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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by WanderingJester, Apr 11, 2018.

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    I was there

    General Clariene gave no indication that the Black Templar's approach or his words affected her in any way out of the norm. Indeed, while the surrounding guards reacted differently to Wilhelm's approach, from a tightening of grips on weapons to widening of eyes and the gaping of mouths, most showed one common response to any astartes presence, fear and awe.

    The main group of conversationalists however, reacted with little action or words, outside of a shift in attention. None of the stormtroopers of the 32nd reacted, outside of standing up a little straighter, and likewise their commander merely shifted his neutral stare to the newcomer. A single eyebrow on Solar Admiral Solleus's head rose, his officer nature unused to being spoken to so directly, but he made no response. Similarly, Colonel Macros gave a humph at the interrupted conversation, but moved to cleaning his monocles.

    Perhaps the most telling reaction (or lack thereof) came from the Lord Inquisitor and the General, both used to the direct, and sometimes callous speech of the sons of Sigismund. Vindex merely looked at Wilhelm, allowing him to speak, as a father might to a young child interrupting a conversation between adults.

    General Clariene on the other hand, gave a quick bow of her head in respect to the large astartes, while being deliberate with her carefully chosen words. She had served much in the past with the sons of the Dorn, and the Black Templars in particular, and respected, even appreciated their 'no nonsense' speech. Still, Clariene had led bayonet charges against foes that would break a space marine and won, she would not be intimidated by Wilhelm and gave a small nod to the Raptor who appeared; one doesn't fight the number of conflicts as Clariene had without paying attention to details.

    General Clariene did not mention that she was actually much older than she looked, revitalisation methods keeping her younger than she had any right to be as a veteran of a long list of wars, though she could. She did not mention that she fought on Cadia herself until she and her regiment was transferred off of Cadia a month before Abaddon dropped a blackstone fortress on it, though she could. She did not mention that she and her regiment escaped that fate only to face Kharn and his butcherhorde alongside the sons of Sanguinius in the Diamor System only to be recalled to another warzone soon after, though she could. No, all she said was "Lord crusader, as you may well know, it is not only the Cadians that shed their blood on Cadia."

    Moving on, General Clariene opened her mouth to continue, but Solar Admiral Solleus spoke up. "There's been no conclusive news from the Calixis sector at all, even less from Jericho Reach. Every world has either fallen or are fighting for their lives. The only place that would have any astropaths strong enough to have any chance of sending any messages beyond the sector with the turbulences in real space and the warp currently are on Scintilla, and the Tyrant Star over it presents that world and its neighbours even more isolation from the rest of the Imperium."

    He paused, considering the enormity of the situation before them. "Simply put: no, the Imperial forces are not all dead. They may have turned, or still fight a losing battle, but they are not all dead."

    Here, Colonel Macro picked things back up. "Nor have we been idle the past month. The adeptus astartes are made of firmer stuff than our troops, and the journey across the Great Rift had been harrowing. We've been busy training them back up to full fighting capability as well as locate more lost forces from our initial numbers. We may not be fresh from reserves, lord astartes, but we are ready to deploy at a moment's notice."

    Through all of this, the Lord Inquisitor remained silent, observing the conversation in front of them, as though gauging all individuals in front of him in an examination of sorts, with him being the judge.


    Always Ready

    Inquisitor Equilius gently chuckled at Marius' response, though he gave the respectable distance from the skitarii. "While I thank you for your concern for my health, Marius, do you truly believe that I'm ever without my 'correct protective gear?'"

    With a grin, the Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor walked off. Apparently, Equilius either believes he didn't need an all enclosed suit to protect himself from the typical radiation of the skitarii or he truly didn't, having some form of protection unknown to the majority of people, even within the Adeptus Mechanicus. Perhaps left with a moment to ponder those thoughts, the skitarii of the retinue went over to the nearest colonel, while warning others of the safe space around him. Many looked at him strangely, though complied with the instructions.

    That colonel happened to be Colonel Kingsley of the 97th Terran Guard, who stood with his rifle slung over his shoulder. Apparently he also had a well crafted power sword at his side, hidden from his body before by his position at the meeting. Seemingly surprised at the skitarii's approach, he gave Marius a nod before replying, "Greetings skitarii. Unfortunately, I am not sure of the deployment plans of the adeptus mechanicus. Therefore I do not know what units will be fighting in close proximity of any skitarii forces, let alone ones similar to yourself. You'll be better served asking the Archmagos over there yourself about that. However I will pass on the warning to my men. My thanks to you."

    With that he let Marius depart in peace, standing by himself and observing the room as before.


    The Sons of the Khagan

    A Ronin member wandered around, before spotting Tur by himself in the chamber. While a lone astartes did not present a strange sight to the warrior of Edo, the symbol of his chapter did. Evoking memories of the histories of the Imperium studied back on their homeworld, he racked his brain in order to recall the lessons about their chapter's origins. Then suddenly it hit him, the words that came to his mind with little more meaning than the names of distant cousins and relatives one had not seen in a while.

    A hand placed on the pommel of his power katana, with his power kanabo on his back and his tanto on top of his primary weapon, he strolled over. His mk VIII power armour painted the traditional white and orange of the Ronins, his kyoto pattern helmet mag locked on his back rather than on his belt, above his kanabo sheath. The conical shape of the helmet, reflecting the local conical hats worn by the people of Edo, too large to place it in the traditional spot around the belt.

    A fairly young face greeted Tur, of an starts no older than 150. Clean shaven, his long black hair tied on top into a ponytail, while the rest flowed down his back. The Kyoto Variant of the power armour evident in its overlapping scale like appearance, even if it functioned with slightly more range protection than traditional ones.

    The Ronin approached Tur with a polite smile on his face and a respectful bow. "Greetings brother, are you not a Steel Predator, formerly of the Coming Storm Ordu? I believe we have the same gene-sire, the great Khagan. I am Kota of the Ronin Chapter, formerly the Ronin Ordu. Our ancestors," he paused for a moment, "could not join the rest of our legion on Terra, as we had been dispatched to assist the Sons of Fenris, as yours did. Mayhap's we will have the opportunity to fight together here, as our forefathers did not back during the great war against Horus and his treacherous ilk?"


    From the retinue of Inquisitor Winsole, two figures emerged. A lone stormtrooper stood with his hotshot volley lasgun, marked in red and black carapace armour. While he looked as a regular soldier to most, there seemed to be a void where he was to all psykers in the area. To all others, just an eerie feeling around him, and to all, seemingly a weaker version of the tech marine from the Exorcist Chapter currently speaking with the Archmagos. The other, a sister famulous of the Order of the Veiled Mantle, stood. Her appearance is one of nobility, from her stance to her clothing. This gathering of lords and ladies was her natural environment, what she was trained for by the Adepta Sororita, and ultimately why she was brought on by Inquisitor Winsole to this strike force.

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    As Jean finds his place on the outer edges of the high command circle, a feeling - an all too-familiar premonition - prickles the short hairs on the nape of his neck. The sensation of being scrutinised intently by something - someone - deadly. Though the sensation carries no palpable hostile intent, he has learned through long experience to never ignore such warnings from his subconscious. Glancing about, he spots a severely morbid-looking Librarian. Unable to help it, his trained medicus' eye zeroes in on all the subtle signs and symptoms of illness, injury and unease about the man - writ large, plain as day to him.

    Warp damage, chemical burn, poor dermal colour and elasticity, pronounced loss of hair - both volume and health, general pronounced onset of unnatural senescence. Ocular tracking suggests ongoing gastroenteric discomfort. Someone's put this chap through the wringer, right enough.

    He makes a mental note to start a file on this man at the first opportunity. If they are to work together, he may find him a frequent visitor to the Apothecarion, given his numerous health conditions. His eye is drawn to the man's heraldry then, and it takes him a few moments to recognise the livery as being that of a Second Founding Successor to the Vth Legion. Which didn't explain much else.

    This one, too, has a story to tell.

    At this point, he realises he has been fixing the Librarian with a penetrating stare for longer than might be judged polite. Dipping his head curtly, he turns his attention to the interactions closer at hand - to whit, the Guard High Command being unpleasantly grilled by Wilhelm. He pauses to return General Clariene's nod before addressing Wilhelm.


    "Given the strategic information at hand, what are your operational recommendations, Brother-Castellan?" he says to the Black Templar, his quiet voice nevertheless carrying over the background noise of the chamber.

    When he catches the man's eye, he will hold it a moment before nodding and adding, "Brother-Apothecary Jean, Raptors. Emperor protect."
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    Love the Emperor, for He is the salvation of Mankind.

    Aurelia was never for one for pomp and ceremony. Such things were to be saved for events that glorified the God-Emperor. Instead it was being wasted here as Lord-Inquisitor Vindex lambasted the myriad of Imperial forces in the room with all manner of praise. Of course she respected each and every person who gave themselves to the service of the Father of Mankind, but she felt such ceremony was wasted, something that should be reserved for praising their Lord. So while she paid enough attention to glean important information from the speech, her focus was on reciting prayers and litanies. There was a never a bad time to reflect on these sacred words so that her own pitiful faith could be further deepened. For she knew that above any other, that was her greatest weapon, the greatest weapon any child of the Emperor had. Faith.

    Obey His Words, for He will lead you into the light of the future.

    The Calixis Sector, that was the first stop in her quest. A place that was wrought with heresy, witchcraft, intrigue and corruption. The thought that such taint was allowed to grow freely sickened the crusader, fist clenching the handle of her chain flail tightly for a moment. Such an affront to the Emperor infuriated her to no end, to know that there were so many who spurned the Emperor's loving embrace. To wander so far from his guidance. It was a horrendous sin, that could only be atoned for with blood. Aurelia was eager to provide such atonement.

    Heed His Wisdom, for He will protect you from Evil.

    Her eyes for a moment wandered to her side, gazing at her husband who had stolen a glance as well. She could tell that he was nervous, and she couldn't rightly blame him. He had answered the call of one of the Emperor's most vaunted servants to save two entire sectors from damnation. It was a tremendous burden to bear, but she wasn't concerned. Enyo was a true warrior of the Emperor if she had ever seen one, without whom she would have perished. Even if he could not see it, he had a role to play. She gave his hand a small squeeze as if to reassure him of this.

    Whisper His prayers with devotion, for they will save your soul.

    At last the introductions and needless praise had ended and the Lord-Inquisitor began to discuss their plan in earnest, describing two planets that would be the first to experience atonement. Wayward prisoners and death cults stood in the way of this. One way or the other, they would all be brought back into the Emperor's embrace. There was no other fate for them.

    Tremble before His Majesty, for we all walk in His Immortal Shadow.

    @Uriel1339 @Wata
    With the proceedings completed the retinue was given some free time to mingle with those in the room. Inquisitor Equilius told them to behave themselves in his usual lax manner. It was something that even now confused the crusader, to see such a high standing servant of the Emperor act so nonchalant. But not for one moment did she doubt his efficiency in executing the Emperor's will, having witnessed his ability in person. Though unorthodox, his methods worked bloodily well.

    "As you say my lord." She stated, bowing towards Equilius as he sauntered away before returning to the side of her husband, offering him a small smile. The couple was approached by one their lords other retinue members who they hadn't had a chance to meet, though it was fairly evident that she served the blessed Adpetes Sororitas. Pious women who served the Emperor with an inspiring zeal, it was good to know that such a person would be serving alongside them.

    As her husband introduced the pair the crusader bowed slightly before rising to her upright posture. Her smile grew slightly larger as Enyo seemed to brag about her, taking great pride in the work she did. He never missed an opportunity to express that. Though she noticed easily the tremble in his voice, clearly nervous. Not because of the coming battles, she knew there was no better man to have at ones side. Rather being surrounded by so many vaunted heroes and legends seemed to overwhelm him. Working her hand into his own shaky one giving it a slight squeeze, giving him a stern look as if to say 'You belong here just as much as anyone else.'

    Her attention then turned back to Erika. "It is a true honor Lady Erika. I consider it a blessing to have the chance to work alongside one of the Adeptes Sororitas, as does my husband. With the Emperor's light guiding us I know we shall bring each and every one of these wayward worlds to atonement. I am simply eager to begin.
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    @Colapse @Draconion

    Praxia observed the proceedings for a moment. She took note of each one who came and went, a silent watcher, a watcher who many paid no mind. She winced as she took in a heavy breath, she arched her back slightly as a wave of pain shot through her body before she finally regained her composure with a soft shake of her head. Most would only take notice of her finally when the machine creaked for a moment before she finally began to move. She took a few steps towards the Marines before pausing, another shake of her head, she continued.

    She stopped a few feet away from them and simply gazed. A few moments passed before the Engine shifted and did what resembled a bow, the best one could expect from such a machine before she righted herself again. "Pardon my interruption..." She paused and breathed for a moment. "But my curiosity was... piqued."

    "I am Praxia... Of the Ebon Chalice you could say..."She glanced at her current restraints. "Not everyone would. If I may, I'm not familiar with each of your chapters..." She nodded towards the Black Templar before she winced in pain. She then continued a few moments alter. "May I know your names, your chapters?" She asked, fully expecting the Astartes to deny her the request if they so desired.


    Miria watched the retinue's speak with one another for a moment. She wasn't usually the social type and she wasn't quite in the mood to start her own conversation at this very moment, she decided to stay where she was, simply mulling over what was said in the briefing.
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    When the meeting had assembled the Thallax, known as SA582 couldn't help but feel that this was all too familiar, with men, women and Marines of purpose, assembled for a task at hand that could certainly define part of history. Yet at the same time the scene she was an observer was... Not families, to her senses, or rather the machines of augury that had replaced her human senses such a long time ago. Different titles and different names, even if the roles could be argued to be the same.

    Her personal cognitive dissonance aside, all in all SA found that the meeting was certainly grand, and showcasing of those to be aware of as personalities. The sentinel stood to one side of 'her' Inquisitor, with the faded bronze of the Lorica still bearing traces of what had happened before, even with the needed repairs to stay alive. The trimming and contrasting colour sections of the Lorica done in an evidently much newer coat of turquoise. The designation of SA582 had also been re-painted in white on the left shoulder, lest it faded into being unreadable.
    There was also the equipment, for the Thallax had stowed her Autocannon on her left side, with a rather heavy-duty sling keeping the weapon close to the form. Evidently the Autocannon was born from the needs of a freelancer for a reliable tool than the demanding equipment of the Ordo Reductor. A chainblade was attached to the left arm for the moment, for those close encounters that precluded the use of the Autocannon for her own or other's safety.

    Of course, what could be interesting was that SA had a pack slung over their right side, evidently made to store tomes that were more valuable than those found in a regular library. Such a change made sense, when combined with the hands that were made so that the once-machine could hold things more fragile and smaller than a weapon designed for the hands of a Thallax.
    Those changes from the norm were being put to use, making notes in a book produced from the pack throughout the briefing. While there were data-slates that could suffice, a book felt far more comfortable. A link back to a time before she was made of metal.

    ( @Shadhunter + Other Natalia Winsole Retinue Members { @Casavay , @Valonox })

    Still, the briefing on the tasks that could be in the future had concluded, and Winsole had departed to speak with others, and a warning about offending those present if going to mingle. She merely nodded her understanding of what not to do. Sarah then said, (not in a machine tone but instead one adjusted to be more feminine) to those present as part of the retinue, such as the Sister of Battle "If you would like something more personal than a designation, you may call me Sarah."

    With that said there was mingling to be done. While there were the Marines engaging with the Imperial Guard, there were other options, such as the Archmagos to speak with or the retinue of Equilius. Given the need for good relations, it was hard to pick who to speak to first. But ultimately, it was worth keeping lines open, and so SA carefully headed over towards the Archmagos.
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    As with every Space Marine, the moment Wilhelm arrived and after finishing his part, he took the entire picture in, every slight move of a finger, every rebalance of weight, every single change in the pupils of the men alligned in front of him. Small shifts towards weapons that some of the guards made were to be commended, for ones fighting against the Arch Enemy must be ever vigilant. However if the Black Templar actually had the intention of attacking, then such slow reaction would see all of them slaughtered in a heartbeat.

    His eyes then trailed towards the Lord Inquisitor himself, acting like some silent judge in his ornamented terminator armor. Wilhelm met his fare share of Inquisitors throughout the years and while he was accustomed to their fluid sense of honor and ever-present paranoia, there were only a few of them that he actually respected, yet alone liked. This Vindex was definitely not one of them. But it would be foolish to waste hatred, the Emperor's greatest gift to mankind, on such people. Instead, he pushed it down for a moment, allowing it to fester like a furnace within his soul so it could explode when the time was right.

    "Yes, but they are the ones who are still fighting while we are stuck here," at least some of these officers had some kind of a spine to stand firm, at least in a conversation. He didn't trust them to do much else anyway. "I shall pray that your assessment is correct Colonel for I'm sure you and your men will get the chance to prove it soon enough," he told the Mordian and grunted. Interestingly enough, he would rather have these mortals around him when things go wrong then some of the other parts of this force. Once again the Inquisitor's decision popped back in his mind and he let a low growl escape his lips.

    @Draconion But before he could do anything stupid he felt the movement behind him and heard the words of another marine, this one belonging to Deathwatch and more interestingly, Raptors Chapter. Wilhelm met these marines only once before, during the Third War for Armageddon and he had mixed feelings about them to say at least. They had, one could say, completely different way of conducting warfare than the Black Templars which caused many of his fellow brothers, including himself, to be hostile against them on numerous of occassions. However on the other hand, they always got the task done and Wilhelm was big enough of a man to admit that they were reliable compared to many others that he served alongside with. Having one as an Apothecary in this task force eased some of the concerns he had, at least for the time being.

    "Hail Apothecary," Black Templar said and made the sign of aquilla across his chest, "I am Wilhelm and while I respect your adherence to my Chapter's title, it is one that I'll have to earn here all over again."

    Now speaking to the entire group he continued, "To answer your question Brother Jean. Currently, we're unmanned and badly supplied. If we are to reconquer the sector and bring it back to God-Emperor's light, we'll need more logs to fuel the fire. Both the penal world and the feudal one should be attacked at the same time however while the majority of our force focuses on Elros, I believe an infiltration team is enough to resolve the situation on Kommitzar."

    "We take a small group of faithful and capable warriors and we insert on the penal world, our task to find the leader of this insurrection, possibly either through the interrogation of the inmates or establishing contact with those so-called loyalists on ground, perhaps they could be put to some use after they so miserably failed in their task of safeguarding the planet, and kill him. Shatter the hierarchy from the top and it will crumble. Afterwards, we take everyone who survived there and make them into a penal legion that we'll use against the enemy in the coming days. We need more manpower so why not utilize everything we can?"

    "As for the other world, I say bombard it from orbit or conduct a massive invasion. In any case exterminate those assassins. Such tools left too long on their own and in the darkness of the Warp will rust and buckle. Even if they somehow remained pure, they will be more trouble than it's worth in the long run."

    @Shadhunter Wilhelm was about to say more when he spotted another newcomer. His jaw tightened. Not because the pentient engine was manned by some kind of a heretic, but because the pentient engine was manned by a failure. Fate of the soul who called herself Praxia was one of shame and Castellan knew that if he didn't complete his own task successfully, something like that but much worse will be his fate as well.

    "Castellan Wilhelm, Fighting Company Swords of Ruin, serving under High Marshal's Household, Black Templars Chapter," was all that he said, stopping as if to take time to shield himself from the corrupting influence of the strange contraption.
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    The air in the meeting room was full of pure authority, with so many high-ranking officials and formidable warriors gathered to listen to the official speech. And yet despite having an Archmagos, a Cardinal, several high-rank officers of Astra Millitarum and even a few bloody Astartes, it was very clear who was in charge here. Henrik in general stayed away from the incredibly complicated politics of the Inquisition, but he still knew who Lord Inquisitor Vindex was. He never had the chance to meet him in person before, but the man's glory spread far an wide.

    To say that Henrik felt insignificant would be an understatement. He really had no reason to be here, but his master insisted that the entire retinue must be present. It was also for that reason that Henrik looked unusually official, opting to wear Carapace Armor that was usually worn only during combat missions, with a coat decorated with a small symbol of the Inquisition put over it. And even though it felt weird to carry any weapons in such a situation, Henrik still had his Lasgun on his back, with Bolt Pistol holstered neatly on his hip.

    The speech itself was grandiose, as those speeches tended to be, but it also sounded hypocritical. A lot has been said about how various local lords and nobles were idle while the sector descended into anarchy, but everyone present in the room right now wasn't doing much either. It was a generally known fact that the nobility of Calixis was corrupt. Henrik heard a lot about this sector, even back when he was sailing across Ultima Segmentum. But as it was usual, the idea was to find someone who can be blamed and executed, while new, equally corrupt lords would replace them.

    But in the end, it didn't matter. He had his duty to do, and it wasn't for him to decide who was at fault. That's what his master is for. Or everyone else in this room, for that matter.

    As the meeting concluded, Henrik took a look at the people he's going to be fighting alongside with. He had some vague idea of who some of them were, having heard some mentions of different cells working on different cases in different regions. Others were entirely unknown, probably recently added to aid during this mission. But the only one he has met before was Aurelia, Equilius' personal bodyguard that frequently accompanied him. There was some discussion and arguments going on between Astra Millitarum commanders and a black-clad Astartes, but this didn't matter much to Henrik - their battle plans were their business, the only plan that matters to him is the plan that his master has, and that would be communicated on a separate briefing.

    Moving closer to the rest of the retinue, he gives a small nod of recognition towards Aurelia before introducing himself: "I'm Henrik, and I assume all of you are serving Master Equilius?"
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "By His wrath shall they fall, by His will shall we march. It is a pleasure to meet you both."
    Was Erika's calm response, she placed a fist over her heart and bowed ever so slightly. Faith was always welcome thing to see, it gave her a small smile. She was quiet the next few moments, just taking the sight of them both in. She ignored the nervousness of Enyo, maybe it gave him the illusion that it wasn't so noticeable. It at least let some of the tension she herself had felt earlier loose.
    "Ultramar. Would you happen to hail from Macragge? I have a hidden desire of seeing the lauded sector myself."
    @Keidivh @Uriel1339

    The penitent had moved, she saw it just on the edge of her vision. She turned to look and followed her with her gaze, observing her wince of pain and the heavy footfalls of the engine. Erika almost moved herself but remembered quickly that she was in polite company, Henrik was there too introduce himself so she remained in place for now. It didn't stop her eye from lingering on the Penitent Engine for a moment longer.

    Tearing her eyes back to Henrik and the married couple, she offered a hint of a smile.
    "Indeed we are. Sister Retributor Erika Winds of Argent Shroud, pleasure to meet you, Henrik. There is much yet to be done in this sector."
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    It took a few heartbeats too long for Tur to realize the Ronin was addressing chapter history, rather than his own personal background. All well and good that the other marine recognized the iconography plastered onto his left pauldron; for Seer certainly lacked many of the other common markings of kinship. What was visible beneath the open faced psychic hood had the visible texture of sun baked leather, and none of the tanned coloration common to the natives of Chogoris, most of his body covered in pale streaks and only a few motes of the old brown. Of course the distant cousin greeting Tur was not the only one noticing this, and in turn Tur noticed the noticing of Jean. Apothecary would be kept within the Librarian's peripheral vision as he addressed Kota. With a flex of fortitude and a charisma check against Blank-induced butterflies he speaks.

    "Fair winds, Kota." Eyes having finally left the digital library sequestered in his palm, Tur studies his opposites' weaponry, the way he stands, and how divergent this one looked from the brothers he knew. "I expect several lifetimes of fighting lay in store for us here. Perhaps enough to even the tally." For his part, Tur's equipment was almost purely utilitarian and standard issue. Power armor was largely an unpainted suit of grey, adorned by a few battle scarred pieces from the plate he had emerged from the rift with, most notable the emerald eyed panther head that identified him as a Steel Predator. A blade latticed with psi-circuitry rested at his hip, a force sword straight from the fleet's own armories and utterly incongruous with the combat blade opposite of it. The standard knife and constant companion of any of the Emperor's angels since their youngest days took the form of a curved sabre, balanced for use in a single hand.

    "I have been out of the loop for some time now, unfortunately. What can you tell me of my brothers, and our other cousins?" He caught himself after the thought, following up quickly to clarify. "How do our White Scars fair?"
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    Jean listens in respectful silence to Wilhelm's wrathful plans for the sector at large, and the closest planets in particular. To be honest, not too different from what he himself might have done, had the matter been up to him. He might have been rather less...profligate with the violence inflicted upon the feudal world, however. Nevertheless, that amounted to a difference of opinion, and the fact was, neither of them was in command of the operation at the present time. Still, if anyone in command were to ask his opinion at a future date, he would be certain to suggest a less...wasteful approach. Certainly, one far more surgical.

    But this was no one's business but his own at the present time, and there was certainly no point antagonising anyone unnecessarily, least of all a stereotypically-irritable Black Templar who, if he were to read insinuation and circumstance aright, had actually deserted his Chapter to...what? Prove a point? Right a terrible wrong?

    "It is as you say, Brother Wilhelm," he says noncomittally, "No doubt, we will know more when the time to deploy approaches."


    Just as he is about to address the Lord Inquisitor, the deck plates shake as a Penitent Engine stomps it way over to the group. Jean turns to glance at it in mild curiosity - he has seen the terrible war machines from a distance a number of times, and is as passing familiar with their purpose and workings as any keen reader of Imperial Armour might be. What he has never, in all his three hundred-odd years, seen is a Penitent Engine make polite conversation. According to the readings, they are kept in perpetual torment that abates only during battle, which gelled quite closely with his own experience - moans and screams of unbearable torment when at rest, changing to moans and screams of bliss and frantic hope upon the order to charge into battle.

    Certainly nothing even remotely like this.

    Will wonders never cease? No sense being impolite, I suppose.

    "Sister Praxia," he replies with a slight nod of the head, "Brother-Apothecary Jean, Raptors Chapter. Emperor protect."

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