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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

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    Naval Law & Order @Uriel1339

    “Right... well, I shan’t push you to talk about it. We’ll have all the time in the world for that at some future date. For now let’s just get off of this barren rock.” With that, Abel turned on her heels and strode off in the direction of the nearest shuttle. There was clearly nothing meaningful to be gained from being here. Only misery in no short supply.

    When did she get here? @Keidivh

    Sitting down on her bunk, Abel let out a quiet sigh of relief. Thank the Emperor it wasn’t ‘someone else’ as Aurelia put it. “Well, Enyo seems like a good sort. Appeared to be a bit standoffish when I saw him but what Commissar doesn’t get that sort of treatment from... well, just about everyone, really.”

    Abel looked over at the hanging Medallion as Aurelia gestured at it and started asking questions. She wasn’t all that surprised about it, after all someone was bound to want to know eventually. “Well to cut a long story short one moment I was trying to introduce some xeno to the business end of a chainsword and the next I’m on the ground trying not to bleed to death from some horrendous looking plasma burns to the back.” She shifted uncomfortably and clutched at her left shoulder, the mere thought of it inducing an uncomfortable burning sensation. “But as you can see I didn’t. Luckily for me there was a bloody good medic in spitting distance at the time. We saw things through and here I am a few years later.” Abel smiled weakly. “Four medals for two days of actual action. It was a very eventful forty-eight hours to say the least.”

    Plot Within Plot, Mission Within Mission @WanderingJester

    Abel nodded along with Equilius and Winsole’s description of the side mission she was being trusted with completing. She wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to do it all things considered but she was sure she could probably work it out in the end. After rolling her eyes at Enyo’s attempt to reject the rosette and trying to resist the urge to veer things back on topic she figured it made sense to ask one question.
    “Do you have any material that would give me a good idea of where to start, Inquisitors?”
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    Oh, and One More Thing

    At Commissar Alexandra Abel's question, Inquisitor Equilius turned back towards her before saying, "none that you wouldn't have thought of yourself, Commissar Abel. Scrap logs, data slates, picter stations, the sort. By the way, forgot to mention earlier, but don't want to take things for granted: you have the liberty to share what information you see fit about this mission. However, certain allies might not be so favorable to you completing your objectives given differing... interests."

    "So, be prepared for possible retaliation if you decide to disclose information," Winsole finished for the Ordo Hereticus member, (re)introducing the newly promoted throne agents to the politics of the Inquisition, as well as of the different arms of the Imperium in general.

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    Blessed Crusader

    Feeling her husbands hand brush away her tears, Aurelia put a hand over his own, nuzzling it tightly for a moment, enjoying the brief moment of peace and contentment the two shared. When he stated that they needed to speak with Equilius, the crusader practically smacked herself upside the head. Equilius was not known for forcing his retinue members to stay at his side, Crusaders were of a different stock. They were sworn to their Inquisitor, more often than not until they died in one's service. Could she truly ask him to release her from such an oath. "Indeed we shall, but for now my beloved let us enjoy what little time we have before the Emperor calls us to war once more."

    It was a beautiful dream, but for now it would have to wait. There was much that could happen in this crusade, and though she knew the Emperor's will would be done, there was no guarantee she would survive. A crusader's ultimate duty after all was to fight those who stood against the God-Emperor, and that task didn't end in peaceful retirement. Still, it didn't hurt to dream and hope for something more.


    Music, Merriment and Mutants
    A wide smile was on Aurelia's lips as she pounded the table with her lips, belting out the song that her husband had drilled into her head by singing it so often. At times it drove her to near insanity, but it still stirred feelings of fervor and love for the Imperium in her chest. And to see so many different regiments and even mutants singing in fellowship, in unison was truly a beautiful thing. All because of her husband. It was remarkable really, no matter how much animosity there was between parties, Enyo seemed to find a way to make them come together. The fact that he was not a colonel yet astounded her.

    "Truly you should be leading a regiment of your own my heart, you could stir even a Hive ganger's spirit to action."

    @Uriel1339 @WanderingJester

    As the Cardinal prayed over Aurelia she could feel the light of the Emperor wash over her as she never had before. It felt as though she was literally being wrapped in the embrace of a loving father who would shelter her from the greatest of storms. Any taint that dared to cling to her soul was purged away before the burning light, rejuvenating spirit.

    Truly Ropierre was one of the mightiest fonts of faith she had ever had the honor to meet. The man could likely cast down demons with words alone. She could only hope that she could be half the beacon of faith that the cardinal so evidently was.

    As Cardinal Ropierre finished his ministrations, though nothing seemed to be different, Aurelia could feel the change in her spirit, which was armored in zealous faith and righteous fury. Never had she felt so connected to the Father of Mankind as she did now. "My deepest thanks revered Cardinal, with my faith refined in the light of the God-Emperor, none who defy him shall stand before me." Bowing once more, Aurelia made her way to leave, looking forward to her next visit to the chapel.


    When did she get here?
    Aurelia was rather surprised to hear that her Enyo had been standoffish upon meeting the Commissar here, usually he was quite the gregarious type. Perhaps it had simply been exhaustion from a long campaign. Perhaps Miss Abel had irritated in some way. She'd likely find out for herself soon enough.

    Picking the medallion of the coat rack, she inspected it in her hand for a moment as she listened to Abel recount her nearly fatal tale. Medals were a foreign concept to Aurelia and Crusaders themselves, at least as far as she knew. After all, they gave up all of their material possessions outside symbols of faith, and any achievement they made was in truth due to the Emperor. Purity Seals was the closest thing to a medal they were given over the course of their career. She bore each with great pride.

    "The Emperor protects, clearly He had further plans for you to bring glory to His name." Aurelia stated as she carefully placed the medallion back on the coat rack. "Was it after this deployment you were found by the good Inquisitor Equilius? Earning such honors in such a short in time is quite notable. Or have your served in a retinue before?"


    Chapter 1

    That which lies in Darkness, shall be purged in the Light

    While Aurelia was still admiring her newly earned Inquisitorial Rosette, she practically dropped it upon hearing Enyo try to deny it! Did he honestly think that the only reason he was here was at her insistence!? Equilius was good to his retinue, showed them respect if they were worthy of it, but he was not one to tolerate dead weight. Finding heretics was all that mattered to that man, bringing the Emperor's Light to the darkest of places, and he wouldn't allow any to compromise that.

    While she didn't dare to interrupt the Inquisitor's during this private briefing, she mouthed a very clear message to her husband. "We are going to talk!"

    Upon hearing that an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos was on the planet, Aurelia soon began to ponder whether or not he had a connection to the whatever strange xenos beast that may have been unleashed on the ship orbiting the planet. More likely than not that would be the case, wherever there were strange and dangerous aliens after all, there would be Ordo Xenos around.

    Alongside of that, there was possibly even more Inquisitorial forces on planet, if only to ensure them locating Phaenonite's would be even more difficult. Not that it mattered, masters of deception though they were, she would see to it that all of them were given the Emperor's peace.

    As she looked over the data-slate that detailed the coming invasion and some information of the Inquisitor they were to locate, she found there were still questions to be answered.

    "I have a few wonderings Inquisitors. Firstly, do we know of the purpose of Inquisitor Alfbern's presence? I imagine it has something to do with the xenos being studied aboard the Harbinger of Knowledge. On the same note, do we have any information on any acolytes or contacts he had on the planet? Being able to locate someone he worked alongside may go a long way in locating the Inquisitor himself.

    As for the other Inquisitors that may be on planet, have we any knowledge of who they are, and barring that what Ordo they may be from? Anything to help distinguish them from the thrice-damned Phaenonite's would be useful indeed." More than likely there was little more information that she could obtain, but it had to be attempted.

    By your own Merit
    Once the briefing had been completed Aurelia immediately dragged her husband off to the side for a moment, making good on her threat earlier. By the severe look on her face it was quite evident she was less than pleased with her husband. A few moments of silence passed between them before she punched her husband in the shoulder with a good amount of force. "You absolute fool! How could you think after all this time that you were in the retinue purely because you are my husband? The crusader asked incredulously. Of course she knew Enyo was a humble man, she loved that about him but how could he think so little of his own abilities?

    "Let me spell it out for you my love, you are just as worthy as being an Agent of the Throne as any other that is in the retinue's here. You are one of the finest soldiers I have met, a man who could survive being stuck on a Chaos occupied world with next to nothing. I've seen you stir the hearts of men and abhuman alike, uniting them in purpose and rallying them to fight the God Emperor's enemies. You killed a Fallen Angel." Placing a hand over his own which still held his rosette, she offered him a soft smile now.

    "I know that this isn't your dream, it's mine. And I'm eternally grateful that you've supported me through it. But please know that this is something you earned on your own merit, nothing else. You don't need to accept it my love, but be proud of that, as I am infinitely proud of you, as I always have been." She placed a gentle kiss on his lips for a moment before once more smacking him on the side of the head.

    "So to sum up, quit being such a damn fool." Aurelia stated sternly, though the faintest hint of a smile was on her lips.


    Brothers amongst Strangers
    As Aurelia joined her newly formed retinue band, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of disgust in her gut at the sight of the Mechanicus members, a feeling she pushed away as best she could. Personal feelings aside, they were loyal servants of the Imperium. Just had to keep reminding herself that. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there was the Black Templar, Wilhelm, who instilled a great deal of awe from the simple Crusader. To think she would be serving alongside an Angel of Death, fighting side by side. Truly she was blessed.

    After Enyo had finished introducing the disparate members of their squad, Aurelia turned first to the Magos and Skitarii, giving the sign of the Aquila as she bowed her head. "An honor to meet you Magos. I swear to you upon my house and the blessed St. Catalina that I shall see this mission completed and that you survive the ordeal. My weapon and shield are yours." Being the leader of this mission, Aurelia was honor bound to ensure his safety.

    With that said she turned to the Black Templar, similarly offering the sign of the Aquila to him as well. "Ave Lord Astartes. I am humbled to have the opportunity to do the Emperor's work by your side. I look forward to the death we will deliver to those that have dared to stand before He who reigns on Terra."

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    <Jean: Armoury>

    As and when his consultations with the other two Astartes are done, Jean betakes himself to the armoury, where he submits the standard requisition forms, affixed with his newly-expanded clearance. In due order, Iron Father Gollen is duty-bound to release - albeit grumpily - the following to Jean's care for the mission duration:

    Weapons: Absolo Mk VIII Assault Cannon, Inferno Pistol

    Ammo/Explosives: Penetrator Rounds x 2, Ignis Rounds x 1

    Equipment: Astartes Targeter, Signum, Siege Auspex

    Grunting slightly as he gets used to the additional inertia of the massive main ammunition drum and three secondaries holding special rounds, he picks up the normally Terminator-issue weapon and tests its heft. It was a long and arduous thought process that brought him to this choice of weaponry. Based on Vindex's inloaded schematics, the team could expect both tight, twisting passageways as well as long, straight halls. Faced with limited capacity, severe limitations on stealth tactics and the need to cover all bases, he had opted to set aside his preferred combat specialty and err on the side of maximal firepower and flexibility instead.

    As he stomps over to the zeroing range for his calibration shoot, he reflects on how this is far from his first tango pulling double duty as a Devastator. In his second tour with the Deathwatch, he had, due to a lack of Devastators, been forced to set aside his Stalker and essentially turn his field surgery position into a mobile strongpoint, enforced by the authority of a heavy bolter and aided by his fellow Apothecary - an Iron Snake who provided close-in defence with shield and stormbolter.

    Lining up the barrels of the assault cannon with the zeroing bull and blink-clicking the Targeter add-on to his helmet to initiate calibration mode, he reflects on one more thing. For all that he now has to lumber deliberately about the mission zone rather than fleet like a ghost, nothing important has truly changed. Success still depends on precision of placement and timing. A quick trigger-squeeze sends a ten-round burst downrange with a noise like a million angry wasps.


    A tight, neat group of holes appears on the bull, slightly above and to the left of centre. Jean adjusts his posture and technique in anticipation of the recoil, watching as the targeter sends screeds of analytical text across his helmet HUD. The targeting reticules adjust accordingly.


    A second, tighter grouping appears on the bull. Slightly down and right, this time. More adjustments.


    Dead centre. Tightest grouping yet. Time to test that precision with a bit of pressure. CQC timed targets flip out at random points within the range.


    100% kill ratio. Timing and placement. True for the individual. True for the group.

    <Team Leader's Briefing>

    @Jammysod @Vulpas @Tamu @BlackNecron

    Weapon and equipment calibration done with, Jean pings each member of the boarding team via vox, requesting their presence at the armoury. He is aware that the Astartes are already cognizant of the plan, such as it is, but he wants everyone to be present for any final concerns or questions to be raised, on top of briefing the non-Astartes, who will be hearing the plan for the first time. As and when the team is gathered, Jean begins by distributing dataslates loaded with the target ship's schematics, all keyed to Heart and Abel's personal security ciphers to prevent unauthorised release.

    "Objectives: Our primary objectives in the initial phase will be the enginarium and secondary bridge," he begins without preamble, highlighting the relevant sections in red on his own helmet display, causing the same sections to light up on everyone else's.

    "As we know next to nothing about the xenos threat allegedly loose aboard this ship, we have to assume the worst. As of this moment, we are following Genestealer infestation protocols until we gain a better understanding of the threat. All crew aboard the ship must be assumed compromised in some fashion until they can be safely vetted. As such, Phase 1 ops will focus on seizing control of the ship via the power systems - hence enginarium - and locking the primary bridge out of the control network - hence secondary bridge, also because primary will be too heavily-defended."

    Highlighting a trio of options for optimal insertion to take both aforementioned objectives, he continues.

    "Our insertion points are as you see, which will also function as our extraction points should it be required. Primary rally point will be the first corridor junction after insertion - highlighted in yellow on your displays. Phase 1 target order will be decided according to proximity and feasibility. Once Phase 1 is complete, we will cut power and lockdown each ship section not under our direct control.

    This marks commencement of Phase 2 - a stern-to-prow, bilge-to-topdeck sweep of the ship, one section at a time. All personnel we encounter who are not immediately hostile must be treated as potential hostiles - disarmed, isolated, and personally vetted by Apothecary Goreparan or myself. Once positively vetted, said personnel may be allowed to assist in securing the ship on the discretion of the ranking team member present.

    This process will be repeated until the entire ship is under our control, or until the op is deemed untenable. Successful recovery of ship will mark Phase 3 - consolidation and extraction. Op untenable marks Phase 4 - scuttle, then extract if possible."

    The unspoken addendum to his final sentence hangs heavy in the air - or else go down with the ship to ensure the alien infestation is contained.

    "Order of Battle: As you already know, Vindex has appointed myself mission OIC. Brother Goreparan is 2IC. Brother Razael is 3IC, should it come to that. We five will subdivide into two teams. Sister Heart and Commissar Abel will form a scout and manoeuvre team, Brother Razael commanding. Your duties will be forward reconnaissance of mission routes and target areas. Once a target has been decided and engaged, you are to support the combat by manoeuvering to positions exposing enemy weaknesses, or else bypassing the enemy altogether to fulfill mission objectives. Plan your mission loads accordingly - if you need adjustment, now is the time.

    Brother Goreparan and I will form the breacher team. We will carry the bulk of team firepower and protection, and will take main responsibility for destroying hardened targets, breaching obstacles and providing a strongpoint to cover the scout team's manoeuvres, or fall back to, as the situation demands.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns - anything at all - now is the time to voice them. If not, here are confirmed team mission loads thus far for your information. Adjust your loads as necessary, bearing in mind each team should have at least some demolition capability."

    With that, Jean concludes by exloading his and Goreparan's mission loads to everyone's display, then falls silent, waiting for someone to speak up.
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    Komitzar Epilogue Part 4 - Naval Law & Order
    @Jammysod | @WanderingJester

    "Agreed. Maybe after the next deployment, if we both survive, we can discuss more." Enyo offered with a neutral tone as the two entered the shuttle alongside Winsole and the others.

    Komitzar Epilogue Part 5 - Blessed Crusader

    "As you wish dear. As you wish." He offered her a gentle kiss, before leading her out of the hangar bay and towards their rooms, so at last they could get out of their bloodied armor, fatigues and wash themselves clean.

    Komitzar Epilogue Part 6 - Hidden Lion Knight
    @BlackNecron | @WanderingJester

    <waiting on player>

    Komitzar Epilogue Part 7 - Victory Grub Little Later
    @WanderingJester | @Keidivh

    "I might have just done that earlier." Enyo grinned from cheek to cheek, thinking about Goff and the other prisoners. From the way the future communications officer made it sound, things would turn for a better and as long as they would hold onto their shared dreams they could indeed pave the street for a better tomorrow.

    "But a regiment of my own? No no no my dear. I enjoy being on the frontlines and not being part of high command. That is where the Emperor's true work is done. Ooooor." A smirk formed on his face as he turned to Aurelia, the singing of the various others still going on across the halls.

    "I become Colonel, if you become my bodyguard and the anchor of faith within my regiment as part of the regiment."

    From the Ashes, A Fire. From the Darkness, A Light.
    Chapter 1 - Fury of the Imperium

    @Jammysod | @Keidivh | @WanderingJester | @EveryoneElse

    "As you wish, Inquisitor Equilius. I shall protect the Rosette and keep it safe on my body." He said earlier when Equilius tricked Enyo still in servitude under the throne.

    "Understood, Inquisitors." Enyo merely said with a bow when the orders of finding the truth were given. Various gears already turning in his head. He was sure that neither Abel or Aurelia would be able to get properly to the bottom of any such subtle matter. Abel as a commissar was too... Obvious and expectant, although she made quite some interesting implications earlier. Aurelia on the other hand, well. She was blunt like her flail and disliked the shadows of deceit. He would remember Winsole's words from Komitzar, but luckily this was a whole different matter in itself. And with the latest blessing from Magos Zeth in the form of a Bionic eye, there might be a unique possibility before him to gain the trust of those amongst the Adeptus Mechanicus ship.

    By your own Merit

    "I know of what I am capable of, dear. And I am proud of serving this way. A meaningful way. Reuniting families, giving people hope, putting their faith in the Imperium, not whispers from the dark." He said with determination and a smile, not the slightest upset the way Aurelia reacted. He expected it, even the slap that pinked his cheek.

    "But it does not mean I wish to do this for the rest of my life, I am not an Ultramarine. Like I told you before. I wish us to have family. If we serve the Inquisition, we cannot do that. And there will be the moment you will have to make a choice, Aurelia. You know mine. I can live my dream of a soldier and have a normal life in any Planetary Defense Force. I know your oaths as a Crusader are much different. But there are other duties you can fulfill in the Emperor's name without staining your personality and history. But no matter how you decide. I will be at your side until the Emperor calls upon us to be at his side."

    Enyo ever smiled. "I love you, Aurelia Virtus. Light of my life. Curse of His foes." He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, then placed the Rosette above his heart, under his fatigues.

    Brothers amongst Strangers
    @High_Adept_Zeth | @Colapse | @Keidivh | @bossaroo | @WanderingJester

    Enyo stood idle, watching the foreigners to one another find time to make acquaintances. It was truly interesting how he knew each one of this group and yet they did not know one another. This was his element, to bond elements of the Imperium and knit them to something stronger. Individual twigs and branches becoming strong as one, withstanding the strongest pressure. He just wondered how Wilhelm would handle to be assigned with naught but mortals. More curiously, he wondered if there was a particular reason he was isolated from the other Astartes. Was the brutality that Henrik rumored about him true? Or was it that Vindex did not trust Equilius nor Winsole and had him as a watchdog on their tails? The Lieutenant shook his head, stopping his own thoughts and simply was glad to serve with such loyal children of the Emperor.
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    Those Crazy Ordo Xenos Guys

    At Aurelia's question, Inquisitor Equilius scratched his thin beard. Before he could respond though, Inquisitor Natalia Winsole spoke up.

    "At this point, we're not even sure of his presence on the planet, just that there's credible evidence suggesting he might be. It shall be your task to ascertain the truth to that estimation of this mission. As to the possible connection with the xenos on the Harbinger of Knowledge, perhaps, though I would not be surprised if more than one xenos threat dwelled within this subsector; the Hazeroth Abyss had been known for the Enemy's Without's infiltration, even before the Great Rift appeared."

    Equilius nodded, looking at Aurelia. "Indeed, Crusader Virtus. Perhaps either myself, Natty or Grandpa Vindex could speak better of the situation, but none of us are in Alfbern's Ordo, and, believe it or not, the three major ordos like to keep their own secrets." He gave a look to Winsole, who just stared blankly back at him. "Even more so in regards to each inquisitor and their own acolyte network. Indeed, you should know this fact well: even those serving under the same master usually doesn't know of the entire network and never will."

    Tapping on his own data slate, several files highlighted on Enyo and Aurelia's individual data slates. The file showed minimal data, but what was there the Ordo Hereticus member spoke of. "We have little knowledge on exactly what asset Alfbern has or is capable of drawing. What we do have is his last recorded appearance: around three decades ago, he arrived at Watch Fortress Haltmoat, not far from the trailing border of the Calixis Sector. There, he petitioned the watch commander there for the assistance of a Deathwatch kill-team."

    "We neither know of the kill-team member's identity or the nature of their mission, other than that the Ordo Xenos inquisitor would lead them personally," Winsole said, picking up the briefing. "All we do know was that it consisted of twelve full members and that it was a veteran kill-team, which meant either one of, or a combination of three things: either the mission was extremely hazardous, of vital importance to the Imperium, or Alfbern had grossly miscalculated the threat he faced."

    "The last I doubt is the case," said Equilius. "I've only seen the guy maybe twice in my lifetime, but he knows about as much the alien as Grandpa Vindex does about daemons. If he took out that large of a kill-squad, then what he's facing is likely substantial." The vague picter capture of the man showed mostly a silhouette with the inquisitorial trench coat covering human-sized power armor. An old man maybe a decade or so junior to Lord Inquisitor Vindex, his long hair had long turned to grey. Wrinkles and dark spots stretch across his once fair face.

    The man had a bionic arm and seemed heavily armed, though the specificity of the weapons elude the capture, other than the assumption that both range and close quarters combat was covered. "As for other possible loyalist inquisitional forces, we simply have no intelligence on that, other than an educated guess from our own experience," Equilius said, shaking his head. "Part of why this force was gathered was because we had no news or tithes from the Calixis Sector since the Great Rift emerged 150 years ago."

    "So, for all we know, the Ordo Calixis could have long been wiped out or corrupted to the point where they're servants of the arch-enemy," Winsole responded bluntly. "As to how to tell the Phaenonites apart from loyalists: you shall need your wits. Part of the reason why they had been able to survive the hunt of the Holy Ordos has been their ability to disguise themselves as loyalists, even puritans. No doubt some will continue to do so, if only out of habit. Trust only those in this room when you descend upon Idumea."

  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    <'The Righteous Fury', Medicae Center, prior to briefing>

    @Uriel1339 @Keidivh @WhoeverFindsItselfInTheScene

    The blood was expertly sucked away by the Medicae Servitor, Tiberiax quickly sizing the opportunity to cauterize the open tissue within the left eye socket. Prone before him, unconscious on a medicae slab, Techpriest's latest victim suffered mild cranial trauma from stray shrapnel, followed by severe injury to the left eyeball. The shrapnel was caused by a bolt-round explosion and despite not damaging him directly, it still managed to completely disable his left eye.

    Conclusion - flesh is weak. However, the subject's state is not without hope.

    Finding the loss of his left eye too hindering in the line of duty, the man was allowed to requisition for an organic or mechanical replacement. Approaching him, the subject asked for the later.

    The Remidium-pattern Medicae Servitor brought a small box, removing the lid. From within the case, resting on a silicon bed, lay a glistening grey metal orb, it's lenses crimson-red, connected on one side in a protective plate that goes over the subject's left temple. The plate did not serve only a protective purpose, but by being embedded into the left temple bone structure, allowed for further augmentations, it's open ports for tubes and wires cleverly hidden until added.

    Despite this blessing that was conferred upon this mortal being only slightly better then his lost eye, Tiberiax kept in mind subject's continued function and thus an option for improvement.

    As he worked on the man, Magos mused upon the situation, the brains of his dead brother and sister Priest within his oversized head, giving useful but often conflicting information and advice. All in all, the operation was mundane, even insulting in it's simplicity to someone of Tiberiax's standing, a point driven home by vitriol of a dead Domina. However the subject was not aware of the context his actions implied and thus Tiberiax forgave him.

    "Subject's frequency of cognitive functions heightens exponentially." servitor droned, heralding subject's awakening.

    Good. Just as predicted. It is done.

    "You may come in now." Tiberiax called for the presence he detected earlier outside of the operation room. Probably monitoring behind the glass pane. Such emotional binding usually precipitated such wasteful actions. However by blessing of cognition, I understand it.

    "Ah, you are awake Enyo." Tiberiax noticed the flutter of right eyelids and faint glow within his left bionic. Absentmindedly, Tiberiax brushed with his left hand the temple-plate of Enyo's new eye, his metal index finger tracing the hermeticon symbol emblazoned upon it's surface. Not only was this event auspicious for it's many social utilities between him, Virtus family and hopefully Retinue at large, but the augmentation itself was in origin from Tiberiax's homeworld - a piece of Agripinaa.

    Only a component of a larger visual system that Magi ocularis systems were composed of, nevertheless the augmentation Enyo now bore was one of the spares, intended for Tiberiax in case of damage.

    Moving to stand infront of his bed, Tiberiax resumed:
    "Do not worry, sight will be restored gradually over the span of minutes within your left eye. Time is a necessary factor as the bionic adjust it's function to your brainwaves and bioelectrical feedback of your neural system."

    <'The Righteous Fury', Briefing>

    Humbled not only by Archmagos's exload of privileged information concerning Lord Vindex, but also by Insturabo's sophisticated defenses, Tiberiax inclined his oversized head in respect and deference to the Archmagos. The internal discussion concerning Insturabo reached a very clear consensus, competent and productive - key traits that are pillars of faith.

    The level of communication as well as actions taken in-between the two were of magnitude worthy of two multi-centenarian transhumans like them. Despite being unable to adequately compare himself to the Archmagos, he was certainly more successful when compared with baseline mortal or an Astartes. However, apart from maybe Skitarius next to him, none in the room knew what trespassed between the two Techpriests.

    Focusing on the task ahead, Tiberiax took Archmagos's simulations concerning their success with more confidence, awaiting the Vanguard the rest of the Idumea group.

    <After the brief>

    @Colapse @Keidivh @bossaroo @Uriel1339

    Faced with the enormity of the task this mission imposed upon him, as well as reality of how much depended on his performance, Tiberiax kept his uneasy peace.

    Despite being only a minor Forge World, the value of Idumea when compared to Kommitzar is incalculable! Seeing first-hand the capabilities of an Archmagos, he could not even begin to simulate the abilities of a Fabricator-General! Such austere rank is second only to a Vox Omnis - Fabricator-General of Mars Itself!

    At the frightening thought process that would deadlock any Techpriest worth it's salt, Tiberiax was comforted by the many gifts he was bestowed with and will be given by the Archmagos as well as the company of an Angel of Death. Archmagos obviously included all of this in his simulation, but the amount of uninitiated mortals withi the party worried him.

    The main shard of his consciousness returning to the present, Tiberiax picked up the conversation, gesturing toward, leading the way down the corridor toward the Retinue's Armory:

    "Ah yes, we've met before Wilhelm, Castellan of the Black Templars." Techpriest replied, referencing the events prior to Kommitzar/Elros mission. Despite his backs to the group, he could still see them, and being aware of Wilhelm's armaments - especially the thunder hammer, made Zeth confident in their chances of success. In the end, they did not need to kill Fabricator-General, only to bring down his defenses for Tiberiax to upload the codes. After that, the ruling Magi might as well be dead.

    "Cognizant of your backgrounds, I am attempting to simulate the role in which you are most efficient." Tiberiax spoke to the group, rotating, he inclined his head to Aurelia at her appointment of a bodyguard. His two machinelings would trail behind him, skittering on the floor and walls just next to the Crusader. The fist-sized arachnid-constructs would, to Aurelia, instill a feeling of being observed, despite the machinelings lacking any visible shape of eyes or whatever passed as such in the Mechanicus.

    "Were you given any additional objectives by your masters?" Tiberiax queried the group.
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    <After the briefing> @High_Adept_Zeth @Uriel1339 @Keidivh @bossaroo

    "Hail, servants of the God-Emperor," Wilhelm said as he approached, after the briefing concluded he went and gathered couple of more items from the armory, most obvious one was the black adamantine mantle that flowed freely from his shoulder, perhaps finally giving him the looks of a proper commander. "Joined together, nothing the Arch Enemy throws at us will stand against the fury of our faith," he nodded to Aurelia, glad that he was once again in the same group like the mortal crusader.

    "I've received no additional objectives, Magos. But my purpose here is clear. Whatever and whoever we find down on the planet below that spat on Omnissiah and his work will be purged by my hammer. Nothing more, nothing less."
  9. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1
    That which lies in Darkness, shall be purged in the Light
    Aurelia was not surprised to hear there was little more information to be had given this secondary objective, although it was disappointing all the same. At the very least she knew that whatever it was he was after it warranted the support of a full veteran kill team. What type of threat could warrant such a response the Crusader couldn't even begin to comprehend, but if it was encountered it would meet the same fate as any heretic. Death through steel and faith.

    "My thanks Inquisitor's, on my honor and the honor of my Order I shall see this task done." Aurelia swore solemnly, hand over her chest. It would be no easy task, but her time with Equilius and in the Ordo Hereticus as a whole had taught her well. True, she was more often an instrument of direct and righteous fury, but she had learned over time the necessity for more subtle approaches. Now would be the perfect time to see if she could truly apply those skills, and by doing so proving herself worthy of the Rosette she now bore.


    By your own Merit
    "I know dearest, I know you don't desire to be in the Ordos all your life." Aurelia said gently, the harshness of her speech now fading. "I just wanted you to know that you are worthy of it. Few are ever deemed fit to work beneath an Inquisitor, let alone be declared an official Agent of the Throne. Many train their whole lives for the opportunity, and while it was thrust upon you suddenly you thrived."

    Placing a hand on his cheek, she gave him a loving smile, eyes filled with pride. "Hearing you say that your here only because of me drives me insane because nothing is further from the truth. I just want you to know how proud I am of you, and how thankful I am you stayed by my side through everything." Returning his kiss, her mind began wrestling with the idea of the choice laid out before her. When he had first told her about his desire she wished for nothing more, but now with the Rosette resting on her chest everything became more foggy. Emperor, give me guidance.

    I love you with all that I am my heart. Now, let us deliver death to these bastards that would dare try to lead the Emperor's flock astray."


    Brothers amongst Strangers
    While it was only the nod of the head, such a gesture nonetheless meant the world to Aurelia. To be acknowledged by an Angel of Death was an honor in and of itself, but to be acknowledged by a Black Templar, a fellow Crusader in spirit practically overwhelmed her. A part of her couldn't wait to prove her worth and that of her Order before him.

    She was removed from her stupor when she felt the cold eyes, or lenses rather, of the magos observing her as if to estimate her worth. The Magos more or less stated this was his intention, saying that he was trying to judge which role each would best fit. "I have mastered the 77 strikes of my Order and discovered a further 4 over the course my life honored Magos. I may be but a mortal, but you will find there are few who can stand before in close quarters. I've also served for some time in the Ordo Hereticus, and am skilled in uncovering those who hide from the Emperor's light."

    Upon his second question Aurelia hesitated for a moment, unsure how either of her fellow companions would take it were they to know that her and Enyo were ordered to locate a missing Inquisitor, and moreover keep an eye out for an excommunicated Inquisitorial faction. It would certainly complicate matters to put it lightly.

    "We have received a secondary task from Inquisitor's Equilius and Winsole, but it is not something that will interfere with our primary targets. The Lieutenant and I will see to it, rest assured."

    @Colapse @High_Adept_Zeth @Uriel1339
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    The Righteous Fury', Medicae Center, prior to briefing
    @High_Adept_Zeth | @Keidivh

    Enyo groaned as he woke up, immediately sitting up and naturally a hand going to the foreign object at the side of his head, rubbing over the insignia of Zeth's home forgeworld. "It feels... Heavy." The lieutenant chuckled softly, the sedatives wearing off only slowly. He closed his organic eye to test the bionic eye and it was all blurry. Out of reflex he tried to blink but switched between magnification instead. He jumped a little of the sudden super zoom into Aurelia's eyes.

    "Woah, woah!" He attempted to brace himself, but slipped and fell instead. His body has not completely woken up yet and he brought a little metal cart down with him that was for serving foods and such. He sat on the floor, the cart in his lap and could not help but laugh.

    "I never was a fan of sedatives, apologies for my clumsiness!" Pinked cheeks gave his embarrassment away, stretching each of his hands out towards Aurelia and Zeth to hopefully pull him up. Once he was back on his feet, the bionic eye finally started to normalize a little, but it still was strange.

    "It..." He turned to Zeth, suddenly the overlay highlighting his figure and giving slight tactical data. Notably name and homeworld. "Woah..." He tilted his head and the information display remained still. "This is... Well... New! And overwhelming." With both hands he grabbed one of Tiberiax, shaking it thoroughly. "Thank you very much, Magos. I shall repay the debt of this gift."

    Quickly afterwards he gave aurelia a tight hug and allowed her to get used to his new eye.

    By your own Merit

    "My love for you is what drives me to this height and beyond, Aurelia." He smiled brightly at her, putting a hand on top of hers that rested on his cheek. "And not even the worst dark of the galaxy will prevail against the combined lights of our love for one another and the God-Emperor." And with that he let go of her hand and went on to get with the rest of the deployment group.

    Brothers amongst Strangers - After the Briefing
    @High_Adept_Zeth | @Colapse | @Keidivh | @bossaroo | @WanderingJester

    Enyo did not say anything as Aurelia already had answered the Magos. "Let us simply make sure that we fight as a unit and are on the same page. Aurelia and I shall follow your lead, as I hope Wilhelm will as well. Considering we will be mostly around members of the Cult Mechanicus, it would be foolish to act against or outside of your will. Especially since it seems the Archmagos briefed you?" Enyo implied that Tiberiax was the one with secondary missions as well, but more importantly hoped that the secret shadows of the inquisition would not hinder the bonds they could build.

    'Another reason to never become an Inquisitor.'

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