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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    After having damaged the chaotic fiend beyond rescure, Razael found himself at odds with the giant Dragon ogre Boss. A situation he didn't feel was too enviable.
    For some reason, he had seen fit to fire upon this monstrosity alone, maybe because he was still caught up in the heat of battle, or because he deemed himself safe with the additional reinforcements arriving.
    Either way, he would come to regret his choice pretty soon after.
    When the beast started his assault on the Kill-marine, his regret became irrelevant. Indeed, most of his thoughts scattered like dust in the winds. All that mattered was the monstrous figure before him, swinging what could very well be his end down onto him. Quickly, the Stalker Bolter left his hands, exchanged for his plasma pistol.

    "Well, as soon as my brothers have nothing else to do, I might require some assistance to keep this one at bay..."

    And that was when the Dragon Ogre was upon him.
    All he could do now was pray that his speed was still as great as he remembered.

    1)DODGE! a lot
    2)Pump some plasma into the Dragon Ogre when not dodging
    3)Pray to the emperor (internally that is)
  2. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    When Sarah had landed into the Marine, the rather bity weapon was certainly something to be aware of, as she looked at her foe. Evidently, she was going to have to go in for the kill, especially because he was quite the threat with that twisted bolter compared to the others enemy combatants who at least seemed to be under control by the rest of the team.

    Although she did pause, if only for a moment thanks to the Magos's greeting. Needless to say she was feeling that gulf again between word and effect, and wondering if it was a wise idea to bring that up and attendant explanation of why she was that way or not.

    That aside, there was that Marine to remove from the combat equation. And so the Thallax advanced upon her target, firing off a few snap-shots with her autocannon to help keep him from moving away from her before closing in to finish off the daemon-bolter Marine with her chainblade, preferably to the head of her target.

    1: Snapshot(s) with Autocannon
    2: Melee attack with Chainblade
  3. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Victory Needs No Explanation, Defeat Allows None

    Each living being in the room felt the shift in the air as the ritual continued, and the first of the cultists lifted into the air exploded in a torrent of gore and viscera as chaos consumed their souls. The next line of cultists began levitating from the ground, unaware or uncaring of the fate of those that went before them. The Veil thinned, and the moans of those impaled upon the pillars clashed with the sound of tearing as a faint visage of a massive eye appeared and tentacles began to reach out from its periphery.

    As Magos Tiberius Zeth and the aspiring champion closed with each other, the sparks coming from the Adeptus Mechanicus member caused a grin from the slave to darkness.

    "Disappointing. Here I was going to honour Khorne with your skull. Still, die now!"

    Yet, the irrational flow and twist of chaos found itself matched up against the cold logic and analytics wizardry of Mars. Movements logged which limbs were the dominant and favoured arm and leg, along with the reach of his wingspan and all combat-related data before running everything through processors that would calculate an adequate hostile response to the heretic in mere split seconds. The corrupted sword lunged for the magos, only to have the Omnissian Power Poleaxe outreach it.

    The blessed blade came down into the collar section of the chaos space marine, slicing through the corrupted power armour, even the black carapace underneath. Stopping the aspiring champion in his path, the enemy never thought of avoiding the holy toxma flying at his face. With a hiss, the toxma began burning into the raging astartes' face, even as his limbs swung for Magos Zeth's body. While the strikes were still more effective than anything a mortal can muster up, they were still pitiful compared to his attack moments earlier.

    Thus, the servo arm clutching the overcharged las pistol slammed into the aspiring champion's torso, pushing past the ruined flesh and power armour chest plate, before depositing the weapon within the fallen astartes' chest. Shoving his foe off, Magos Zeth watched as the aspiring champion stumbled a bit, before looking down at the glowing spot in his chest. A blink of an eye later the weapon exploded. Gore splashed over the data predator as the astartes got driven to one knee, severely injured but still alive.

    Evidently, the mini explosion got positioned a bit lower than Zeth would've wanted. Maybe one of the two hearts or two of the three lungs got shredded, but not all of the vital organs within the now gaping hole within the enemy's torso. The aspiring champion snarled as he used his sword as a support, wanting to say something, but only blood came out of his mouth. Nearby, Enyo overcharged his hellgun before pointing it at the astartes that fired at him earlier.

    Given the fact that the said astartes currently sat immobilized on the ground from Magos Zeth's ministration, the veteran auxiliary officer didn't really need to muster his courage much more than to overcome the clawing of the warp around him, though it didn't hurt. The supercharged shot burned its way through a joint near the waist of the chaos space marine, vaporizing its way into the flesh underneath. Doing what many other mortals could not boast of, the Ultramarian seriously injured the chaos space marine.

    Nearby, Henrik who had stabbed and cut his way out of the mobbing cultists noticed that many of the cultists had other pressing concerned as Koma and Podion clamoured onto them, before cutting their unprotected flesh with their las cutters. Picking up his bolt pistol, he levelled it at the same target Enyo engaged. Now a las weapon might prove ineffective at worse against even archaic power armour, but a bolt weapon was of a somewhat different matter.

    The mass reactive rounds blasted into the bicep portion of the immobilized fallen astartes, detonating within the confines of the power armour. Muscles and bone shattered as the arm fell from the main portion of the struggling chaos space marine's body. Though, whether or not the two mortals would regret their decision of taking advantage of the grounded astartes remained to be seen. The said chaos space marine began to pull himself up on his feet, eyes flashed in anger behind his helmet even as he raised his weapon with one arm.

    For a moment, the one armed astartes debated within his mind whether to shoot Enyo or Henrik first, before turning his weapon to the mortal auxiliary officer. Now, knowing that he couldn't supercharge his weapon too many times before the barrel simply melted, Enyo would have to get creative if he wished to continue engaging the target in front of him. He dove behind cover again as bolter rounds exploded the piles of flesh he hid behind, though leaving him relatively unscathed.

    SA582 turned at the chaos space marine with the daemon bolter, the autocannon already armed and primed. Spitting round after round outward before the fallen astartes could regain his composure, the first few rounds impacted dead on target, though lacked the penetration to punch through the power armour. The only exception to this effect was where the slugs hit the fractured portion of the chest plate caused by the shoulder tackle from the thallax earlier; here, a few would go through, causing small but noticeable injuries.

    The chaos space marine roared before charging the thallax, his weapon in front of him barking even as it fired bolt after bolt at the servant of the unmaker god. Those that hit SA582 were fortunately glances, though still did some damage to her armour. Small pings of pain shot to her consciousness as the two foes closed with each other, and the first considerable blow went to the servant of the Imperium. The chain dagger came up and stabbed itself into the side of astartes, missing the skull as the chaos space marine shifted his body suddenly.

    Its biting teeth tore into the flesh of the astartes even as it penetrated the protective armour surrounding. The space marine grunted, before turning his bolter up. This close, SA582 could malevolent eyes of the daemon weapon as it got ready to roar its hell forged munitions into her at close range. Like many times in war, her successful attack set up a poor position for the next phase of the battle, though by no means did it spell out ultimate victory or defeat for the thallax.

    Below the appearing eye, the crack of lightning met the sound of the auto gun and clanking of power sword upon force staff. Inquisitor Winsole grimaced as she struck another flurry of blows against the chaos sorcerer, who replied in turn. She handlessly activated her retinue vox comms before saying to each member present even as she rolled out of another torrent of warp fire sent towards her.

    "Focus on their leader. Once he's dead, you can mop up the rest and help me stop this ritual."


    OOC: So! I'm getting kind of tired of how this mission's dragging on (we've got more fun, more interesting and more important things to get to!) so I'm flipping my last boss rule around. This means the first boss rule is now in effect! That means that out of the three teams, so long as someone kills their boss (the aspiring champion) for you, and the mission will conclude for all the teams on both planets :) This is my way of ending things quickly without just cutting it off myself. Lemme know if you guys have any questions.
  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Hunt the Witch, Kill the Witch

    Even as Aurelia placed her hand on the mural with the Imperial Guardsmen executing the enemies of man, she could feel that it was the right choice. Feeling the painting give way at the slight force, the crusader pushed, and found a doorway exactly the shape of the Emperor's shadow as the 'painting' swung backwards, haunted castle style. From behind her, Equilius clapped his hands excitedly, as though a child who had just found his Sanguinia presents early.

    "Excellent job once more Mrs. Virtus! I must say, I'm quite impressed by you all. Your perseverance astonishes me every time, though we've worked together for some time. Onwards then!"

    Leading the way, the Ordo Hereticus member stepped boldly forward, to where only a few men had gone before. Following him forward, the retinue found themselves in a rather ornate hallway. Having passed through all of the trials, they looked around to see what looked to be a ceiling of stain glass. Depicting mostly the sky along with the ships of the Imperial Navy, the ceiling cast multicoloured light down below. Along the walls, the gothic style of the Imperium replaced the morbid decoration of each of the walls and support around.

    Torches added to the light coming down from above, and marbled floors lined each step the retinue took. However, some rubble drew their eyes forward, and Equilius paused before the sight in front of him. A large double doorway stood, the top curved together in an elegant arch. The door looked to be metal of some sort but had large decorations of the double-headed eagle stretched across it. The Aquila, which would look magnificent, suffered dent and other such damages as the brute in front of it smashed a rather large but crude bludgeon on it.

    In front of the locked doorway, a party of misfits lingered. Indeed, none of them could be counted as faithful Imperial citizens. The twisted brute at the door stood as tall as an ogryn, but wearing twisted and spike-lined armour around it. Indeed, it resembled more of a troll from the ancient Terran tales than anything else, only with four arms. A woman with floating hair was beside it, waiting with crossed arms for the door to fall. Her dress, though provocative, covered up her body in a way that would defend her from harm.

    However, what caught the eyes of the retinue was the fact that the woman floated several inches off the floor, similar to how her hair drifted around. Her eyes, blood red, turned towards them even as the large, half circle of the chaos eight points shot up from her back, the decoration helping her channel her foul energy. The eight-pointed star carved into her face, either through a knife or a brand, and what could've been a delight to the eye twisted to the point where only a crazed witch remained.

    Flanking them, two mutants stood with their weapon. One had a large autogun in its hands, hunched over with its massive arms and shoulders, gazing over at the retinue with its multiple eyes under a horned head. Evidently, the group in front of them came from off world. The other mutant looked to have a flesh whip instead of an arm, while holding a large axe in its other hand. Behind it, another torso semi grew out, with its own head and arms, literally allowing it to fight 'back to back' by itself. Each had crude, but deceptive armour on.

    Equilius' smile never left his face, though now a dangerous glint came in his eyes. "Ah so this must be the cause of all that ruckus outside. Well, I know I don't really have to tell you ladies, but I rather be safe than sorry: kill the witch," he casually commented, even as he pulled out what looked to be an extremely unusual bolt pistol from one of his many holsters.

    The inquisitor turned to Aurelia and Alexandra, "Mrs. Virtus, Sister Heart, you've both been with me for a while. Have I ever told you exactly why I hate heretics? Why I didn't join my former master in the Ordo Malleus and choosing Ordo Hereticus instead?"

    Even as Inquisitor Equilius said this, Viatrix and Erika stepped to the side. The former to stay out of the way, the latter to protect the former. However, before anyone could say another word, the rogue psyker shrieked from where she stood. "Inquisition? Kill them!" The mutant with the axe shot its whip arm forward, impacting the chest of Equilius and sending him into a wall with a crash. Before the inquisitor disappeared into the crater in the wall, a brief flash of gold appeared, only to get covered by the dust kicked up.

    Then the rest of the enemies turned their attention to Aurelia and Alexandra, the brute turning from the door to lift its crude warhammer as it advanced on the two opponent in front of them. The mutant with the axe too began to close the distance, standing at the height of a tall human, while the autogun from the other mutant opened fire. Above, the psyker began ripping large pieces of the walls and pillars before readying herself to toss them at the two.


    OOC: So Equilius is out of this round of combat due to... yeah. His combat capabilities will not count towards the grouop CC this round. Like the note in the last section: the first boss kill rule is in effect. Kill the witch matriarch and the mission will end for all three teams. I know you guys haven't had the chance to pew pew properly, hope this helps! :D

    I Have Had It with These Motherf***ing Heretics, On This Motherf***ing Planet!

    "Understood, good hunting Brother Raptor."

    Jean heard the words from the Nemesor Sergeant before moving on from his execution of the Fiend of Slaanesh, turning to deal with the other servant of the Prince of Pleasure. Deciding to work with his Minotaur brother to take down the daemonette, he began to flank the lesser daemon with his bolter, even as Goreparan also mirrored the tactic, only with the plasma exterminator in hand. The two astartes worked with the cohesion common only with battle brothers of the same chapter, which made it all the more astonishing for anyone knowledgable in the Adeptus Astartes, especially given that one as a Minotaur.

    Mass reactive rounds crossed plasma shots, catching the daemonette in the crossfire. To its credit, its speed managed to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge most of the shots. However, one fired shot from each attacker did find their mark, detonating a mass of flesh from the lesser daemon while incinerating a portion of the other side as well. Crying out in rage at the marred beauty, the daemonette contemplated between the two targets before charging the Minotaur.

    Sliding under another volley of shots faster than any creation of the materium could, it sliced up with its clawed hand. Two fingers fell off of Goreparan's hand, falling to the ground to join the bodies of the dead around them. The daemonette shrieked in delight even as it danced back, its movement hindered by its injuries, though its limps still incomparably more graceful than one of the blessed ones of Grandfather Nurgle. Further away, the Black Templar lifted his bolt pistol and emptied a clip at the juggernaut, aiming for the exposed side.

    Unfortunately, it seemed that the daemon engine decided to take more care now with its damages, and swerved away, evading the projectiles. Turning, Wilhelm marched forward to execute the lesser daemon of Khorne, who had gotten to its feet at this point. The overhead smash came, though the bloodletter didn't try to block this time. Indeed, it seemed as though he wanted to kill the castellan so as to mutually shed their blood together for the blood god.

    The hellblade stabbed forward and punched it through one of Wilhelm's chest. However, the Black Templar shifted his body at the last moment, letting the weapon penetrate one of his three lungs instead of one of his two hearts. Undeterred, the power greatsword came down into the body of the bloodletter, nearly bisecting it. At the very moment the lesser daemon fell, the juggernaut collided with Wilhelm, tossing him head over heels in a barrel roll.

    While the impact caused damage in and of itself, it seemed that the Emperor looked upon his eternal crusader with some favour. First, the hellblade still embedded in his chest didn't shift, causing more damage. Second, despite the juggernaut's best efforts, it couldn't trample the Black Templar, instead of tossing him away from its path. Wilhelm would get up and close with the fallen daemon after, making use of the time allotted to him despite his cracked and slightly fractured black carapace.

    It snarled and spat black ichor blood at Wilhelm, but did little other than dirty his tabard. With the Black Templar finishing off the servants of Khorne, the Dark Angel continued his fire upon the main apparent leader of the chaos tainted forces nearby. Pumping round after round at the large target, the veteran wasn't not hitting the giant monster so much as most of the rounds were splashing upon impact of its thick armour.

    However, the hail of plasma fire did manage to melt much of the armour, turning the once somewhat intimidating thick armour into something that looked more like clay. In fact, soon several shots began to burn the flesh underneath the armour itself, damaging the enemy leader. The first overhead smash came down and would've crushed the Dark Angel had his training not caused him to take evasive actions beforehand.

    Jumping and leaping over rubbles and bodies alike, he would feel the rush of wind as the giant war hammer sweep close. The leader, annoyed by the evasion of the scout veteran, lifted its weapon high into the air, before bringing back down to terra firma. Pulverizing the bodies under the massive head, the shockwave from the blow managed to send, while not the whole area but, the local bodies up into the air, living or dead.

    So despite his valiant efforts, the Razael found himself thrown into the air by the shockwave. The back end of the war hammer came around, sending him flying not for the first time that day. Fortunately, the large number of corpses laying around did partially absorb the force of his landing. Unfortunately, he still felt his black carapace fracturing in multiple places even as he came back down to skid on several dozen feet of bodies.

    His superhuman body managed to continue though, even if it pained to simply breathed at the moment. The adrenaline and the disciplined drilled into him from centuries of fighting pushed him forward as he got back up on his feet. Sergeant Warlen found a taste in killing Nurglites apparently, as he turned his attention on the Beast of Nurgle next. A rain of plasma shots collided with the writhing and friendly daemon beast, before another almost frenzy flurry of blows from his power axe came down on the body of the burnt diseased neverborn.

    Parts of all manner severed themselves from the main portion of smoking flesh before its banishment into the warp. With his squad of assault marines and hellblasters continued their conflict with their fight against the centaur monster guards, though the primaris seemingly having the upper hand, with one of the large monsters almost dead on its feet. Suddenly, in the vox comm of the astartes retinue, a message came through from orbit.

    "Strikeforce Equilius, Honored Discipline here. We've analyzed the enemy movements from orbit and picter capture data. Apparently, the large, quadrupedal xeno is their localized leader. Its termination should destabilize the local command structure and make pacification of the enemy resistance much smoother. Honoured Discipline out."


    OOC: Wilhelm can execute the bloodletter if he wants to. Bloodletter and Beast of Nurgle taken out of combat this turn. First boss elimination rule applies: kill the Shaggoth Leader (giant centaur monster guy trying to kill Razael) and you'll end this mission for all three teams. Apologies for not having more variety for you guys to tackle this mission; I envisioned this first one to have been a lot shorter or the defence mission much more interesting. I'll do my best to plan thing out more in the future.
  5. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    A small smile formed on Aurelia's face as she felt the 'mural' give way to the pressure she applied, pushing it back to reveal the passage forward. Equilius seemed quite thrilled, eagerly applauding her success. She gave a small bow towards the Inquisitor, glad to have made him proud. While kind to his subordinates, earning genuine praise was not something easily done. "The praise belongs to the Emperor alone, as in all things Inquisitor." She stated simply before continuing through the door.

    Once through they entered a long, beautifully decorated hallway with a stained glass ceiling that cast a beautiful rainbow light upon them. It was yet another stunning piece of art, but it struck her as odd. "For a Death Cult, they certainly seem to spend a great deal of time on this art and the trials. They usually tend to show their worship in a... More gruesome fashion."

    Eventually they came upon a large door that supposedly led to the mistress' chamber. Her attention however was on the group of wretches that were before them. As they approached Aurelia could feel a distinct distortion in the air, as if reality was being twisted ever so slightly. Seeing the woman floating off the ground only confirmed what she knew. "Witchcraft." The Crusader hissed, her hand immediately taking out her chain flail and activating its engine, her shield raised and ready.

    Though he didn't show it, Equilius was clearly just as enraged by their presence, having the same look in his eye as any other time he set about slaughtering those who strayed from the Emperor's light. She couldn't help but smirk as he offhandedly told them to kill the witch, as if there was an option not to. "With pleasure my lord."

    As they prepared to engage, Equilius asked his subordinates a question she had never bothered thinking on for him. It was odd that unlike Winsole, he joined a separate Ordo from his mentor, something that didn't typically seemed to happen. For herself, all creatures of the Warp were worthy of nothing but contempt, hate and destruction, but those who willingly aligned themselves with such powers held a special place in Aurelia's heart, and she relished ending the lives of such heathens.

    Before he could offer and answer the witch seemed to go berserk upon hearing Equilius was an Inquisior, one of her mutants battering Equilius through a wall, Aurelia's grip on her weapon tightening as she saw the man she was sworn to defend assaulted so. "Equilius!" She shouted after him, but heard nothing in response, she would simply have to have faith that his Rosarius protected him.

    "In the name of the God Emperor you shall all be cleansed. Rejoice as your sins are absolved through your deaths!" The Crusader shouted, her attention first going to the towering troll that was barreling towards them. Without a second thought Aurelia charged directly towards the beast, chain flail singing through the air as she spun it. Once she reached the beast, Aurelia would dive and roll to attempt to avoid the massive warhammer the troll wielded before bringing her flail crashing into it's knee cap.

    @WanderingJester @Vulpas
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Strikeforce Komitzar - Surface - Now
    @WanderingJester | @Redthirst | @High_Adept_Zeth | @Maleth

    Enyo used the moment of the cover that by all the blessings to the God-Emperor prevailed this time around to check on his weapon. It still was sizzling. Nowhere near critical levels, but he was far too much of an Ultramartian to push his luck. He gave the Hellgun two strokes in appreciation along it's scope and side. Like an owner would his good dog after performing a task, or coming home from a tough campaign. He refocused his mind and meant to reach for his las pistol, but found his hand on the other grenade he had on him. A grin formed on his face and he quickly slung his weapon around his back to grab the Frag grenade, prep it and then raise to his full height before trying to toss it right at the feet of the Astartes.

    But the Lieutenant would not stop there. Instead he would unsling his Hellgun rifle right back into his hands and shoot it in a controlled single-fire fashion against the Astartes through smoke, dust and everything in order to take the risk of flying shrapnel while trying to fell the fallen demigod with all the firepower he could render.

    Frag Grenade vs. One-Armed Astartes approaching Enyo
    Hellgun vs. One-Armed Astartes approaching Enyo
  7. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Far from the analytical bliss that cognitive powers of Myrmidax and Archmagi Prime boasted, Tiberiax was nevertheless satisfied with his computations and inevitable execution. There was always room for improvement after all, and he was only a lowly Data-Predator, second lowest of all Adepts Majoris.

    In the end - only Machine God knows all. This, most fundamental of Universal Laws told him that those ordained in the mysteries of the materium comprehended far more then those that are not initiated.

    Despite these blessings, the Aspiring Champion that struggled before him, looked away from His Light and in doing so, perverted it's own nature. As such, comprehension and the means for reaching it are beyond his grasp. He was nothing more then a failed experiment.

    Not having organic components for feeling the effect of loathing, that did not stop Tiberiax from sensing his gorge raise at the sight of the humbled Champion-to-be.

    However, he did not let manner or word betray him, for such weakness of flesh would be unbecoming of his stature and office. Keeping his peace, he vented what augmetations could not inhibit, by casting the main fragment of attention in the feeds of the two machinelings.

    With split-view he watched as Koma and Podion cut and slice at the Cultists that focused on Henrik. Too nimble, guided by superior intellect of Tiberiax's many brains, the two machinelings jumped from heretic to heretic, cutting away an eyeball, perhaps a tendon or opening an artery. The more the heretic's struggled, more they died, as they in their fury, broke their blades or opened fire on one another in a effort to destroy the two machinelings. Manipulating their trajectories and vectors of attack, Tiberiax helped the last of the heretics that assaulted Henrik, kill themselves in their own stupidity, by guiding the two mekspiders in a web of carefully calculated movements and attacks.

    As mekspiders scurried over the dead bodies in search of life signs, Tiberiax mused on the thoughts that came to his multi-faceted consciousness. The more the heretics surrendered to their base-self, the more their cognitive abilities to think clearly were lost to them. In exploiting that weakness, Tiberiax not only proved the superiority of carefully placed thought over animalistic behavior, but with integration of all forms of his humanity, calculated thought and guided emotion, proved them inhuman. In turning from His Light, humans fall below the level of animals, these heretics are only base example.


    A second later, recalling the two machinelings, Tiberiax focused at his own battle. Wrist-rotating the Power Poleaxe and in doing so removing the taint of Champion's blood from the blade, and dispersing a trailof holy incense around him. Agripinaa Catharc observed the Fallen Astartes as it tried to stand up with the help of it's blade and while his foe struggled, Magos focused on the battlefield around the decrepit temple. Seeing the ritual progressing further toward completion, he almost went after the remaining cultists within the circle, deeming them higher threat then the severely wounded Aspiring Champion.

    However, Winsole's voxing stopped him before he could even move towards her:
    Without even being aware, she overwrote his priorities and Magos Catharc re-focused on the Aspiring Champion, the sizzling power-field of Poleaxe's blade and the censer that was attached to it, held infront of him en garde. Poised to strike, Magos knew that the Champion realized he underestimated his opponent. However it's heresy addled mind will never realize the extent of his error.

    Augmenting the visualized extrapolation of the combat with the added, inferior-then-projected result of the overloaded lasgun explosion, Tiberiax circled around the downed Champion, putting him between the two Astartes and itself. Busy as the two compatriots of the Champion are, they could turn their boltguns his way in a moment's notice. He will not make Champion's mistakes.

    Despite being severely wounded, Aspiring Champion was now at it's most dangerous, options that would endanger it's existence - previously unneeded, now became imperative.

    Aware of that, Magos moved in for the execution. Tiberiax attempted to use the superior reach of his weapon to disarm the Aspiring Champion, before moving in for the kill with blade and servo-arm. However, even this last attack was feint within a feint.

    The two mekspiders were recalled and as Tiberiax gripped, slashing and parring with his opponent, he would exploit the Astartes's massive injures for Koma and Podion to scurry around and jump into Champion's gaping crater of a chest, and finish him by las-cutting the heretic from inside.

    - Disarm attempted;
    - Attack with Omnissian Power Poleaxe attempted;
    - Attack with servo-arm attempted;
    - Mekspiders attack attempted by boring through the Aspiring Champion's compromised ribcage;
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  8. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    Despite the new intel from the Honoured Discipline, Jean's tactical priorities do not change. With a persistent and dangerous enemy menacing their rear lines, the team is in no shape to take on a Chaotic monstrosity of what appears to be overwhelming power. As the Daemonette evades their fire and counterattacks with flamboyant grace, Jean doubles down, keeping his distance and maintaining optimal flanking angle with Goreparan with small, mundane-looking footwork adjustments. Reading the daemon's movements, he does his best to build in his head a schema of its responses to stimuli as he tests its reflexes with deliberately telegraphed attacks, then aims to corral it by anticipating the creature several moves ahead and setting it up to run into his shots.
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Pain was present, but Wilhelm was used to it. Tossed around like a puppet, he rode the blow after blow, gritting his teeth as both his mind and body were assaulted by daemonic forces. Through it all he kept his focus, the servants of the Arch Enemy will not prevail, not today, not ever.

    He looked at the fallen bloodletter, the thing spitting at him was not even registered. These things were a plague, no better than simple vermin and as such, it was Wilhelm's duty as a loyal subject of the God-Emperor, to crush and destroy them completely.

    Castellan pulled out the hellblade from his wound, the weapon burning in his touch and already phasing out as the strength of the Khornate daemon faded. However it still possessed enough essence for the Black Templar to slam it down and decapitate the bloodletter with its own blade, blessed by the holy blood of a son of Dorn - a fitting end for one such as this daemon.

    "Brothers, we fight on," Wilhelm declared, reloading his pistol and sending yet another salvo at the juggernaut, this time around aiming straight for its ugly head. "Sergeant Warlen, focus your fire on the big monster (OOC shaggoth), we'll deal with its lesser kind," a sensible approach, given the fact his team was battered and bruised, simply throwing themselves at the huge hammer-wielding creature while their flanks were exposed - and while the primaris marines carried bigger guns - would be a waste of time and lives, and the Castellan inteded to preserve those that still lived.

    Depending on whether his aim was true, the Black Templar would remain focused on dispatching the juggernaut by remaining in place and readying Terminus to claim another life as the beast came at him once again, or simply reloading and firing at the big creature's bodyguards in order to assist the rest of the force.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "No I don't think you ha-" Alexandra half answered before equilius went flying back, Shit, She thought she hoped equilius was alright, One part of her was disgusted at the witch and mutants before her, the other part of her was more than slightly relieved it was not another puzzle they were running into. Lifting up her chain sword she began revving it as she joined aurelia in her charge. @Wata "Sister get laying down some fire upon these heretics we are gonna need a pyre."
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