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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Apr 11, 2018.

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    A few last words on the transport
    Razael's grim look relaxed slightly at the the Minotaurs advising words, changing into something more akin to stubbornness. To an outsider there would hardly be a distiction, but astartes weren't generall known for exaggerated grimaces.
    "That might be true, but as a representative of the Deathwatch it is my duty to at least attempt to warn even the esteemed adeptus mechanicus."
    He turned back towards the adept on screen.
    "Which I'm sure will take appropiate measures to keep this kind of situation from happening in the future."
    He would definetly report this to the Watch Fortress on Haltmoat after this mission. The Adeptus Mechanicus might be an esteemed ally of the Imperium of Man, but dealing with Xenos of this calibre was definetly Deathwatch territory.

    Infiltration, a solo mission?

    Razael nodded when he compared the hallways before him with the map he had downloaded earlier. It really was just a stone's throw away. Strange, normally you would think a ship would keep it's most important innards away from the outer hull. Firefights between ships were what these vessels were built for after all.
    "Only some suggestions. Or rather, something to think about. Considering this Xenos' affinity with ambush tactics, a quick assault might prove ineffective. They've had more than enough time to prepare, charging in here could very well cause us enourmous losses."
    He walked towards the doorway heading to the enginarium.
    "If we however want to preserve some speed, we could go with the previously discussed two-pronged attack. A small covert team, or solo-operative, could head towards the weapon controls and activate them while attention sits on the main force. For that matter, I myself would be the most experienced in that field, if i may say so."
    He quickly kneeled down to remove some Xenos webbing from the door. As if remembering something, shortly before slipping through, he turned around once more, something of a strange serious smile on his face.
    "That'd mean you'd have to go without my direct scouting expertise. Although the interference will limit the effectivenice of that already."
    He then dissappeared into the dark.

    Shortly after, his voice came crackling over the com-channel, with only minimal interference.
    "I will scout out the short route to the enginarium. Once that is done we require a last word on the matter. I'll stay in contact."
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    Jean listens in silence to Razael's exposition. In truth, much of the Veteran Scout's views mesh with his own instincts. However, that is the luxury of not being team leader, of not being first in line under the pressure of a ticking mission clock.

    "Five minutes, Brother Razael. If we do not hear back from you in five minutes, we must launch the assault. Emperor speed."
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    The Waiting Room

    ++Ah yes, the neuro-inducers. One of the most valuable blessings on Idumea. It had prevented many unexpected delays in our production facilities housing the uninitiated. Indeed, the fleshbag may leave quickly should he be boggled by things he cannot comprehend. By your leave, archmagos.++

    Lors Hollan responded to Magos Catharc Tiberiax Zeth with a casual reference to the incident records of a few uprisings from the bottom ranks of the forge world he had just sent over to him. As the Gerontocrat turned his attention to the Fabricator-Locum, Modius would receive the message, and the scrap code would immediately be removed by the possibly treasonous member of Idumea. He would respond quite quickly but courteously.

    ++I merely perform the duties of my office, archmagos, nothing more.++

    The techpriests and their attendants would mingle with the retinue as they move inside, during which neither the Magos Catharc of the world nor Magos Dominus Kaifan were present. However, an acknowledgment ping did come from Ranger Alpha Tyco. As the retinue moved into the interior of the main workshop of the larges manufactorum on the forge world, the retinue could see that many of the lights on the walls, indeed the walls themselves served as a massive relay, both as a standing structure and wired to transfer massive amounts of data to and from various locations.

    Magos Zeth would detect only standard defenses amongst the inner sanctum of forge world Idumea in the forms of automated turrets, combat servitors on standby, the whole nine yards. None of which suggests anything out of the norm for a forge world expected to be able to defend itself. The interrogator tagged along, seemingly friendly but keeping to himself unless directly addressed after being allowed to accompany them at the meeting. As they entered into an antechamber, the fabricator-general turned back to them and, in an almost annoyed voice, spoke in fleshspeak.

    "Please wait here. It is customary for the main attendee of any physical meeting to arrive last and to depart first. I shall see that the preparations for the meeting go without any incidents, and shall return shortly"

    With that, Lors Hollans entered through the large double doors they were led to, without opening it all the way to let anyone in the antechamber see within. His entourage followed, and as such, the accompanying crowd entered through the various doors next to the large double doors, likely entrances to the audience or separate sections for those not as important as the fabricator-general and the fabricator-locum. Modius himself had already departed through another set of doors with his own guards and attendants.

    Upon scans of the room beyond the barriers, one would get nothing, from the high tech sensors of Wilhelm and the Adeptus Mechanicus members to the simple visual scan of the mortals present. Yet they were left mostly by themselves, with only a few 'normal' skitarii guards and combat servitors around, standing guard as per standard guard procedures.


    Tip of the Spear

    "Understood, already commencing the next logical step. The Omnissiah be with you, Apothecary Rambeau. We will work on our own area first, and move on to where your attack craft has landed." The message came back from Magos Kinek, while the ratings under the command of Warrant Officer Cep readied their weapons and munitions for the coming assault, even as the Dark Angel moved forward to scout out the coming enginerum.

    "Copy that, Lord Astartes Sire. We're ready when you are."

    For Razael, the moving was slow going, and every instinctive alarm in his head blared the entire way. He had to cut through the webs just to move forward, and every strand even touched, let alone severed, alerted the enemy of his exact location. Yet, even as he moved towards their first objective, he could only faintly detect movement just beyond the edges of his vision. Upon focusing on them, all perceived movements stilled, disappearing in the midst of web entangled metal around him.

    The closest Razael got to enemy contact came from a sudden turn by the astartes, and he stared into eight flashing eyes of a distant spider. Before he could bring his weapon to bear, or do anything else, however, the large spider scurried away into a nearby web covered vent. Unable to pursue the megarachnid, the Dark Angel continued forward, quickly coming up onto the blast doors of the enginerum. The doors looked almost closed, yet pried or kept open by the sheer amount of web holding it.

    The gap left behind looked large enough to just fit one space marine through at a time, though the web covered darkness beyond left Razael literally in the dark as to what was on the other side, outside of what was expected from any enginerum of a voidcraft.

  4. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "What kind of a customary ordeal is this? Custom I've never heard of," Wilhelm growled, being left outside like some discarded toy didn't sit well with the Black Templar, undercover or not. "Mechanicum's secrets can rot for all I care," he grunted and marched forward and started banging on the barrier with his fist, as if the idea of simple knock on the door would let them in.

    What started as a bothersome task was quickly turning out to be a real pain and the Castellan was getting fed up with it. Either these Tech Priests turn out to be heretics, in which case Wilhelm would be more than happy to introduce them with his thunder hammer, or they end up being simple confused lot, in which case some of them still might get the same treatment from the Black Templar on base of them getting on his nerves.
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    With Locum's suspiciously neutral reply, Archmagos froze any further attempts at communication, deeming them currently irrelevant. Bearing down his efforts onto the environment around him, he collated and sent the data back, pinging it to Koma and thus to it's caretaker Tyco-117. During the decapitation protocol, such data for the rest of their units could prove vital.

    With their hosts excusing themselves, Archmagos signed his acknowledgement with a binharic ping to the Fabricator-General, waiting patiently to be summoned to the Auditorium.


    The lull before the storm was quickly broken by Wilhelm's tantrum. As the giant banged his fists on the barriers between antechamber and impenetrable auditorium, Archmagos quietly watched him - Tiberiax-within both amused and shocked at Castellan's lack of control.

    Despite Wilhelm's unreasonable actions, there was more of a chance that their hosts will see this as another weakness of flesh and not a crack in their mask. However, despite the situation, Archmagos could not let Willhelm jeopardize their situation any further. He thought of pulling rank, but there are low chances tha the standard-issue Space Marine ego on top of Wilhelm's self-righteousness could take it.

    He voxed to the Black Templar:

    ++It's irrelevant if you heard of it or not Space Marine for your comprehension is not required in such a trivial matter. Control yourself!++

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