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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Apr 11, 2018.

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    With the responses of the Techmarine and Archmagos, SA582 gave a nod of understanding for both information denials, even if it meant both of them had been... Not that helpful, objectively speaking. However, both of them had their reasoning with the Techmarine having others at fault on his end and so it was hardly as if she could blame him when the failings of others contributed to his information.
    The Archmagos on the other hand... Given the mentioned lack of a file, she had a feeling it was more protocol than malice that was leaving her in the dark in that state of affairs. Still, given the mention of completing her file, that was something she could more easily rectify than shouting at various administrative personnel to get their facts straight for the Techmarine.

    So the Thallax firstly said to the Techmarine "I see. Hopefully, the matter will be cleared up in due time." Then moving onto the Archmagos, she then replied ++Very well then, I suppose the public documentation will suffice. And I certainly will find the time for the examination, given the aforementioned obligation.++ Still, her business had concluded here, leaving her to finish talking with "My queries have been satisfied."

    With that said, Sarah departed from their presence and took up her position back with the rest of the Retinue. While on the way back, she did take a moment to see what else was going on, such as the Penitent Engine being on the move with one of the Marines.
    Needless to say, the person stuck on it likely had a story to tell, given how... Well, it wasn't as if the Imperium lacked for horrific punishment methods, so something pretty bad had to happen for the person to be seen as worthy of that.
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    Realizing that further arguing is pointless an entirely counterproductive, Henrik raises a hand in a friendly gesture:
    "If Imperial forces still fighting in this sector are as devout as you, we should have no problem returning it to the fold".
    Turning away and looking into the distance, Henrik begins to think. He never considered him particularly devout to the Imperium. Most of that usually comes from intense propaganda and military training, and Henrik was subjected to either. No, his faith in the Emperor wasn't formed because of Ecclesiarchy's sermons, it was formed by the simple fact that he was still alive, after spending several decades exploring the Ghoul Stars. He ventured into the region of space that very few dare enter, and those that do rarely return. And yet he is still alive. So perhaps the Emperor is watching over his subjects, at least sometimes.

    Ultimately, however, he was glad that he was surrounded by fanatically devout and straightforward people - those were the kinds of people that he could trust, because they had no reason to betray their allies and nothing to gain from lying.

    @Uriel1339 @Keidivh
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    @Keidivh @Vulpas

    Enyo smiled with pride. It seemed all went well. "You know. This talk between us mortals makes me wonder and I feel like I need to fulfill a curiosity. Like I said before. I do not talk behind peoples back. So, excuse me for a moment." He noted to the only two present people, his wife and Alexandra. With a bow to both he turned his back to them, took a deep breath and walked over to the Astartes in question. From afar he seemed relatively average. But with every step closer, he became larger. Until it felt like he was once again standing as a child before the massive statues of heroes, alive and dead alike.

    Patiently, not wanting to interrupt such important conversation between a Lord Astartes and high ranking officers, the Ultramar Auxilia Lieutenant simply stood behind the group, out of earshot but far enough that he could approach the black-clad Angel of Death. At this point he wasn't even sure anymore if he wanted to and started looking around, see who else was around. But he just wanted to see, to know, what this person was like firsthand. Then again, he never talked to an Astartes before. How should he address him, especially now that he was an Inquisitor's Acolyte? Little sweat pearls built up on the forehead of the middle-aged man. From the heat and nervousness.

    Enyo's eyes searched for others, after all he could always ask the Black Templar another time, surely?
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    Praxia continued to walk as she heard someone call to her. "I am she..." Was the only reply she offered at least until she noticed the Sister had caught up to her. "Need to talk to me?" She paused and took in a deep breath with a wince. "Not... often... I hear that...."
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    "Indeed General. As long as you keep the same attitude, I'm sure that the rest of the Imperial Guard will follow suit and provide us the backbone we need." the Castellan replied to Clariene and then nodded to the Inquisitor, "Only those who have fallen from the God-Emperor's light. I hope there's only few of them, for their sake."


    Wilhelm was satisfied how the talk went and backed a bit away from the crowd, leaving Vindex with some privacy in case the Inquisitor wanted to brief his subordinates without another interferance from the Black Templar. However his train of thought was interrupted once he spotted a mortal soldier in what seemed to be an uniform of an Ultramar regiment of some sort, approaching him from behind but remaining at some distance.

    "It is most unwise to sneak upon an Astartes, human," he said as he turned around, red eye lenses bearing into Enyo's face, "You should do well to remember it. While I can't speak for the rest of the Space Marines aboard this fleet, I'm sure there are many of them who would find this insulting and would be less inclined to talk about it and more interested in making your life miserable," this was no threat, however given how his voice sounded from the vox grille to a human it could mean anything, however that was not something Wilhelm was thinking about now. In truth he was occupied with other things but this mortal was the first one who actually approached him - and not turning to flee (at least not yet), so that caught Black Templar's attention and he was interested in hearing more.
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    Goreparan remained seated throughout the entire speech, his helmet hiding his face from the others. While the minotaur did pay attention to what was being said he kept to himself observing those around him but making no attempts to engage in conversation. What he thought of their actions and their words he kept to himself not bothering to contemplate or comment upon them.

    Goreparan still recalled being rerouted to this motley fleet almost a week prior when they had picked up the signal of the craft that was ferrying him to the Jericho sector. He had arrived only a few days ago, to be briefed and inducted into the lord inquisitor’s retinue. Since then he had kept to himself and the rest of his chapter had done the same. If they wished to talk, consult or question him then it was their prerogative.
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  7. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Clear Out Everyone, Party's Over

    "One does not need to swear themselves over to the dark powers in order to act in selfishness, greed, cowardice and pride over the good of the Imperium, Castellan Wilhelm. At times, it is those who do so under the Emperor's light that may infuriate you the most. You will understand soon enough," Lord Inquisitor Vindex spoke in reply, bidding the Black Templar farewell.

    Turning back to the others, the commanders consulted one another for a little longer, before departing on their own way with their various guards and lieutenants. Further down their side of the room, it seemed that the Commissar General finally gave up in trying to convey what information from the briefing to his Ogryn bodyguard, and departed with the large abhuman following him.

    The Archmagos on the other side of the room, along with the Techmarine, concluded their own conversation with the Thallax as well.

    "Perhaps, but I doubt it would be simple. Battle will soon come upon us, and depending on what had been liberated or destroyed during such liberation, we would need to revise our inventory before we can even finish an initial count of what we had recovered from the crossing of the Great Rift. A rough estimation is likely the best we can hope for, according to my initial analysis."

    At that, the Archmagos finished the newly created profile of SA582 with the data he collected in the conversation.

    ++This servant of the Machine God is pleased to hear that. May the Omnissiah keep you then Thallax Designation SA582++

    The two finished the conversation they had earlier, and that party also disbanded. It seemed that the meeting naturally winded down now with more and more of the factions disappearing from the room. Both Inquisitors Equilius and Winsole completed their respective conversation and returned to their former teacher in order to get last minute details and instructions from him. However, they also finished their work and all three went to the members of their retinues together.

    "We will depart for Elros and Kommitzar immediately once the different commanders return to their ships. Use the travel time to train, rest or however you need to prepare. There will be a briefing for all Inquisitorial Retinues when we arrive at our destination for our deployment. A servitor will alert you of the specific time of the meeting. Be prepared." Lord Vindex addressed all present at the meeting, before departing.

    Equilius merely smiled at his retinue before adding on one bit. "You heard the Lord Inquisitor. If any of you need me, you know where to find me."One must assume the Ordo Hereticus meant his quarters, but in truth, he didn't stay there all the time and could be anywhere on the battleship or beyond.

    Inquisitor Winsole was a bit more clear on her instruction to her retinue. "Should any of you have any concerns, send a messenger to find me. I shall contact you in return when I can." With that, they dismissed the retinue members from the meeting, whether for them to go back to their quarters or otherwise. It would take a few days to get to the worlds in question, and it would be up to them how to use their time during the calm before the storm.

    More Information? I Just Want to Get Purging!

    The massive Retribution Class Battleship, Righteous Fury, sat in a position in space not unlike where it had been during the rally point. However, the larger fleet from before was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, the other branches of the strike force had already been given orders and departed for the respective worlds. One of the vessels that remained behind was the Coveanant of Mars, as well as a few cruisers and escort vessels.

    It was the midpoint between the two worlds, where going to either would not present a hassle and allow the timely arrival of any operational units, like kill-squads. Within the bowels of the Inquisitorial Battleship, however, a single room had been prepared for the combined retinues of all three inquisitors.

    The room looked somewhat similar to a large lecture hall of the Schola Progenium, but for the upgrades and the iconography of the Inquisition. A data analysis table sat at the centre of the room, at the bottom of the stadium seating of the three sides of seats. A screen covered most of the back wall behind it, while three different sections of seats faced the middle, with the sides angled inward to give an almost half hexagon feel to the room.

    Each seat was designed to be able to fit a primaris space marine (recent conversion) in full armour comfortably, while spaces within the seats and adjustments could be made to the point of accommodating a smaller abhuman like a ratling without them feeling out of place.

    The seats had a console built into the level each sat in. These are controlled from the front desk at the middle, but the seat's occupants could use it to take notes during any meetings (even if the notes were not transferable outside of the room for security purposes) and go over exhibits no longer on the big screen on the back walls more closely.

    The architects of this room even built in a space and an entrance way with its own elevator for any space marine dreadnoughts invited to join in the meeting. For such attributes, Lord Inquisitor selected this very meeting hall for his briefing today. Like the previous meeting with all the branches of the surviving forces and their representatives, all the retinue members from the three Inquisitors stood present. However, they were not divided according to original masters, each member allowed to select where they wished to sit.

    At the middle, the three Inquisitors stood around the table, dressed in their operational gear. The only difference between their attire at the meeting and their current attire was the massive daemonhammer on the ground near where Lord Inquisitor Vindex stood. As the various members enter, they could see the three inquisitors studying the data on the central table. When the final expected member arrived, the lord inquisitor stood up straight and looked at the collective retinue in front of them.

    "Members of the Inquisitorial Retinue, welcome to this briefing. As you can see, the information presented here will be for those in this room and those within the Inquisition's knowledge only. The only exception to that rule is for the High Lords of Terra and the Emperor alone. I don't believe I need to remind you of the punishment that would come from any indiscretion." Vindex's dark blue eyes passed over each member of the retinue, before continuing.

    "As you may have noticed, we did not divide you by your," a moment, "recruiter. Rather, from this moment on, you will all fill the pool of the Inquisitorial Retinue of this strike force. Outside of your natural obligations," here he gave deference especially to the members of the adeptus mechanicus and the Ecclesiarchy, "you shall answer only to myself, or Inquisitors Winsole and Equilius here, no one else. You shall be deployed according to the needs of the strike force, not just with members of your original retinue. With that said, let us begin."

    The two worlds of the Elros and Kommitzar appeared on the massive screen on the back wall, as well as on the central table. With a few button pushes, the latter world came to the forefront. "We have the latest reports from the surfaces of both of these planets, and our objective is now clear. On Kommitzar, our scouts have reported that all major facilities had been seized by the rebellion formed up of mostly ex-convicts on the world. They are too well organised to not have a leader at the top, likely one from off world

    Fortunately, the penal world does not have too much along the ways of armament, and while many of the prisoners received lasguns and similar equipment from the small armoury on the planet, most only have primitive weapons or the adeptus arbites war gear. Most vehicles consist of captured chimaeras, though the presence of a few leman russ tanks and other battle-ready armour and guns should be expected within the enemy ranks if only cannibalised from their original purpose. I've assigned the retaking of the world to Colonel Kingsley and his 97th Terran Guard. They volunteered for the task and seemed eager to prove themselves.

    There are reports of a possible resistance force comprised of the surviving arbites guards on the planet, possibly some guardsmen as well. However, we have no confirmation of their location or number."

    Vindex paused, before turning to Inquisitor Winsole. "Inquisitor, you shall lead a team in order to remove the leadership of the rebellion and, if possible, make contact with the resistance on the world and coordinate their actions with that of Colonel Kingsley. Colonel Ruthstein and his 32nd Thetoid Eagles will be on standby as a contingency force if more force is warranted for the completion of the mission."

    Winsole nodded, her eyes narrowing upon the image of the icy penal world in front of her. A moment and a bit more button pushing later, the grey orb of Kommitzar was replaced with the more vibrant Elros.

    "We've identified the previously large force around the sector where records indicated that the Death Cult headquarters is held. It is a primitive army dedicated to the forces of chaos undivided, with few signs of early black powder technology, consistent with the world's feudal designation. It would seem that the influence of the dark forces had reached Elros, either from an off-world source that departed not long after or directly through the local population. Their relatively undeveloped level of weaponry would help explain how the Death Cult has held off such a long siege.

    However, there were also reports of psychic powers within the army, so there might be possible daemonic activities as well. I've assigned the task to Chapter Master Darnol of the Nemesor at his request. I've left him to decide how much of his chapter he wishes to commit to this deployment but he had assured me that he will have at least a company at ready. Captain Kryfar of the Minotaurs and his brothers will act as a contingency force if needed."

    Vindex then turned to Equilius. "Inquisitor Equilius, you shall lead the team to make contact with the Death Cult. From what we know, their mistress only allows females into their ranks, as per tradition. Identify their loyalty, then deal with them and the forces beleaguering their fortress as well. The adeptus astartes should have no problem smashing the chaos forces to pieces given the gap in technology, but I have come to not trust assumptions in operations. There will be other elements of the strike force on the planet to join you in this task, which I've already briefed you on."

    Lord Vindex then turned to the wider audience as a whole. "I've already divided each of you into the two teams here. Castellan Wilhelm, Stormseer Tur, Sternguard Arkandos, Sergeant Razael, Apothecary Rambeau and Minkar, as astartes, I'm attaching all of you as starters to Inquisitor Equilius' retinue, given the deployment of the Nemesors. I also anticipate the higher threat of the death cult, rather than the former prisoners of Kommitzar.

    Magos Zeth will accompany Inquisitor Winsole to Kommitzar with Beta 055-Alpha-R00 and SA582. With his knowledge and skills, he may assist her with accessing the more advanced facilities of the penal world.

    Sister Serica, you will assist Inquisitor Equilius in his dealings with the Mistress of the Death Cult. Along the way, perhaps you might learn more about their culture and make any future encounters smoother. Sisters Hear and Winds shall be your escorts on this deployment, along with Crusader Virtus.

    Sister Miria you will protect Inquisitor Winsole instead. Trooper Ausmar and Lieutenant Virtus will also join Inquisitor Winsole in order to provide the link between members of the Astra Militarum on site. Lastly, Pilot Antal will also join their team, to help scout for their position along with the possible operation of any recovered vehicles."

    The lord inquisitor then waved his hand, and each console in front of a seated member of the audience got an updated notification in addition to a roster of their newly assigned team. Upon clicking it, they found an extensive list of names and information on them. Some more famous names, such as Gregor Eisenhorn or Kryptman, jumped out at them. Others were more mysterious, such as Ahmazzi and Ferran Ghast.

    All names could be inquired upon, at which a vid capture, sometimes disturbingly clear, others vague and indistinct, of their latest appearance could be seen, along with a brief biography of who they are and the danger of each member, from psychic powers to weaponry and retinue members. From the top, aside from those four names before, were: Olianthe Rathbone, Soldevan, Myrchella Sinderfell, Vathek, the Burning Princess, Coriolanus Vestra, Tobias Velasco, Thaddeus Hakk, Arrius Balk, Alders Terhan, Querrian, Suresya, Castiel, Lichtenstein, Moriana, Malia Orbiana, Felroth Gelt, and Natius Osrinn.

    Lord Inquisitor Vindex gave each a moment to look over the list, before speaking again, this time one could see the hatred in his eyes. "By decree of no less than a unanimous support of the High Lords of Terra, including the Inquisitor Lord Terran himself, I have been given authority to do whatever it is necessary to relieve the forces of the Achilus Crusade and to make safe both the Calixis Sector and Jericho Reach. While some of the names in front of you might be nigh untouchable outside of our immediate sector, here, outside of one of the High Lords of Terra or the Emperor himself, I have absolute authority over all Imperial holdings and forces.

    Therefore, effective immediately, you all have a standing kill on sight order for each and every single one of the individuals on that list in front of you right now. Do not attempt to capture them, do not attempt to communicate with them.

    Some I don't expect for us to encounter here in this part of the galaxy, others I would think a confrontation to be inevitable. While this list is restricted to this room, and anyone else attempting to transfer its content out without my personal authorisation will be summarily executed, it is available to any of you to access should you wish to come here and consult it. Simply unlock one of the entrance ways through the biometric scanners and give your clearance through the bio scanner on any one of the consoles here.

    Again, kill any of these individuals on sight, and then verify the kill with whatever equipment you have. That is a direct standing order from me, Lord Inquisitor Vindex of the Inquisitorial Retribution Force Vindex, Highest Imperial Authority in the Calixis Sector and Jericho Reach upon the authority of the High Lords of Terra," Vindex finished, allowing himself to relax a bit and moved to wrap up the conclusion of the meeting. He gestured at one of the larger doorways in the room.

    "That hatch opens to a hallway connecting directly to the inquisitorial armoury and vehicle bay reserved for your use. While we don't have a luxury of extremely valuable equipment, vehicles and weaponry for you to utilize at the moment, you will find that many of the more common equipment in the Imperium available there, albeit scarce in their amount. There are also facilities to assist you in maintaining your current equipment or, if you have the materials, to craft new ones should you have the skills," Vindex said.

    "If you have any questions or concerns, speak with any of us here. Otherwise, you are dismissed. Make use of the armoury as you will, or familiarise yourselves with the other members of your team for the mission ahead. You will have your assigned hanger in which you and your team will deploy from in two hours on the console in front of you."

    With that, the briefing section finished, and the various retinue members were left to their own devices. The three inquisitors remained in the front of the room, either conversing amongst themselves or going over the information for the mission ahead.


    Somewhere within the briefing room, a mek spider known to the inquisitor trio shifted, collecting all the data from the meeting. While it could not take the kill list data out of the console, it could interact with it to browse specific person of interest to its owner. Magos Zeth in the armory and vehicle bay continued his work, even as he synthesize the collected data from the first and second briefing he had his mek spiders sat in on.



    Kommitzar: Winsole: Zeth, Marius, Sarah, Ausmar, Enyo Virtus, Miria and Antal.

    Elros: Equilius: Wilhelm, Tur, Arkandos, Razael, Rambeau Minkar, Serica, Heart, Winds, and Aurelia Virtus.
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    <First Briefing>
    Erika took a quick step forward for Praxia to see her properly. She was not wearing a helmet and almost pushed the Engine back with her hand to get her to stop, although to not much effect undoubtedly.

    "Look at me." She further demanded. The hard edge on her face fell slowly. "Do you not remember me?"
    Her eyes flit about Praxia's form draped on the engine before staring into her eyes again. "It's Erika..." She near mumbled and straightened her posture as if to dare Praxia to try and remove her from her path. Her rigorous training and steel faith put the whirlwind inside her in a vice grip to calm her down.

    <Current time>
    During the briefing, when her involvement with two other Sisters and Equilius was announced, she took a glance at both Heart and Serica. It was but brief and didn't shy eye contact if one was made. After all was said, Erika browsed the various names in silence if anything regarding this Death Cult would be helpful for her part of the mission.

    Despite being troubled by learning of Praxia's fate, she tried to keep herself focused by quiet prayer. Perhaps it was for the best that guarding a life was her main duty this time.
    Her other hand kept clenching into a fist all the while.
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    Razael had arrived as one of the first, and after exchanging a short greeting with Vindex, he had seated himself somewhere in the middle of the middle section of seats. He had arrived on ship later than the others, and as such there were questions to be answered before excchanging pleasantries about the past. Although the Kill-marine couldn't supress a small smile when looking at the two former students of the now Lord Inquisitor.
    They grow so quickly.
    Other than that, Razael felt a certain ease when he registered another member of the Deathwatch and other Brother Astartes entering the room. It had been too long that he had see one of his kind. His line of work often kept him away from the fortress monasteries, only surrounded by the dead, the xenos or the feeble mortals. Overall Razael was in good spirits, although he was not entirely comfortable with so many people in one room. For now, he registered the individuals that'd be part of this force, trusting that his black armour and Deathwatch insignia would disperse any question to his identity for those that were not his brothers.
    Still, it was very possible for him to be approached by a mortal. Maybe it was due to the fact that scout armour didn't include a helmet, Baring his face, or something else, but Razael's presence quite a bit less fear-inducing, down to a level where the average citizen wouldn't immediatly wet themselves when looking at him. A necessity for a Kill-marine, who often would be forced to rely on assistance from the local imperial forces, and sometimes even the local populace for his missions.

    After the briefing was finished, Razael took his time to study the list of individuals before him. He'd have to recognize these by face, and even by their movements and habits, since it was rather easy to get hands on a decent mask after all.
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    @Shadhunter @Wata

    Before they even manage to depart the grand chamber, Jean finds Praxia and himself waylaid by a newcomer - a Sister of Battle - who appears to recognise the Penitent.

    "It appears an old acquaintance has found you, Praxia," he comments, "I'll let you catch up, if you are minded to."

    With that, he steps slightly out of the way to observe the interaction between the two in silence, in his usual inscrutable way.


    Jean listens in silence to Vindex's briefing from the very back of the room. He observes some members of the retinue that he hasn't seen before - mostly the new Astartes. In particular, he notes a second Apothecary - a veritable giant of an old-breed Astartes - and not one, but two other sharpshooters.

    The one wielding a Primaris weapon must have an interesting story as to how he came to possess it.

    Looking over Vindex's Most Wanted list, he cannot help but suspect more than a few personal vendettas at play. So far, though, it is none of his business. He was assigned to this mission on the basis of his skills at death - both forestalling it, and expediting it. If his orders are legitimate and come from a legitimate source, he does not see any reason to question them. Vindex may be many things, but lacking legitimacy, he is not. Not at this point.

    Later might be a different story, but later can worry about itself.

    As the briefing concludes, he reflects on how the mission seems eminently straightforward. As with any straightforward mission, it is a foregone conclusion that things will go horribly sideways on the ground at some point, and so he intends to be thoroughly prepared for that eventuality. Making his way to the armoury ahead of the others, he prepares a requisition form on a data slate, which he hands to the Tech-Adept in attendance.

    - Stalker bolt rounds

    - Grenades - 1 Frag, 1 Krak, Astartes-issue

    - Survival equipment - rope, grapnels, pitons and other climbing tools, bivouacking and fire-starting tools

    - Cartograph

    - Vox-caster

    With that, he betakes himself to the miniature range within the armoury and begins zeroing his weapons, which is where the other members of the Retinue will find him, should they wish to talk to him.

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