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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

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  1. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    <'The Righteous Fury', Medicae Center, prior to briefing>


    Satisfied with subject's state, Magos observed with interest Lieutenant's anesthesia induced clumsiness. After crashing with a trolley, Techpriest approached his stricken patient, helping him get up and reassert inner physical balance. Another new observation on itself for the addenda - uninitiated were able to acclimatize to his form to such a degree to allow him within their close proximity.

    A gasp of surprise escaped Artemisian as he looked at him, and Magos looked back, identifying minor presence within Enyo. Despite umbness from anesthesia, Enyo's full range of facial expressions was unhindered and Tiberiax was glad that was the case, for he would have difficulty processing this otherwise. Surprise was genuine, a sign of a intellect amazed at the potential of new possibilities.

    His body did not reject the augmentation. Good.

    Techpriest wondered, wherever he look like this when he was first blessed as a Technographer, all those centuries ago? Was he so starstruck after mastering the first of the Hex Signs and thus blessed with first augmentation?

    Techpriest's dendrites twitched as a giggle escaped his organic volcabulator, the sound both endearing and dreadful that it can come from such a being.

    "Debt is not mine to collect, however I actually have just a thing, my dear Enyo. A task given to me by our mistress. A task, I hoped you could aid me with?" he asked jovially, offering his patient a data-slate.

    On the cog-mechanicus emblazoned device, he could read in great detail the task of revising Kommitzar's history concerning the campaign the Inquisition spearheaded there. Considering the nature of their saviors, future generations must never know who truly stood behind the reclamation of their world. However, as he manipulated the device, viewing the rest of the document, Enyo could see a list of bulletpoints probably written by Tiberiax himself that summarized the doctored version of events.

    There was no mention of Chaos Space Marines nor the Sorcerer that led them. The late Warden Frenden and his father were vilified, antagonizing them to such a degree that to a reader it would be easy to trace back event's several decades in the past and still blame Frenden's house for Kommitzar's apostasy. Groff was mentioned as a underground hero and Captain Meyers as the starfarer who brought the rest of the Imperium with him, to deliver the planet from it's plight.

    While summarized to an exquisite detail, almost nothing of the narrative itself was written. It was obvious that here was were Tiberiax needed Enyo's help.

    "Your input would be useful in this. After all, what we create here, will not only enter the annals of Kommitzar's history but the records of Administratum as well. I guess that we are, making history today." Tiberiax finished, accenting last words as if quoting. Giggling again, the reaction shaking his entire robotic frame, Techpriest was obviously satisfied with his wording.

    <'The Righteous Fury', after the briefing>

    Several strata and a grav-lift ride later, as the group closed in to the Armory, leading figure, a Techpriest of most bizarre and outlandish look observed his companions. The virtue of having a Binary Cortex, means being awash in many simulated voices of dead brothers and sisters, as their brains sloshes in the amniotic fluid, next to his own. Lesser minds would snap at the volume and noise of internal commotion, but a human ordained in the higher rationale concerning the very fabric of existence, a human that has spent centuries in divining god-logic, several brains lodged with his head-chassis and a data-bank with it, posed no challenge.


    Without turning, Tiberiax observed the basalt column that followed behind him. If not for his wisdom and experience, he would cowl in terror and awe before the example of posthuman artistry. Such as he is now however, Tiberiax was quite immune to what uninitiated called 'posthuman dread'. An apt, if not melodramatic label for the effect Astartes produced in baseline humans. Nonetheless, with power-plate repaired and gleaming, wielding a massive thunder-hammer, Templar's form framed in clothed finery, reminded venerable Techpriest of a folk-tale hero of legend and not some zealous engine of destruction.

    Hmm, maybe the two are not mutually exclusive?

    "Nothing less is expected on this mission. However more, may be needed." Tiberiax replied, his free hand straying beneath his dendrites as if rubbing his chin, if he had any. The censer strapped to the cog-toothed guan-dao constantly clanged against the weapon, producing the sound with each step the Magos took.

    @Keidivh @Uriel1339

    "You abilities are not in question Crusader Virtus!" Tiberiax exclaimed with another giggling fit, the barely contained laughter echoing down the corridor: "But their best application in the given scenario. Pardon my manner but when I mentioned your dossiers..." the Techpriest continued, the index finger of his left metal hand making circles in air next to his head "...I was thinking out loud as they say."

    "Do not hope, expect Lieutenant Enyo!" Tiberiax added with gusto as they arrived at the entrance of the Retinue Armory. Tiberiax turned around facing the group.
    Looking at the Artemisian, Magos could not help but think him the reasonable half of the Virtus union. Together the Crusader and Guardsman, they might make a good Technographer!

    At the thought however, Tiberiax sobered, the main shard of his multi-consciousness taking over, Enyo's words reminding him of the task ahead. If he had to sacrifice any of them for the success of the mission it would be...unfortunate.

    @Colapse @Uriel1339 @bossaroo @Keidivh

    Standing beside the doors guarded by two Stormtroopers, Tiberiax leaned with both hands on his poleaxe.
    "The Archmagos briefed me and unit Beta 055-Alpha-R00 to the minutiae of Decapitation Protocol, that is correct. However, that is primary objective and thus of paramount importance to this mission - everything else is secondary. Not to burden you unnecessarily, just follow the Archmagos's lead."

    A tired sigh escaped him, before resuming:
    "Fear only failure." Tiberiax added almost solemnly, before turning and going down the corridor. Rising his left hand above the head as he walked away, he added:

    "Great Work continues. I will join you when the time is right."

    <'Covenant of Mars', Mechasapient's Sanctum>

    <Tools of Enlightenment>

    The lumen-strips that criss-crossed the hall were barely sufficient to act as backup source of illumination, let alone be the only source of light. But to the creatures that lurked within these cavernous workshops, that was not a hindrance. This level of illumination was enough, everything else was wasteful. No Techpriest worth his cogs would pressure the monolithic plasma engines of a Mechanicus ship for more power, to compensate for weakness of it's crew!

    Unlike a Naval starship, the vessels of the Basilikon Astra were crewed and worshiped by a different breed of humans, far-removed from the baseline form. At the same time both transhuman and not.

    One such human was strapped to a slab, sparks flying from his form as several robed individuals worked on his metal shell.
    Both High and minoris Adepts of Divisio Artisan and Fabricator worked on Tiberiax, reshaping his body to fit to the specifications designed by the Archmagos himself! The emerging form - both a ruse and a weapon against the hereteks that awaited them expectantly, on the surface of Idumea.

    Prodded onward by a Cybersmith and overseen by a Forge Lord, Techpriests reshaped Magos Catharc's body. The pain and cascades of conflicting code swam in his omni-vision, as parts of his robotic chassis were reshaped, removed and others added. However, Tiberiax was aware of a few things the Omnissiah bestowed upon him for the purpose of this mission.

    He was aware that his Balistic dendrite that was destroyed in his battle against the Aspiring Champion, was replaced with a Optical variant. No abberation of body, mind or soul may escape his sight!

    Opening the Vault, Cybersmith installed and Tech-Wright blessed him with one of the holiest of weapon technologies Mechanicus has to offer. Installed and enshrined within his Servo-Arm, lay now the studded barrel of a Phosphor Blast Gun. No hereteks will cloak themselves in darkness before lumigen barrages of searing light!

    Yet, the greatest blessing caught him unawares.

    No longer displayed as a mechanical carcass with pistons and gears exposed, Magos Tiberax walked around the hall, testing his new body and running diagnostic. A discrepancy was detected between his internal chrono and the Ark's. Narrowing down scenarios to the most possible one, Tiberiax queried the Techpriest next to him.

    The figure, shrouded in darkness, responded, but to Tiberiax it was as if the figure was bathed in brightest illumination possible. Techpriest stood before him, turning it's bulky form from the workshop table where it worked on a automata.
    More a servitor then man, Techpriest replied, it's binharic cant carrying all the subtlety and finesse of a seismic-hammer:

    ++Unconscious state. Third of a cycle. Truly blessed. Digitalis came - bringing with them His Spirit.++

    Magos - a wise man of history spoke and Tiberiax understood for knowledge was given to him. He sensed a difference within the noosphere but have not paid active attention to it until now. Much like machinelings followed him in the physical world, two new presences accompanied him, but within the digital realm.

    Remembering their code but also marveling at exquisite artistry and elegance of new pieces, Tiberiax recognized the presences as two machine spirits he tended to on Kommitzar. Despite grave neglect, exposure to taint and failure of their iron shell, the spirits kept going and for that, they were given increased freedom, the inscrutable Magi of Diviso Digitalis, loosening the divine shackles around their codes, transforming them into Raptora-class machine spirits.

    Giving silent thanks to both the productiveness of the Mechanicus contingent of Vindex Retribution Fleet, as well as Archmagos's wisdom and Omnissiah's providence, Tiberiax deemed his disguise worthy, maybe even of Fabricator-General's all-seeing scrutiny. They will all soon find out.

    In the meantime, before he departed for The Righteous Fury, he would take this time to enjoy the holiness of the Ark, offering active prayer. Considering the danger of the mission ahead, this might be the last chance he can do so:

    ++ I am a Child of the Omnissiah, shepherd of the infinitely complex and divine machine that is His Imperium. The rites of manifold applications, the songs of Engine-seeing and intricate beauties of creation and destruction are mine own to know. The Credo gives us Function, and as such Purpose. It is my mandate to maintain the Credo and thus perpetuate Function and Purpose onto others...++
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    Destination: Idumea

    The Tetrarch Heavy Lander took off from the Covenant of Mars, and both its viewports and various scanners filled themselves with the sights of Idumea, Forge World of the Hazeroth Abyss, Calixis Sector. Floating above in high orbit, the Retribution Fleet spread itself out, as though surveying the planet below. The local Basilikon Astra defense fleet, led by an Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser, the Guardian of the Cog, clustered much closer together.

    It would seem that the defenders, should there be a fight, would have an advantage in massed firepower, but appearances were deceptive. To Magos Catharc Zeth, now disguised as Archmagos Instaurabo, and Marius standing next to him, they saw past the apparent mess of ship positions. The Archmagos had good authority that most, indeed nearly all within the local Basilikon Astra forces had been forced into compliance by the ruling party below, and thus there appeared only one obstacle in orbit: Magos Tir Noc.

    While the heretek had little success in spreading the blasphemy of the Phaenonites amongst the rest of the fleet, he had little trouble corrupting the crew of the Guardian. While several may still hold on to the faith of the Machine God, the operation had deemed the vessel lost to corruption, and designed for destruction. The spread of the retribution fleet actually enabled the crossfire to cover any angle of the flagship's maneuvering, as a contingency, without hitting the other ships of the defense fleet.

    Already, infiltrators of all types, from Skitariis to more obscure assassination units, percolated themselves aboard the various vessels in orbit as well as the planet itself. Even as the atmospheric descent began, pieces on the board had already begun moving. Both the Gerontocrat and the Skitarii Vanguard, as well as the Ultramarian PDF officer, his Crusader wife, and the lone astartes of the company stood at the main storage, insulated by barrier fields from the radiation of the Legiones Skitarii around them.

    As befitting an archmagos, no less than a full regiment of tech guards would make their descent down to the forge world with Magos Zeth and the retinue. As the view shifted from the fleet in orbit to the world below, as well as the flames of ignition outside of the void shields, a heavily modified Skitarii Ranger walked into the area. He carried a large, anti-tank weapon in his hand; the Transuranic Arquebus pointed to the ground. On his back and sides were a taser goad, an arc pistol, and on his head, an enhanced data-tether clung to the side of his modified hooded helmet.

    Approaching, he greeted the Magos and other Skitarii with a binaric ping, before turning to the group as a whole, and speaking in flesh speak in the usual robotic voice of the Machine Cult. "I am Ranger Alpha Prime 117, and I lead this War Cohort: Ma49558. You may address me by the name: Tyco." Turning to the Gerontocrat, he said, "as per the directive of this operation, I shall from this moment on address you, Magos Catharc Tiberiax Zeth, as Archmagos, Archmagos Instaurabo, or master."

    With the naming of the subject done, the prime continued with the rest of his report. "We shall approach the designated landing site of primary planetary manufactorum in 28.35 minutes martian time, at which War Cohort Ma49558 shall assemble based guard formation beta, as per routine protocol. As such, the likelihood of the War Cohort to accompany you to the meeting itself, archmagos, is statically null, even my own presence. Therefore, the logical conclusion would be for us to strike at the target as soon as we land."

    A projector from the ceiling shone down, presenting a holographic map of their landing zone and deployment plans. "However, according to your mission, archmagos, not all of the targets deemed for disposal shall be present at this time. Correction: delay of fatal application of force recommended. I shall leave such judgment to you, master." Tyco then switched the image of the projector, as it zoomed out into a larger map before back in again, indicating the border between the main industrial districts and the private workshops of the elite in the upper manufacturum.

    "We shall halt our forces here, and position ourselves on standby until the invasion begins .056 seconds once you begin your disposal of the hereteks, archmagos. Until this point, we shall accompany your party forward along with the traitor's party, who will meet us upon landing. Once the invasion begins, we shall secure the upper Manufactorum from all traitors, establish a beachhead for additional orbit reinforcements, and await further orders."

    Without being told, the retinue knew instinctively that an invasion of the planet below was being readied even as they received the new information. From the battlefield instincts of Enyo and Aurelia to the calculations of Zeth and Marius that determined that, more than likely, every single combat ready individual on the Ark Mechanicus would be deployed below; at the very least, every single troop that could be spared without decreasing the security of The Covenant of Mars.

    The fire outside the void shield died down as the ship made it into the planet's atmosphere properly, and the engines switched over to atmospheric landing. Turning back to Zeth and Marius, the prime too switched over to binary and communications in binary.

    ++With respect, archmagos. The enemy leader's chances of calculating our plans will increase exponentially with the presence of the uninitiated. As your security-overseer, I must recommend that you perform your charge without them.++

    Transferring secured files over the noosphere, Zeth and Marius would open them to see a rough estimation of troops operating in the area, though not their final location or target.

    ++I also wished to inform you of a few of the operational units within the area. They started embedding themselves into the world almost immediately after the initial envoy landed, and their numbers have increased according to your orders. Many are positioned to strike with an increased chance of success due to the factor of surprise and having the variable of unknown targets in their equations. You should have some assistance in your task even as you carry out your role in the protocol.++

    Tyco then highlighted the data-tether on his persons with a digital display tool added to each of Zeth and Marius' visual lens. ++Additionally, should you require communications with orbit, the enhanced data-tether in my possession should be able to do so even should they place a planetwide scrambler over the surface. I shall convey any messages to the Ark for you, archmagos.++ With that, the Skitarii overseer stepped back and checked the status of the journey, even as the transport zoomed above hundreds of miles of landscape below.

    "Arrival time update: 17.65 martian minutes and counting."


    Destination: The Harbinger of Knowledge















    The main screens of the transport hold in the caestus assault ram had displayed the same screen few lines, with variation as the journey continued. While not overly bright, the lights within the attack craft proved enough to make out all within the hold, though not the exact details of the people or the objects around. Though normally reserved for those within the Adeptus Astartes, at least one had been acquired by the Inquisition, and three astartes, a naval commissar and a sister of battle rode within such a craft piloted by an adept of Mars.

    They were not alone however; more than a few ratings, naval armsmen from the Retribution Force, joined them. Armed with shotguns, pistols and short-range flamers, every single one of them had at least one of their limbs replaced with prosthetic counterparts. Most had at least two or more. Nearly of them also had some sort of augmentations done to their eyesight, allowing for better vision with ship to ship combat. Dressed in black body armor, most occupied themselves in their own way, from eating and sleeping, to gambling with cards and dice.

    A row of backpacks laid nearby, each with a large light attached to them, no doubt connected to a power source. Occasionally someone would go over to one and take something out or put something back in, but none of the ratings bothered much with them overall. To the side, other screens showed three other attack crafts flying in formation to the assault ram, three of them Sharks Attack Boats, and one a boarding craft of Adeptus Mechanicus origin.

    At the ten minute mark, one of the ratings stood from where he was near one of the screens with his chainsword, before walking over to Jean. Giving an extremely sloppy salute, he settled into the at ease position without a single word or gesture from the Raptor, before speaking up. "Oy, Lord Astartes sir. Got an incoming message from the cog heads. Gonna put it through now." Again, without waiting for permission, the middle age man pushed a few buttons, and the visage of a tech-priest appeared.

    With his hooded head, rebreather mask connected to his power pack, and a utility mechadendrite protruding over his shoulder along with a light, the tech-priest looked like any other enginseer from any other forge world. He addressed the Deathwatch Apothecary with a slight bow, before speaking up. "Lord Astartes, Adept Kinek here. We're closing with the blessed vessel of the Harbinger of Knowledge, I've ascertained more information on the current situation at our destination. First and foremost, I believe I can give you an idea of what we will face. Pulling up the visual feed."

    Nearby, on a larger screen, the picture of the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel appeared. Elongated, but by no means thin, kilometers of steel, iron and blessed oil stretched out in front of a dark green planet under it. The massive cog skull of the Adeptus Mechanicus stared into the void from its bow, and the red, black and gold painted to the sides, where it wasn't being covered. A new layer of white stretched across a significant portion of the midship, crisscrossing with one another like a scarf wrapped too tightly around a precious child or a rather wide noose around one's neck.

    Upon closer inspection, the white cover that shimmered seemed to be made up of countless smaller strands of material, layered over one another. "My analysis concluded that the mineral currently surrounding the vessel to be a sort of protein fiber, matching that of specimen 034256 of the divisio xenobiologis database: more commonly known as the Megarachnids. I've also received a message from the primary bridge of the Harbinger: they have made several requests for us to follow."

    A schematics of the ship appeared on all the screens displaying the schematics of the Adeptus Mechanicus cruiser, catching the attention of several of the ratings. Their leader, who had opened communications, had been paying attention the whole time. "Unfortunately, I could not respond outside of simple visual acknowledgement flash signals. Their communications array seemed damaged to the point where they could send out short range messages, but not receive any at all."

    The schematic zoomed in, and a slightly off-center portion of the ship lit up. "This is the primary enginarium, which currently contained only dormant machine spirits. The lack of power flowing from the blessed reactors within caused the shipwide quarantine to fail, and restoring it will allow us to contain the threat, at least theoretically." The focus of the screen shifted to another section, far enough away that a tram could be used, but still within reasonable walking distance towards the bottom of the ship.

    "Here is the primary ship defense cogitation station, designation Primo Lima V. From here, we should be able to reset the on-board defense systems. Activating them will allow the gun servitors and automatic turrets to awake and engage all hostiles, those that hadn't been damaged that is." The window shifted to the fore of the vessel, equidistance from the enginarium but in the opposite direction, towards the top. "The bridge crew had also requested assistance in securing the primary bridge.

    The local generators managed to keep their own quarantine up, along with the bridge defenses. However, the xenos are persistent in their assault and their bulwark, while formidable, will not last without external assistance." The screens then went to a seemingly insignificant portion of the ship, well away from other critical sections of the ship and only close to one of the forges onboard. Yet it remained within the contaminated zone and lit up.

    "Lastly, they've placed the security of Munitions Depot 081945 as a priority. I am unclear as to why, but such is the message I've received," Adept Kinek finished. "I would mark those as primary objectives for our mission, though I can only recommend them as priorities to you, honored astartes. The enginarium is the closest to us and the exterior for us to board the vessel at, though again, the choice is yours." From behind Jean and Gorparan, the rating leader grunted.

    "Er, Lord Astartes? What are these 'Megarachnids' anyways? They the lizard people with the crap fleshly las guns?"

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    Goreparan sat still on his seat on the assault ram ignoring the activities of the others as he ran his mind through the deck plan. He pulled away from his thoughts when Jean was addressed by the ad mech adept with more information. Turning his head towards jean the minotaur listened in to the conversation.

    Upon hearing the word Megarachnids the minotaur searched through his memory until he found the relevant information about the Xenos. Drawing on his experience fighting the Necrons the minotaur was preparing plans to deal with the metal spiders. Goreparan doubted that the spiders would be as tough or as range heavy as the Necrons but the spiders should be faster and deadlier up close.

    Hearing the armsmen the minotaur turned and replied to the man

    ‘Big metal spiders that can cut through ceramite. Nominally blind but with heightened sensory organs. Fast and deadly up-close. They communicate via clicks and are adept in ambush. They have both flying and grounded variants so watch your heads and be careful of movements lest you lose your head from their razor-sharp threads”

    He then turned towards jean and said

    “Restoring power should be the prime objective. Defense systems won’t be of much use without power and I doubt they will do much. The bridge should be secondary objective to prevent the Megarachnids from damaging the control systems or meddling with them. After these are done we can worry about restoring the defense system and the armory.”

    Goreparan paused before continuing

    “Best bet is to hit primary and secondary objectives as soon as possible. The other armsmen should be in groups no smaller than 20. We should also give them the same warnings I gave the armsmen here, while more detailed information can be provided if you want jean but I doubt the armsmmen will understand medicate details. I leave to you to organize them and decide where we should hit.’
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    <Dark Legends Walk By Daylight>

    Jean listens in silence to Adept Kinek's intel update to the very end. Inscrutable behind his bone-white helmet, he spends a further five seconds in silence before opening a hololith channel to every command-level individual on the mission, from the Mechanicus Magi to the Skitarii Alphas to the Naval officers and NCOs commanding the armsmen. He includes the entire Inquisition team as a matter of course.

    As the hololiths blossom to life before him, Jean addresses the strike force in passionless, clinical tones. Not, however, before sharing a glance with Goreparan. One that says, these haven't been seen since the Great Crusade.

    "Inquisitorial strike force, hear and attend. This is Apothecary Rambeau. Extant information on xenos species commonly know as 'Megarachnids' follows.

    Combat-relevant anatomy/physiology/social biology: Species exhibits organometallic natural armour and weapons, capable of resisting Astartes-calibre bolt rounds, and penetrating Astartes-grade power armour. Also exhibits enhanced physicality capable of parity with - or superiority to - Astartes physicality. Historically encountered species also observed to spin adhesive silk threads similar to Terran-derived arachnidae, and exhibit similar predatory behaviour, coupled with swarming and territorial aggression similar to hive insects such as order Hymenoptera - seizing live prey to eat alive later. Flying variants also observed. Hypothesize similar social hierarchy. Species known to be capable of tech construction and use. Known examples of technology were capable of both atmospheric manipulation and electronic warfare.

    Conclusion: Exercise extreme caution when engaging. Avoid close-quarters engagement save when inevitable. Target observed armour weaknesses where possible. Liberal use of area-denial weaponry to funnel enemy movement into chokepoints - avoid engaging on open ground at all costs. Observe and report on enemy behaviour at all times - success may depend on identifying and eliminating leadership castes. Watch for and report anomalous sources of electronic interference, and destroy whenever possible to deny fog of war advantage to enemy. Veterans of Tyranid engagements may find that experience translates. Mutual support at all times - keep your comrades in sight and go nowhere alone. Three-dimensional awareness at all times - watch overheads, watch below and behind."

    Turning to the Inquisitorial team, he confers with the other Astartes, as well as with Heart and Abel, pausing first to listen to Goreparan's contributions before speaking again.

    @Tamu @BlackNecron @Jammysod @Vulpas

    "Brothers, ladies. I agree with Brother Goreparan regarding the restoration of power immediately post-beachhead. However, given what is known of Megarachnids, time is of the essence. For those unfamiliar, these things wiped out entire companies of Astartes during the Great Crusade, and bogged down an entire Expeditionary Fleet. It took the combined forces of three Legions and two Primarchs to turn the tide against them.

    We have to strike with greater suddenness and effect to turn the tables, especially considering they have had time to entrench. We take both the prime enginarium and defence control as a two-pronged operation. That should buy us time to reassess our next objective.

    As for why the munitions depot has been designated a priority objective, I have my suspicions. The Megarachanids were once a starfaring, technological species. Even after imprisonment on One-Forty-Twenty by the Interex, they managed to construct devices capable of atmospheric control from available resources. At this point, we have to assume that they recognise the nature and tactical value of Mechanicus weaponry, and are either able to wield it directly, or else weaponise it some other way. Best-case scenario - we repeat the two-pronged approach in the next phase of the operation. Relieve the primary bridge and secure the depot simultaneously. Worst-case, we prioritise the depot, and trust to the ship's defences to buy time for the bridge.

    To summarise:

    Phase 1. Retake prime enginarium and defence control simultaneously. Consolidate forces, establish real-time contact with Mechanicus crew and reassess situation.

    Phase 2. Depending on situation, we simultaneously relieve the prime bridge and secure the arms depot as best-case. Worst-case - depot is prioritised.

    Questions and comments now, if you have them."
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    Hidden Lion Knight
    "Consider yourself dismissed then. There are more than enough trials that await a proper servant of the emperor. Although I would suggest you requisition a replacement for any missing organs."
    He pointed towards Enyo's missing eye.
    "That tends to improve the odds of surviving said trials quite tremendously."

    A present straight from a Rock


    When Razael entered the container, he was, for one moment, overwhelmed with emotion.
    Not only because of the two armours standing before him. Those were certainly big symbols for different points in his life, but the interior of this box literally contained most of his history in the form of weapons, artifacts, banners and equipment.
    He handwaved the two maintenance servitors, and slowly walked down the corridor, taking in these proofs of his existance.
    Each piece had a history, was connected to both victories and losses. If it came to weapons, on the walls hung both obviously fearsome and devastating weapons, like a dangerous-looking chainsword decorated with images of the grim reaper, or a massive plasma cannon, as well as strangely inconspicuous ones, like pistols or even a strange-looking club.
    Making it through this wealth of memories, he finally reached the back, the two armours looking down on him as if waiting for something.
    With a sigh, Razael touched the green Tactical Marine Armour.
    It reminded him of a troubled time, when he was but a newly promoted tactical marine, with a lack of knowledge, but also something one would call the astartes equivalent of juvenile enthusiasm.
    And the bone-coloured Terminator Armour....
    That was the ultimate symbol of the duty he had accepted. And of the secrets he now had to bear.
    Enough sentimentality.
    The note the Grand Master of the Deathwing had left him was quite peculiar. No recall to the Rock, no further instructions, besides the mention of a hunter group approaching.
    Well then. I guess it is time to wait.
    Until then, he would gladly make use of this gift he had recieved.
    Leaving the box, he arranged for it to be relocated to a more fitting location, if not his personal quarters, at least to a less crowded part of the hangar, or anywhere where it would be out of the common imperial's sight for now.

    He had a briefing to attend to after all.

    Briefing and more presents

    The Dark Angel was not at all amused by the mission handed to him. In the end, while the laboratories and the ship in itself was a huge asset to the imperium, a Xenos specimen that would escape a laboratory of the Adeptus Mechanicus was no doubt an extreme danger. While the mission given to him was to save the cruiser, he made a note to himself to prioritize the destruction of that Xenos over the integrity of the ship when things went downhill. At least they should be able to extract the data that had been gathered on the specimen.

    The honours Vindex offered to the few astartes afterwards though were something that caught Razael off-guard. He had tought that Vindex knew how little Astartes generally cared for honours granted by someone outside of their chapter, and even more so after a single mission. Well, at least that was the case for him.
    But then came the scrolls.
    While the markings were but a trinket to prove ones allegiance, these scrolls were a favour Vindex must've known was pretty significant. With this, he had bound himself to three chapters simultaniously.
    He silently took what was given to him. Vindex might've read the confusion from his look, but he watched out to not show any strange expressions.
    If anything, the chapter would be joyful he had gained influence over a Lord Inquisitor.
  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Wilhelm remained silent throughout the trip, deciding to move back into his own consciousness and the refuge of the prayer. Subterfuge was needed on this mission, he knew that, but the time spent between fooling the enemy and revealing the true nature of their visit would be short indeed if he could help it. Of course, he wasn't some bullheaded neophyte to let his emotions ruin the mission, but if anyone thought he would act as a heretic, he was sorely mistaken. From Wilhelm's experience, business of the Mechanicus and Inquisition often comes into conflict and throwing a Black Templar into the mix ought to have fiery consequences.

    He spared a glance for the crusader and her husband, wondering if such mortal bond will either prove to be a boon or a liability in the upcoming clash. Both of them individual were decent enough when it comes to mere mortals, but united and facing such devious opponents as hereteks often are, one would wonder if their love might cause both of them to meet an early end.
  7. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    First tactical consultation

    There wasn't anything Razael had to say in this first meeting on their strategy. in general, this was only a first draft, they lacked too much information on the situaton at hand.
    The first rule of war.
    No plan survives contact with the enemy.

    As such, after they had brainstormed a first approach, Razael returned to his personal armoury. While the present box sent by Grand Master Belial was useful, he was looking for something else.
    There, he found something hanging on the wall that'd be far far more useful than his Stalker Bolter in a ship boarding: A Deathwatch Shotgun.
    This one had seen many battles, and scars covered it's surface, with the black paintjob having suffered greatly from the ravages of time. But he would have never dared to repaint it. This gun was old, a true artifact, and it's machine spirit was both powerful and immensly proud.
    The fact that the Watch-monastery's tech-marines had seen him worthy of bearing this relic humbled him to no end. He could almost feel the question when he picked the gun up; was this going to be worth this kind of commitment?
    Maybe it was time to get this old man back into action. The last boarding Razael did was quite a while ago after all.

    Unlike it's primitive counterparts, this gun was clip-fed, and had a full automatic mode for extreme situations. He packed just the normal slug and fragment rounds for now: While this gun could hold many types of ammunition, it wasn't currently available to him. And he had something that would replace them for now....

    Returning to the box, Razael found what he was looking for; two special kinds of grenades.
    One was a concussion grenade, devastating in boarding action due to the tight spaces in an imperial vessel.
    the other one was a blind grenade, a more complex version of a smoke grenade. It did not only produce a thick fog, but also interefered with all kinds of wavelengths, technological sense or anything else used to locate an enemy. Percieveing something through a blind grenade was virtually impossible.

    As the finishing touches, he returned to the standard armory and requisitioned a new krak grenade, as well as a melta bomb; There was no telling if he ever had to open a blast door or do something similarly destructive on a boarding mission.

    Bad news in the Boarding transport

    The bad feeling Razael had when listening to the initial briefing had been confirmed with the update they were given by the adept.
    Once Razael remembered what exactly it was they'd be facing, he could barely contain himself.
    "Are you telling me that not only have the Megarachnids survived, but they were also under experiments by the adeptus mechanicus? With life subjects no less? Excuse my shock, but I do hope that the survival of these Xenos has been discovered only recently."
    There was a reason the crusade against these things was called the 'War on Murder' after all.
    Pointing over to Jean, he looked back to the Adept.
    "What brother Jean said is true. This Xenos race is extraordinarily dangerous. Considering the situation, I will have to warn you that in the worst case scenario, if a good number of these monstrosities are on the Harbinger of Knowledge, we might very well be forced to abandon the ship and eliminate this threat with it."
    Not to mention that an Exterminatus of whatever planet had retained the Megarachnids was more than overdue. Or at least a complete quarantine, with nobody, not even the mighty adeptus mechanicus, allowed near it.
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    The Righteous Fury, Post-Surgery, prior to briefing

    "We only came to refuel in orbit and deliver war prisoners from a former campaign. But all that we have seen and found was corruption at its core caused by the house of Frenden. There were attempts of drugging and poisoning us during a formal banquet dinner, attempted assassination on the Marshall of the Adeptus Arbites after having been spotted to convene with me and other questionable actions. That is when we knew that the hammer had to be delivered.

    It was to our fortune that loyalists to the throne were amongst the prisoners such as a direct and charismatic man by the name of Goff. With him on the inside, while we could convince the Marshall on our side, the fight was made much easier - the locals knew the intricacies of the complex and the politics that occured over the past decades. The true challenge was to corner the Frenden family who made use of the extensive tunnel systems and promised freedom to anyone who would claim the head of an Imperial soldier.

    Truly, if the Marshall would not had been seeing the light of the emperor, this would have been a campaign with terrible losses. Which is why I arranged with the Adeptus Administratum to appoint him governor of this prison world to return law, order and loyalty to the world of Komitzar and it's entire system.

    As we planned for a final assault on House Frenden's last stand, we heard of valiant cooperations between the underground hero Goff and our regiments. Indeed he and his freedom fighters saved an entire platoon that was buried from one of the many traps laid out by the corrupted defenders. He and his troops shall get an opportunity of redemption and military honors, if the Commissariat allows.

    It is the morning after the Frenden families' extinction. The family tree has been wiped out with the first rays of hope shining upon our world with the sun's dawn. The Arbites are still removing last pockets of resistance with the aid of our Terran Guard. Soon it is time to leave. While it seems like coincidence we came here, I believe now that the Emperor's Light guided us through the demands of the abused souls on Komitzar. The planet has become secured and after hearing the plans of the Marshall, the Adeptus Administratum seemed pleased of regaining their lost tithes for the past several years."

    --- Excerpts of Captain Meyers' Campaign Journal

    The noted document along with Tiberiax Zeths original notes had been delivered at some point to him in person, not by Enyo directly, but a middleman of the Administratum instead who gave the Zeth a subtle, but meaningful gesture. That would assure that the Magos could tell that it was the product he asked Enyo to produce.

    Destination: Idumea - Landing
    @High_Adept_Zeth | @Colapse | @Keidivh | @bossaroo | @WanderingJester

    Enyo shifted a bit uneasily in his seat, he couldn't help but note Wilhelm's silence and Aurelia. Aurelia... He tilted his head, looking at her. The bionic eye gave a new and unique view on her. It surely was different. Especially since they haven't deployed together like this in a longer while, having spent most of the recent weeks and months on their travels to this sector. Horrid thoughts surfaced that he shook off with his head shaking, hands gripping tightly on his hellgun.

    "The Emperor protects. The Hammer smites." He said, exhaling slowly and long, trying to calm himself. Everything about this deployment felt wrong. All of it. Komitzar felt right and it turned out good. But here? The only people he could trust were those he came with. On Komitzar was the Terran guard. Winsole. Even Goff and the other prisoners. But here? Anybody could turn on them, kill them and simply claim enemy forces were at fault.

    "Courage and Honour." Lieutenant Virtus told himself this time, images of his fight against the Fallen Astartes flashing up. A sudden sting in his eye when he left it. But he kept enough of his body under control to not touch it. Phantom pain. He would manage. But what about his mind and sanity? He could not tell for sure, he never could tell again since Palladium. And so the man of the 142nd auxiliary stared right in the light of their vehicle. Deep down he wished for the light of the Emperor to keep his soul lit ablaze and chase the shadows of corruption away.
  9. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Nice to Meet You Too, Heretek

    At his silence, Ranger Alpha Prime 117 respectfully stepped back from Magos Catharc Tiberiax Zeth as the Tetrarch Heavy Lander breached atmosphere. Diving into the massive cloud of a newly formed toxin storm, commonly found on the more developed hive worlds and other forge worlds, the heavy lander took no notice of the acidic raid or the massive lightning bolts that raced past it. With the precision of mechanical calculation, it soared through the heavy rain and towering factory chimneys, the decreased visibility from the precipitation not slowing the transport down even an iota.

    While a minor forge world, this simply meant that not every useable surface of Idumea had been incorporated into a manufactorum. This being said, the main manufactorum, the planet's de facto capital, still covered half a continent within its boundaries. Into this labyrith of factories, laboratories and testing chambers the transport flew, amidst the same unnatural storm caused by the output of industrial wastes that came out of their destination even at this moment.

    Ahead, the roof of a large facility opened, and the heavy lander descended into it, all according to proper protocol. The exit rams opened and the skitarii guards immediately began filing out, having already taken note of the surroundings from within the transport. Likewise, the retinue, accompanying the "archmagos," also departed from the Tetrarch. It was a simple but large landing facility, with the large cog skull of the Adeptus Mechanicus peering down at them from the replaced roof as it shut, and its brothers from the surrounding walls.

    Local servitors and junior tech priests teams moved toward the craft for maintenance and refueling, though the pilots remained within the transport itself. While one might expect such a large hanger to have another craft occupying it, the Tetrach heavy lander remained the only void, air or land craft within its confines. Lit by bright white lights, only a few spare containers shared the hanger with them, each marked methodically. The local light and heavy automated defense turrets were activated but stayed within their standby protocols.

    Several servitors and surprisingly regular looking human serfs had been attending to the containers surrounded the landing area. When the skitarii brigade began disembarking from the large transport, the serfs had been adequately surprised, if not a bit intimidated at the large force. The servitors, of course, paid no mind to events happening around them, unburdened by the troubles of conscious thought. While the serfs went back to work, they moved considerably slower than before, casting curious glances at what was happening around them.

    Their cogitators within scanning their perimeters for any hostiles within range rather than focus on any one thing or personnel. As they disembarked the lander, the retinue saw their counterpart in front of them, albeit with much less protection than a full regiment of skitarii beside them. The central figure of the party opposite of the retinue was one Fabricator-General of Idumea himself. Standing in a strangely humanoid fashion, Lors Hallon's face had been all but replaced by a mash of tubes and wires connecting to his skull.

    Several sensors appeared in the midst of all the twists and turns of the tubes, surrounded by the red hood of the Cult Mechanicus itself. The same red robe to which the hood attached itself to covered most of his body, though a few armored plates hung from the exterior of the robes. Two bionic arms stretched down from each shoulder, likely able to assert the strength of a full servo arm from their ten digits alone. What appeared to be a hybrid between a surgical and a drilling mechadendrite reached over his shoulder, and though clean to the naked eye, the high detail vision of Marius, Zeth and Wilhelm could spot blood residue on it.

    Beside him, the more logistical of his staff stood, with a hyper-rationalist and a bibilophiliac both going over incoming data from across Idumea and standing ready to relay the affairs of the forge world to him at a moment's notice. Even further, a metasurgeon stood ready in case his medical skills were needed. Finally, the protection around the Fabricator-General guarded him vigilantly. No less than six protectors, armed auto repeaters in hand, smelling of spoiled, decaying meat and oils.

    Three massive Praetorian servitors stood behind the group, each larger than even Wilhelm and created from enhanced vat grown ogryns. Armed with weapons to match their size, they stood unintimidated by the skitarii regiment in front of them. Strangely, the squad of Praetorian skitarii stood much smaller between the Praetorian servitors and the Fabricator-General, but no less well armed and well armored by their patron and protected.

    Lastly, two Kataphron battle servitor flanked the entire retinue of the ruler of Idumea, scanning the party ahead of them for threats while standing (sitting?) on the treads beneath them. When the Inquisitional retinue finally came to a stop, the Fabricator-General moved forward to greet them, and all but the Kataphron followed. Pausing about six feet in front of Zeth, Hallon reached out within the noosphere and spoke directly to him in binary as well.

    ++I bid you welcome, Archmagos Instaurabo of Holy Mars, to my humble forge world. Idumea is at the Omnissiah's service in providing what the Machine God requires.++

    The greeting was standard, and nothing would seem strange to the average tech priest of the Cult Mechanicus. Indeed neither Marius or Zeth would pick up anything strange on their sensors. However, to a Magos Catharc, something would seem off. Like a decimal that couldn't be accounted for, or an unknown variable that threw the error margin just slightly away from the acceptable standards. Likewise, those with extensive experiences with hunting heretics and chaos servants would feel the same wariness in the situation, like something that waited from just beyond their peripheries, taunting them, mocking them.

    Giving a slight tilt of the head that spoke volumes, Fabricator-General Hollan continued, giving a quick look over to the non-Adeptus Mechanicus members.

    ++Forgive me, archmagos, but I had not realized how progressive Mars had gotten. It is a rare thing for the uninitiated to land upon any domain of the Machine God here in this sector, let alone accompany someone of your standings. Are they simply the attachments of the more bothersome elements of your task force? We may leave them here if you wish.++

    From behind them, on a private link, Skitarii Alpha Prime 117 motionlessly signaled that their readiness to strike to Zeth, should he wished to. The data screamed at the "archmagos" that his vital targets were not all present though, and the difficulties of carrying about Contingency 015637 Theta rising exponentially should the Fabricator-General be removed at this time.



    Warrant Officer Marak Cep scratched his chin before nodding. "Big metal spiders that wanna eat my head, huh? Sounds like a fun time for the cleanup crew," he said, then gave a pause. "Ah throne dammit, we're gonna be the cleanup crew, aren't we?" he muttered, more to himself than anything. Then, as Apothecary Yochanan 'Jean' Rambeau gave his announcement, the rating leader shook his head, before addressing him. "Uh, no offense, lord space marine sir, but the boys ain't gonna understand half of what you said with all them big words you used."

    Opening a comms to his men, Cep half barked, half coughed into it. "Alright, you good for nothing, lazy deadweights! I know half of you didn't bother paying attention to the Lord Space Marine just now, and the other half didn't know what the Terra he just said, so listen up good! That means you, Hex! Else I'll shove that flamer so far up your arse you'll be breathing flames from your tonsils! We've got giant metal spiders crawling around in that there ship over yonder, and theys wanna eats every living thing between here and Terra.

    Now, pay attention to where you're walking, and over your head, if y'all don't wanna end up spider food! Stick together, and I know it might be funny to watch the next guy get eaten while he's screaming for his life, but it ain't gonna be so funny when it's your turn, so watch his back and save his arse if you can. Good news is that the spiders don't like to kill immediately, so you might get a chance get rescued like the pampered little princesses y'all are.

    The bad news is that if you don't get rescued before they laid their eggs in ya, you'll get spaced anyways, and you'll be thanking the guy spacing ya. Lastly, use the tight spots to fight them one at a time, and try not to get close to any one of them. Either way, those shotguns will come in handy; keep them loaded at all times. Remember rule number one you dimwitts: you're no good to me dead. Now let's make the Emperor proud. Cep out."

    With that, the warrant officer turned back to Jean and Goreparan before saying, "we'll be forming a beachhead and a defensive line around the ships when we land, lord space marines sirs. Just let us know if y'all want us to do anything in particular and we'll get it done, maybe without spacing ourselves in the process." Again, the half salute came before Cep left the mission commanders to go do his last-minute checkup on his equipment before they board. From the Adeptus Mechanicus party, Adept Kinek addressed Razael's concerns.

    Not picking up on the emotions behind the astartes, the slightly confused reply came directly. "Yes, they have been under the Divisio Biologis' study upon the Harbinger of Knowledge. No, I don't believe they were discovered recently, Astartes Razael. For this much damage to occur, there's likely a full colony on the planet below that the Division Biologis have been studying for some time now." At the suggestion of having to scuttle the ship, the Adept grew nervous.

    "Please consider that as the last resort, Team Astartes. The Harbinger, should her machine spirit be uncompromised, is a well of knowledge stored and knowledge gain. My priority, as well as that of the Adeptus Mechanicus forces, is her recovery and safe transport back to the Covenant of Mars. In the worst case scenario, you'll likely have to destroy much of the Adeptus Mechanicus personnel along with the ship, especially if the machine spirit remains intact and salvageable."

    With his plead finished, Adept Kinek turned to Jean. "Message acknowledged, Apothecary Rambeau. We shall be touching down in T -30 seconds. May the Omnissiah be with you all." With that, the connection severed from the other end, and the status screen flashed to ten seconds until arrival. The Caestus Assault Ram manuvered into position, and a light within the cargo hold came on, warning those inside to brace. Then, a second later, the attack craft kicked into overdrive, shooting directly into the mass of webs and the ship's hull.

    The three Shark Attack Crafts followed, along with the Adeptus Mechanicus attack craft, smashing into their destination. Within the assault ram itself, the screens switched over to the status report of the voidcutter itself, even as the front of the diagram grew red as the magna meltas burned through the hull and the spider webs covering it. The sudden acceleration, along with the impact with the ship's hull, could've easily thrown a mortal around with lethal consequences.

    Fortunately, the ratings had more than enough experiences with boarding actions to not expect a few sudden movements here and there that came regularly with their jobs. Suddenly the screens all shut off, and the forward exit rams unclasped, before swinging open. "Go! Go! Go!" Ceps shouted, and the ratings, now all had their gear on them, rushed forward out of the attack craft, weapons ready and the torchlight on their packs active.

    Following them out, the retinue would find themselves in a rather contradictory setting. The hanger they were in had been clearly infested, with the webs from the Megarachnid covering almost everything except their ship. Containers and even hatches to the storage lift had been entirely wrapped, and the only light source came from their ship and the torchlights of the ratings. Yet no sign of nearby xenos existed, though if one looked very carefully past the webs, more than a bit of bloodstain covered the metal floor and walls underneath.


    Keep It In the Box

    After they reached their destination, the mortal members of the retinues receive a message from their inquisitorial overlords. For Enyo, Aurelia and Alexandra Abel, they would find the message from Inquisitor Equilius. It simply read:

    Oh, and be careful not to let someone else touch your assigned rosette. It's gene-locked to you and will deposit a contact poison to anyone that's not you, killing them within the hour (quite painfully I might add). Mr. and Mrs. Virtus, yours are interchangable, but not for anyone else. Would be a silly way to lose a throne agent.

    -Inquisitor Equilius.
    Alexandra Heart would receive orders to remain with the assault ram, securing it for another mission down the road.

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  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    <Jean: Beachhead>

    On the way in, Jean does a bit of quick thinking over the situation as revealed to them. He then speaks over the team channel.

    @Jammysod @Tamu @BlackNecron

    "Slight change of OrBat. Since Sister Heart now has orders to guard the LZ, Brother Razael is better off scouting alone. Commissar Abel - you're now our liaison with the Armsmen detachment. Consider them and yourself the second part of our manoeuvre force."

    Turning to Cep, he says, "Warrant Cep - I want that LZ cleared and secured by quadrants the moment we land. You and your men have five minutes from boots-down to clear and set up inner perimeter defences. Commissar Abel will assist you."

    Opening a channel to Magos Kinek, he says, "Magos - request you and your detachment aid with setting up of the primary augury web upon landing. We need reliable flow of real-time intel as soon as possible."

    As the rams breach and Imperial forces pour into the suspiciously empty cargo hold , Jean leads the team out immediately behind the Armsman vanguard, forming a bulwark of heavy armour and guns for the advance. Even as he sweeps his fire zones methodically, panning his armour lights over the heavily-webbed interior, he multitasks at a blistering rate to organise the next phase of the op, ever-aware of the ticking clock.

    "Signum web established. Integrating sensoria data streams," he announces over the task force vox channel.

    He notes that Goreparan's Signum link has automatically meshed with his, along with the input from his fellow Apothecary's handheld Auspex. He also sends manual handshakes to Razael @BlackNecron , the Mechanicus detachment and any sensor operators amongst the Armsmen to link - a somewhat more laborious process for those without a Signum link, but well worthwhile for the information-sharing.

    @BlackNecron @Tamu

    "Brother Razael - feel free to scout beyond the LZ. Do as you see fit, but prioritise pathfinding and threat identification for the strike on the enginarium and security control centre.

    Magos Kinek - request you scan the landing zone in detail. Prioritise the following - active biosignatures, ingress/egress points.

    Warrant Cep - have this place quartered, cleared and defences established. Check with the Magos for all possible ingress/egress points. I want all but two doorways sealed and boobytrapped, and the doors covered with killzones and traffic control barriers. Also, leave anything that looks like its alive, was once alive, or could have come out of a living thing alone till Apothecary Goreparan or myself can look at it. Any contact could trigger a spawning event or boobytrap. If you see anything moving that shouldn't move, signal at once and cover it at stand-off range. Time limit - ten minutes.

    Brother Goreparan, with me. We need to deep-scan the area to rule out any biohazards."

    Approaching the nearest mass of webbing with telltale bloodstains on the deck plating nearby, he fans out at ninety degrees from Goreparan and levels the assault cannon at it. Blink-clicking his siege auspex - currently hard-linked to his armour via its holster - he triggers an integrated scan using both its short-ranged but deep-penetrating augurs, as well as the bio-augurs of his Diagnosticator helmet.
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