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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Apr 11, 2018.

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    The voice of reason.

    After hearing jeans long, winded expiation that he knew the armsmen wouldn’t understand, Gorepran sighed but before he could speak razael had his own outburst making the minotaur roll his eyes inside his helmet. Part of the old minotaur wanted to discuss with his two marine teammates why they didn’t listen to advice or reason but the minotaur was long used to this so he opted to be quiet until the right moment.

    "Cheer up warrant officer, some one thought you and your men skilled enough to act as the clean up crew.'

    Replied goreparan briefly as he waited for the adept to say his words. Afterwards the minotaur addressed first razael and then the adept

    “Don’t waste your breath, as long as it’s in the pursuit of knowledge the ad mech will do nearly anything. Much like the vaunted ordo’s they will heed neither us nor others and as usual, will do as they want. I doubt this incident will change their minds.”

    “The planet better have a self-destruct feature with such a highly dangerous Xenos threat. And no, I don’t care about failsafe’s or quarantine measures that have cleared failed as is the case with the ship. If it becomes evident that the ship needs to be destroyed then I expect your cooperation in the act adept”


    After the craft landed the minotaur walked out with the others. With his storm shield on his left arm and his assault plasma incinerator in his right hand ready to aim if needed Gorepran quickly surveyed the area before mag locking his gun and pulling out the auspsex. While he waited for Jean’s signum link to establish the minotaur scanned the area with his auspex and linked it up with jean’s helmet feed.

    After everything was set up and Jean had given his orders the minotaur followed the other to an entrance. While jean was scanning the entrance Gorepran readied his shield and plasma incinerator having linked his auspex to his left forearm. This way the minotaur would not be defenseless if he needed to calibrate the auspex and it would be safer with a storm shield to protect it.

    Having already set it to automatically scan ahead and linked the feed to their helmets the minotaur locked the plasma gun to the storm shield ready to do a breaching maneuver after the scans. Once the scans were done and the webbing cleared the minotaur would move forward ahead of jean his large storm shield ready and his vigilance increased.
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    <Mission start>
    <Forge World Idumea>

    Acknowledging Ranger Alpha Prime 117 advises, but not reacting to either him nor to those assembled within the Tetrach's troop compartment, "Insturabo" planned the mission ahead, trying to divine as to the reasoning and computation's of the true Archmagos's scenarios as to how will this mission unfold. To an individual that is so blessed within the Mechanicus, as was the Archmagos, his cogitational abilities were above mortal to such a degree they often reached prophetical. Of course, that is only observed from a perspective of those ignorant in the ways of the machine and heuristic cogitation.

    Despite his understanding of the processes, Tiberiax was cognizant of the difference between impersonating such intelligence and being it. Impersonating it, got him no closer to such levels of awareness nor did it offer him sudden computerized prescience.

    But the simple fact that not stop him, after all the fate of this world and the Crusade hung on how well he performed here. Alternatives were disastrous, possibly terminal to the the Vindex Retribution Fleet, and spells almost certain death to him and those around him. Despite Ranger Alpha's readiness, Tiberiax wanted to avoid the scenario of a total war completely.

    However, the sight of Idumea encouraged his troubled spirit. Interfaced with the Heavy Lander Tiberiax could feel her sacred dedication, what uninitiated saw as pollutants and Forgeworlders as byproduct of holy work reached out to the dizzying heights of stratosphere.

    In a way, he was home.

    As they landed within the designated zone, Tiberiax pushed the prepared subroutines of Insturabo's behavior to the fore, veiling himself in a thin layer of code and martian data-sigils, posing as the Archmagos to Fabricator's eyes.

    In part replying and part analyzing in incoming broadcast, Tiberiax kept his silence replying in a terse code of acknowledgement and Martian sigils of authority he received from Insturabo, which in turn received from Fabricator-General of Mars Itself!

    Courtesy was a symptom of beings needing of affirmation - of information reinforcing. The direct transmission of thoughts within the blessed Cant Mechanicum assured total clarity - for nothing less would do. To construct a lie or was not only blasphemous but also sometimes necessary as individual high-ranking Techpriests often kept secrets of one another. It is within this rift, within this open-secret of the high-caste society that Tiberiax lingered, hoping that for once technocratic power-play would work in his favor.

    Without a doubt, it worked in the favor of Fabricator-General Hollan as well, who was inclined to keep his apostasy hidden before the Omnissiah's sight. It all came down to who could keep the facade longer. Unfortunately for Hollan, Tiberiax was a Catharc, Adept Majoris at data-manipulation and revealing the same.

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    ++ Indeed my Lord Omnis. Emissaries of Astra Militarum and Ecclessiarchy. Bothersome to say the least, alas necessary. It helps with the Crusade for the uninitiated to witness the sacred ground of the Iron Messiah. Apparently, they get quite deadened to the majesty of an Ark after a time.++

    Tiberiax replied, not needing to turn left and right, but in his guise doing so anyway, observing the hangar and the personnel.

    ++I perceive that Idumea does not lag behind in the terms of progressive ideas as well. I suffered weakness of flesh in my midst throughout his mission. I did not expect to find it here also.++++
    Archmagos parried and then pirouetted, gesticulating with one of his dendrites at one of the non-servitoria humans present in the bay.

    A full second after they disembarked, he beaconed the Virtus pair and Wilhelm forward motioning for them to introduce themselves, but refraining to do so himself in fleshspeak.

    He was an Archmagos of an Adeptus Mechanicus, herald of Fabricator-General of Mars Itself, to do such a thing for mere mortals whom he disdained and suffered for so long would be quite out of character for him.
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    Similarly like the combat servitors, Wilhelm also stood impassive, observing the initial contact with what seemed to be complete calmness, at least on the outside. Within his mind, the information flowed flawlessly. Astartes was already counting how many steps it would take for him to move towards the enemy and what would be the force required to smash Hallon's skull alongside finding the best move after it that would screw the targeting matrix from the bigger machine men and calculating possible damage done to his form.

    It was pretty much the standard thing, given what they knew about these people Wilhelm doubted quite a lot that subterfuge was the way to go, but he endured it at the moment, remembering words given to him by that cousin Chaplain of his. Endure it and you will be rewarded.

    "Hail, servants of the Omnissiah," he finally spoke, breaking the silence after Tiberiax gave him the signal to approach, "I am Castellan Wilhelm of the Black Templars. Tell me, is it normal to greet fellow comrades in arms with such display of force? Too many bodyguards suggest that you are afraid of something and since it can't be us, what is this issue that you are having that requires your personal touch?" he asked and left Hallon to ponder if he thought about the dried blood on his body parts or something else entirely.
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    The throne agent against his choice scanned the area naturally after having made a mental note of Equilius' message. Maybe more carefully than typically from the briefing that everyone and anyone could be a potential traitor. He disliked personally the new landing phase, because it's all formalities and false faces. At least with the Adeptus Mechanicus he never knew what they really thought. With Tiberiax, Marius and Sarah he had build a certain bond - but here he was a stranger amidst strangers. It would be difficult to prod who might share intel of what happened on their vessel in orbit. But maybe the more humane individuals would be willing to share information. He just had to find the weakest link in the chain of command in due time. For now, it would be all smiles.

    At the same time as Wilhelm, Enyo stepped forward when gestured to do so. However, he spoke after the Astartes and making the sign of the cog. "It is an honor to walk on your sacred forge world." He offered then a slight bow, one of respect - not submission. "Lieutenant Enyo Virtus of the 142nd Ultramar Auxilia Heavy Infantry Regiment."

    He was a bit perplexed by the Templar's passive aggressive comment but had to admit that he was not surprised by such blunt comment. And if he was honest with himself - he was curious about that, too. It is almost as if they wanted to gun them down in this very moment already. But alas, the zebra would show it's stripes in due time.
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    Gearing Up

    Once all questions in regards to their mission had been answered Aurelia made her way into the armory to gather what little she needed, most of her equipment already in hand. Upon entering she was greeted by a serf, carrying a message bearing the sigil of Inquisitor Equilius himself, along with the sigil of the Ecclesiarchy. Breaking the seals she glanced over the message.

    Cardinal Ropierre and I decided to get you a little present for doing such a splendid job purging heretics and the like, may it facilitate the slaughter of many more.

    Warm regards,

    "Hm, you think he would have just mentioned this when we were speaking earlier. Then again this is Equilius." Shrugging off her Inquisitor's odd mannerisms, she walked over to the locker the serf designated for her. Upon opening it she couldn't contain a gasp at the sight before her, feeling as though she had been transported back in time. A full set of master-crafted carapace armor stood waiting for her to don it, crafted in the style of her order, having the bearing of a suit of knights armor from the mythical tales of ancient Terra. Beside it was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen. A master-crafted power-flail, engraved with the markings the Ecclesiarchy and the Mechanicus itself. Such items were a rarity to behold, sacred artifacts of her order. After losing it on Palladium she had flogged herself for some time, such was the stain upon her honor. To be given such equipment once more was nearly unthinkable. Donning her new gear, the Crusader muttered a prayer of thanks to the Emperor before departing the armory, eager to put her tools to the test.

    The entire journey towards Idumea was taken up with prayers being offered up to the Emperor, much the same as every other deployment. Prayers for victory, for the death of the heretics that opposed His will and protection for his people. She found many of her prayers focused on her husband, her eyes falling on his for a moment. It had been some time since they had fought side by side in the Emperor's name. Part of her was thrilled, to kill traitors and hereteks beside her beloved. But it didn't escape her that her feelings for Enyo could compromise the mission should his life be in danger. She would simply have to ensure such a thing didn't come to happen.

    Upon landing, the retinue made it's way forward to be greeted by the Heretek that was the Fabricator-General. It was strange being upon a forge world, it was unlike any other world she had been on. Nothing but factories and forges dotted the landscape, stretching across entire continents. It was her first time being in such a place, the strained relations between the Mechanicus and Inquisition meaning they didn't typically allow Inquisitors and their retinue on planet.

    Despite this Aurelia was confident in her abilities, she had been to many strange environs and had accomplished her goals nonetheless. It would be no different here.

    As the 'Archmagos' was greeted by the Fabricator-General the Crusader remained silent, glancing over the force assembled around them with wary eyes. As always it was near impossible to read the members of the Mechanicus, but something about the whole interaction felt... Wrong. The stench of heresy hung heavy in the air, and it could a great amount of restraint to not crush the Heretek she knew was before her, but now was not the time. The entirety of this worlds leadership needed to die in a single, glorious strike.

    While she agreed with the Black Templar that this force was a bit much for a simple greeting, the Crusader held her tongue. Best to play the part of the simple mortal. Judgement would come later. "Omnissiah's blessings to you honored Fabricator-General. I am Aurelia Virtus, Crusader of the Order of the Sacred Shields and loyal servant to the Emperor. You have my humble thanks for giving me the honor of setting foot on such a sacred place." A place you would see tainted.

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