind of damage mitigation in a different way so it works this time? Say a short duration banshee wail kid-of buff only usable while engaged in close quarters combat, that way proactive flanking / stealth is still needed.

    Because riding this disappointingly smoldering wreck of a melee shooter till the wheels fall off is getting a little old. I mean sure the obvious answer is to just pick up a gun but that's kind of the easy way out. And not nearly as fun, interesting, multi faceted, in your face up close and personal as melee can be and it doesn't really solve the problem.
  9. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    ^ I see plenty of melee players everytime i log in.

    The only way I could see such an damage mitigation to come back (because as katitof said, we already had that and it was ridicoulus) is as an LP-costing item. Maybe that could be a good way to buff the possessed elite and make it a vet only item for chaos.
  10. Perhaps a passive buff active whenever engaged in close quarters combat would be a step too far.

    But I don't see a cooldown ranged damage mitigation buff only being able to be used while engaged in close quarters combat being too unreasonable as I've said above it would still require proactive flanking / stealth to get to your target.

    So yeah again maybe a banshee wail type close quarters ranged damage mitigation buff active only while actually engaged in close quarters melee exchanges would be the way to go.

    Also, remove corpse blocking, just let us step over the bodies of our enemies and allies alike!
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