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Purity Unto Death (Calixis and Jericho Sector RP)

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    "Calixis Sector is lost to us, just like the Achilus Crusade. We should've cut Soloman off decades ago."

    "Such little faith you have my good lord. Don't you know that, with the Emperor's light, what was lost may yet be found once more?" -A conversation between two High Lords of Terra, including the Inquisitorial Representative, Will Knight.

    In the dark, metal hallway of the Retribution Class Battleship, The Righteous Fury, three figures strolled forward. To the distant observers, one could see a conversation between the body language of the two individuals flanking the hulking figure in the front, though no sounds reached them; the front man's heavy footfall, undoubtedly a side effect of his custom-made terminator armour, obscured any fainter sounds from escaping.

    As the group approached, the individual in the front's true size becomes apparent: he towers over the man behind him and even stood above the woman, who also had on a set of power armour. His face, a collage of scars and wrinkles, framed his piercing dark blue eyes. Long white hair flowed down the back of his head onto the collar of the armour, while a well-groomed beard of white hair spread from one sideburn to the other, going over and under his mouth.

    The terminator armour actually styled itself quite similar to that of the aegis tactical dreadnought armour of the Grey Knights. However, the chapter symbols were replaced with that of the Inquisition, and the iron halo behind his head in a similar appearance. The words of holy books carved into nearly every surface of the protective suit, so fine in some area as to be invisible to the mere eye until one gets within the melee striking distance of the lord inquisitor.

    So covered was the armour that even being its presence causes damage to any denizens of the warp, especially those foul servants of the dark gods. Purity seals marked the trims of the armour, the lettering fluttering through the air along with a crimson robe as he walked forward. The storm bolter attached to his left gauntlet being the only weapon seen on him.

    Behind him and to the right, a similar, but lighter and sharper clink occurred as the woman followed him. She had on a suit of power armour, similar to the Sororitas Power Armour worn by many of the Adeptus Sororitas members. However, it did not accentuate her natural body curves as much, rather fitting more like a carapace armour might, providing additional protection and armour in different spots as well as the Inquisition iconography. Purity seals and sections of it had been marked with the holy words, but not all.

    Another difference from the lord inquisitor was a book attached to her hip: small copy of the legendary Liber Daemonica. A head full of lustrous black hair flowed from her head and past her dark eyes, coming over her left pauldron and down the front her chest plate, where her conversion field Inquisition Icon hung from around her neck. A large power bastard sword crosses from her left pauldron down across her back, and a Mind Impulse Unit linked rotating auto gun on her right pauldron, swerved around regularly as though seeking a target. Despite the perpetual scowl on her face, she radiates a deadly beauty, from her body language to appearance.

    To her left, a handsome man walked, almost humming to himself. A head of dark, slightly red hair covered his head, stopped just under his ears to the back and coming down the side of his face from the front, covering a portion of it. Despite the covered portion being scarred, it did nothing to decrease his attractive looks, well considered so in many different worlds of the Imperium. Two green eyes stared out in front of him, while his dark Inquisitorial trench coat remained unbuttoned in the front, showing the same coloured master crafted carapace armour underneath.

    A power sabre hung from his waist to his left, outside of the trench coat, while the fluttering of the coat showed several pistols of unique make on within the right portion of his chest. Unlike his companions, there was no overt iconography of the Inquisition on his persons. In fact, he seemed more of an amiable noble of a well-off family than a warrior or interrogator. This had been the last thought of many that he had hunted.

    As the group that strolled towards a momentous meeting, the woman, Inquisitor Natalia Winsole snapped at the air around her. "They're traitors, all of them! To openly flaunt the decree of the High Lords is nothing less than treasonous."

    Her younger companion turned a lazy green eye at her, amusement covering his face. "My dear Natty, and here I thought declaring others as heretics and traitors was my job, being in the Ordo Hereticus and all."

    A glare met the easy-going smile on Inquisitor Equilius's face. "How can you seem so relaxed by this news? This chapter openly disregarded their own Codex Astartes. The last time we had an astartes force this large under one banner-"

    "The last time? Being Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade? Or did you mean during the great insurrection by the traitor legions? We didn't have a rip in the Materium stretching across half the Imperium back then."

    A growl from the lord inquisitor rumbled through the air. "Equilius..."

    The younger man nodded his head in deference. Despite his age, which most astartes would consider long, Lord Inquisitor Vindex could still go toe to toe with a renegade chapter master in a fight and win. That alone demanded respect. "My apologies Lord Vindex, I understand that the 'incident' is a sensitive topic within our organization.

    "Turning back to the lone female of the group, his smile remained unaffected. "But my point stands, the Great Rift have shifted our priorities, and the appearance of what is essentially an undersized legion force within the Adeptus Astartes could be exactly what we need right now."

    Winsole scowled, her steps growing louder. "The master of these Iron Reapers, this Grand Reaper they called Kremnar, should be brought to trial for his crimes in front of the High Lords on Terra."

    "And I'm sure once he's removed Huron Blackheart's head from his shoulders, he'll gladly answer any and all concerns they have."

    "What makes you think him or any of those from Silent Purgatory would be able to accomplish a feat when so many before him have failed?"

    A voice from their leader and mentor turned two pairs of eyes to the back of the terminator armour clad Inquisitor Lord.

    "Because this Kremnar now fields at least 78000 astartes under his council's command, with more joining each day, along with the full support of the adeptus mechanicus. No opposing force that had faced Huron could boast of such power, not even during the Badab War. They secured the entirety of Infernus Sector within two and a half decades after the Great Rift opened, and that was only because it took them half a decade to fully mobilised their forces. They may have flaunted Guilliman's codex, but you cannot question their might or effectiveness."

    "Plus, Mars itself assures us of their loyalty. To attack them with anything more than an inquiry would not only cost us much-needed reinforcements but also drive a wedge between Terra and Mars, something that we don't need in the best of times. Still, one must respect that they managed to keep something so large a secret since their founding, the third I believe?"

    When only the disapproval frown of Winsole greeted the comment, Equilius continued. "They are currently contained within the Infernus sector anyways, building up to a 'proper legion level' if our informants could be trusted. I'm sure Guilliman will deal with them when he finds the time. A shame though, Emperor knows we can use their support."

    "Enough. This is but a distraction for us, however, welcomed or disturbing it may be," Lord Inquisitor Vindex said, even as they neared the end of the hallway. Bright lights shone out of the room there, casting the three's shadows behind them even as they walked towards their destination.

    "We have the Emperor's work to do, and by his will, we will complete it to the fullest, regardless of the obstacles set before us. Sector Governor Marius Hex, Lord Inquisitor Aegult Caidin and Lord Militant Solomon Tetrarchus have failed in their responsibility to the Emperor, and the High Lords of Terra have tasked us with handling their failure. It is nigh time the fist of him seated on Terra smashed the heresy from this neglected part of the galaxy." The two former acolytes of the Inquisitor Lord nodded and followed him forward.
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    With a few more steps, the trio arrived in a massive hall filled with attendees. The gothic architecture of the battleship made it look as though it was a sanctuary of one of the many cathedrals upon Ophelia VII. The viewports on the walls gave a nice view of the fleet gathered in the void beyond, though all ships were stationary at the moment. Within the room, the serfs and servitors and arranged the seats to encircle a briefing projector in the middle, with an elevated position directly facing it from one side.

    All around gathered a room of leaders that would make a crusade lord militant proud. Lord and lady generals sat with their guards at attention around them, their advisors close by. A commissar-general watched over the proceedings with hawk-like eyes, taking in every individual in the room while his assistants stood nervously by.

    An archmagos of the adeptus mechanics rested, while his mechadendrites moved around, completing their individual tasks. His skitarii guards stood ever at ready, awaiting their master's instructions.

    The fleet admiral along with a few captains also made their appearance, representing the Imperial Navy in their finest uniforms. A navigator stood, accompanied by a few other members of his mutant kind.

    A cardinal of the adeptus ministorium held his hands other and his head bowed, apparently in prayer. His adepta sororita escorts as vigilant as the rest of the guards within the room.

    Lastly, leaders from each of the adeptus astartes forces joined the assembly, and sat on their own, with the exception of the Exorcist party, including a party of the new primaris marines.

    Yet not only distinguished leaders represented their command here. A seemingly ragtag band of individuals separated each commander from each other. Near the Imperial Guards, a veteran sergeant guardsman sat, his foot on the seat back in front of him as he smoked a lho-stick. Near the back of the Ecclesarchy's convoy, a Penitent Engine stood in attendance as well, interestingly enough.

    The retinue of each of the three representatives of the Inquisition rested or waited in their section, as the lord inquisitor and the two others took their place aside each. Even assassins from the Officio Assassinorum were present, with a member from both the Vindicare and Callidus Temple stood near the shadows of the room, hinting at even more of their kind within the strike force. Almost as though the Emperor himself had decreed it, each leader who had a representation in the fleet around them, sat in front of a viewport that showcased their own vessel.

    Lord Inquisitor Vindex stood behind a podium like structure, surrounded by a handpicked retinue of quite interesting personnel. What caught the eye of even the most cursory of observers were the astartes of the Exorcist chapter. They stood as his main guards, with two flanking his side as his pupils did before.

    One particular, a tech marine, stood with his Omnissian power axe in one hand, his specialised helmet focused on the projector ahead of him. Anyone with psychic talents would feel a sense of unease from the tech marine, as though a void was there that shouldn't be, especially to a certain Steel Predator.

    A Black Templar carrying a massive power sword on him was also with the retinue, but what was strange was that he was the sole member of his chapter, whereas usually inquisitorial agents utilize them extensively.

    Sitting with the group, but furthest away from the podium was an astartes with a patchwork armour. His appearance, both in his armour and whatever of his facial features could be seen, suggested a great tiredness about him. Yet he held himself in a mannerism befitting of his station with his force sword, known and unknown by the others within the chamber.

    A Raptor sat much closer to the Lord Inquisitor, the apothecary bearing the colours of both the Deathwatch and the Raptor's Apothecarion, seemingly the only representative of Ordo Xenos. He carried a stalker bolter, as well as a myriad of other equipment.

    Winsole sat down near her retinue, strangely missing the usual cadre of Grey Knights with her. A cyborg shock troop, also known as a Thallax, stood at ready near her, a small chainblade attached to one arm and an autocannon stowed away on her armoured body.

    Beside Winsole, a sister superior of the Order of Our Martyred Lady sat, her black and red power armour covering her. Her weapons, a power sword and bolt pistol, tucked away.

    Meanwhile, Equilius sat down by his own, next to a skitarii with a plasma caliver and two sisters of battle, looking as relaxed as ever. The skitarii had on the light orange robes and sigils of Forge World Ryza, while one of the adepta sororitas, the one with the heavy bolter, had on the silver power armour of the Order of the Argent Shroud. The other dressed in a similar suit of power armour, but with much lesser known colours. Her shield and chainsword rested on her armour as she took note of the meeting in front of her.

    Behind the seemingly laid-back Inquisitor sat a man and a woman, both with rings on their ring fingers. The woman, armoured in her crusader armour, had her replacement chain flail and combat shield, while her husband, a mortal who looked every part of an officer, had a hellgun and las pistol on him.

    As Vindex stood at the podium, the noise of the room died down, and each head turned to the Lord Inquisitor. The strike force's leader pulled out a rather large scroll, before placing it on the podium in front of him. Looking up, he waved his hand and a map of the Calixis Sector appeared.

    "Calixis Sector, brought in by Angevin Crusade, now nearly lost under the shadow of the Cicatrix Maledictum. We may wish to blame all of this upon the archenemy, and we should, but we cannot discount the faults within our own Imperial ranks. The truth is that the Calixis Sector had long begun to slip towards oblivion before the 13th Black Crusade began, and any thought of the Cicatrix Maledictum a tortured dream of a madman.

    Neglect and complacency allowed the spawning of heresy, of treachery, of treason. The roots of this darkness stretched into the very structure of governance meant to prevent it, corrupted the very Inquisitional arm meant to cut it out."

    Vindex then waved his hand, and the picture of the Calixis Sector shrunk. In its place, the battle plans of the Achilus Crusade over the map of the Jericho Reach. "Where neglect and complacency drew Calixis Sector to its doom, incompetence plagued the very force that should bring the light of the Emperor to those who had lost it for too long. Millions of lives thrown to the dogs, for what? Because of commanders too weak or too inept to do what adapt to the situation at hand? Or because they pursued their own glory rather than the glory of He Who is Seated on Terra? The Omnissiah?"

    The Inquisitor Lord gave a nod to the archmagos, who returned it. "Regardless of the reason, we now need to rescue the forces of the Crusade and make safe both sectors for the Imperium of Man, especially in light of recent events.

    We are much fewer than when we began our journey, when even then we did not account for a full crusade force. Many of our numbers lost their lives during our crossing of the Great Rift, and many more found themselves scattered or stranded across real space on the other side. It is a testament to our chief navigator and his colleagues that we may even gather this day, for accomplishing what many had claimed impossible. With this, I both introduce and commend Chief Navigator Cour LesJeux, of House LesJeux and his part in getting us to our destination, so that we may begin our task at hand."

    The Chief Navigator stood up, to the appreciative looks and disdained scowls of different parties of the room. All three of his eyes set on his aged and slightly malformed face seemed unaffected by the sentiments of the stares as they focus upon the Lord Inquisitor. The white robes and hoods of his noble house covered his body, fineries delineating his office and rank, and a standard navigator's force staff in one hand as the Chief Navigator addressed his audience.

    "We all live to serve under the Emperor's shadow. My house lives to spread his glory to the edge of the galaxy." With that, the sanctioned navigator bowed, along with all the rest of his party, sat back down, and Vindex continued.

    "Likewise, my gratitude to the ability and skills of our Imperial Naval brethren. My appreciations to our fleet admiral as well as the captain of my own personal flagship, The Righteous Fury. May I present Solar Admiral Solleus and Captain Miranda Spire."

    The Solar Admiral, a middle age gentleman, stood with great dignity along with a beautiful but professional looking woman next to him. Their navy blue tailored dress uniform fitting their figures well, snug but comfortable, with a neatly set of medals and commendations hanging from both their chests but none overshadowing the golden double-headed eagle over their left breasts. Solleus' right cybernetic eye matched the three scars across his remaining biological brown one well, and his white hair, though short, was well trimmed to military standard.

    Captain Spire's ponytail allowed a stray strand of bright blonde hair to frame her face as her light blue eyes stared forward at the Lord Inquisitor, her arms at her side as though standing at attention, one over her power rapier at her waist, along with a las pistol in a holster on her opposite side.

    Solar Admiral Solleus stood forward, one hand on his broader power sword at his hip with a bolt pistol in a side holster. Behind them, the Emperor Class Battleship, the Unshakeable Faith, reflected the light from a nearby star in all of her glory.

    "As commander of the Retribution Fleet Vindex, I swear to do my utmost to guard our charges and send all enemies of the Imperium to their deaths in the void." With a nod from Vindex, all the members of the Imperial Navy stood, saluted as one, and the duo sat back down.

    "Of our brethren from the Imperial Guards, I welcome Commissar-General Lingrin, Colonel Ruthstein of the 32nd Thetoid Eagles, Colonel Lorrisa of the Bifrost 121st, Colonel Macros of the Mordian 4th and Colonel Kingsley of the 97th Terran Guard, as well as General Clariene, head of our battlegroup. We have full faith in the soldiers and steel of the Emperor's sons and daughters in the Astra Militarum."

    The first of those listed, Commissar-General Lingrin, looked the part quite well. His long Commissariat trench coat and hat, along with plasma pistol and chain sword all held the red, black and gold colours of his office. Half of his face looks burnt, though it is difficult to tell whether the burnt part or the unburnt part seemed more intimidating. All of the remaining officers had on the symbolic officer's coat from the astra militarum, but each sported them differently.

    Colonel Ruthstein, commander of the Tempestus Scion Regiment, had on his stormtrooper armour under his coat, and an orange beret on his head. His stoic face resembled a cliff chiselled over centuries of beating by the ocean waves that crashed against it.

    Next to him, Colonel Lorrisa stood, a picture of her regiment and homeworld of Bifrost. Her physical appearance gave homage to the female warriors of ancient Terra's Scandinavia, armed with the fine weaponry of the holy emperor: a circular combat shield and a long-handled power axe on her back, with her braided hair resting over both.

    Colonel Macros stood, every bit of a Mordian as one would guess. His armour unseen under his steam pressed uniform, every detail of his appearance groomed with discipline, from his monocle and spruce moustache down to his boot laces.

    Colonel Kingsley stood with the pride expected from any son of Terra, dressed in a typical style of a colonel of the Imperial Guard. The dark-skinned man had an Aquila decked over his chest and a high power one arm rifle over his back while he stood at attention.

    Five high commanders along with General Clariene, a middle-aged, battle-scarred woman with a clean-shaven head stood up, with the supreme commander of the Imperial Guard stepping forward. Like the others, she had the typical camo-green jacket that signifies her rank over her master crafted and battle-tested armour, a power fist covering one hand and a plasma pistol hanging from her belt. All of them surrounded by the finest of their regiments, from stormtroopers to even ogryn oath-bound bodyguards.

    "The Guard will hold the line, as we've always had. No enemy of man can overwhelm the Emperor's protection and none will break us. Let Cadia be the witness to the power of man, guided by faith in the Emperor."

    "For the Emperor! The Guard will hold the line!" A chorus shouted out from the astra militarum ranks, from the previously smoking sergeant to the colonels. Only the general remained silent but she gave a casual salute to the various formality of the gesture from the Colonels behind her. Afterwards, the Imperial Guard representatives returned to their seated position, and the meeting continued.
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    "And where would we be without our faith in the God-Emperor? Lost in darkness and damnation. Fortunately, we are not without our guides. Cardinal Ropierre of the adeptus ministorum, along with his faithful defender, Canoness Develma of the Order of the Sacred Rose, is here to tend to the health of our souls, while we tend to the taint of the sectors. Where our bolts and blades will cleanse the galaxy, his sermons and ministry will cleanse the doubt from our faith. We welcome you with open arms into our fellowship as we go about this monumental task."

    The party from the Ecclesiarchy, perhaps by providence, sat beneath one of the largest stain glass pictures on the entire ship. The Emperor in his majesty stood with his golden armour and halo, flanked by both members of the adeptus custodes and the sisters of silence. At his right hand, Malcador the Hero stand with his brown robes and his flaming eagle staff. The light from a nearby star cast a myriad of different colours upon the party, illuminating their clothing, armour and weapons.

    At the front, an elderly man stood, his clothing, while still of the highest quality and protection of their kind, much simpler than what might be expected from a cardinal of the adeptus ministorum. A white cap topped his bald head rather than the large headdress, covering the hairless portion and allowing the rest of the white hair to cover the rim of it. White robes along with an occasional red purity seal draped over his body, with a single purple sash hanging from around shoulders, a pair of pince-nez glasses on a chain attached to the front of his robes. His expression, though sombre, was not unkind.

    The sister of battle beside him stood with a much stricter expression, her white power armour and black garment signifying her Order's identity. In front of her, an open book that's permanently attached to her armour laid open, no doubt the litany of faith from the Ecclesiarchy. To her opposite hip, a Godwyn-De'ez pattern bolter hung, blessed by both the ministorum and mechanicus. On her neck, a fur-lined hood rested, likely fireproof due to the close proximity of the burning torch on top of her armour's power pack. She gives the Cardinal a hand to his feet, though it didn't seem as though he had much trouble. The elder gave her a grateful smile nonetheless, before turning to the crowd in front of him, returning to a neutral but sober expression.

    "The Emperor blesses this expedition, as decreed by both Terra and Ophelia IV. For too long, we have overlooked his flock who cannot help but live far from the holy light of both worlds and look to his glorious light as a mere speck in the night sky, as though he is one of many who may guide them. By our actions those entrusted to us had their faith weakened, and, though it does not excuse their heresy, we must rectify our mistakes.

    Now, let us bring the flame of his holy light close to these sectors plunged in darkness, so that they may receive the Emperor's mercy, whether it be our healing hand or the Emperor's peace. Go, my sons and daughters, and know that you do the Emperor's will this day."

    With that, the two slowly sat down, many members of the chamber cried praises to the Emperor out loud, not just from the Ecclesiarchial camp, though their reaction remained the most expressive. Others cried and prayed, while some looked contemplative. Once the impromptu doxology concluded, the Lord Inquisitor continued.

    "Faith will be vital in our quest to completing our mission, something shared by both ourselves, and our Omnissian comrades from Mars. The Adeptus Mechanicus has seen it fit that we should be accompanied by one of their direct representatives, and I shall be the first to admit that without their assistance, we would be hardpressed in our undertaking. In their generosity, they lend us the assistance of an Ark Mechanicus along with its support and protector fleet.

    The Omnissiah has preserved the Ark at the current expense of all other vessels from the Ring of Iron, but we are grateful for such a powerful symbol of the Machine God's Might joining us. Archmagos Instaurabo is the chief representative of Mars and shall tend to all of the machine spirits as well the dominion of Mars in the days to come. Archmagos Instaurabo, we thank you for your assistance at this time."

    The Archmagos looked surprisingly humanoid for his rank, the red robes of Mars covering the non-mechanical parts of him. Green observation ports from where a human's face would stare out, as two of the four mechanical arms on each side of his torso held an Omnissian Power Axe, not unlike the techmarine by the Lord Inquisitor's side. Another hand rested on the railing in front of his seat, with the last held a data slate. A number of mechadendrites emerged from the Archmagos' back, many having weapons of high lethality, though others tools for his day to day work.

    Behind the party from the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Ark Mechanicus, The Covenant of Mars, floated, daring any hereteks to challenge the supremacy of Mars and the Omnissiah. As he spoke, a strange blend of a human and robotic voice sounded from the sound projector on his body.

    "The preeminence of the Omnissiah will not be questioned. Mars has decreed that all forge worlds of the Calixis Sector and Jericho Reach be brought back into their fold. Those who tend to the machine spirits will do so in proper reverence of the Machine God and deference to Mars, or they cease to exist entirely. The will of the adeptus mechanicus is spoken."

    With that, he sat back down, to the contrasting silence compared to the previous reaction to that of Cardinal Ropierre's speech. Vindex took it all in stride and looked to the last major party he wished to address.

    "Finally, we cannot forgo the Emperor's own angels of death, the adeptus astartes. I am personally thankful for the responses that came from the various chapters either I, or the other Inquisitors beside me contacted. Outside of the Adeptus Custodes, there are no finer warriors of the Imperium we can field, and I would like to thank every chapter that responded here, but especially that of the Minotaurs, the Exorcists and the Nemesors, all of which had committed a sizeable portion of their chapters.

    Captain Kryfar of the Minotaurs' 5th Company, Captain Cubrik of the Exorcists' 3rd Company, and Chapter Master Darnol of the Nemesor Chapter. It is an honour to bring the enemies of man to justice alongside you."

    A representative of all the chapters present stood, but only two of the named individuals stepped forward, with the Exorcist Captain near the Lord Inquisitor's side. Behind the main section of the adeptus astartes parties, a battle barge emerged in front of the viewport, The Disciplined Honour, of the Nemesor chapter soared, along with other strike cruisers of their force.

    Kryfar of the Minotaurs was the sole member of the duo who kept his helmet on, his panoply of war included a large hoplite storm shield typical of his chapter, a power spear as his main weapon and a power xiphos as his secondary, all hanging off of his custom artificer armour, similar in design as the Mk IV Maxima Armour. A dark red cape fell across his back, similar in colour as the crest of his helmet, denoting his rank.

    Captain Cubrik head lacked hair of any sort, with the exception of his eyebrows. His chapter coloured artificer power armour resembled more of the Mk VIII Errant Armour, along with his dual power swords across his back.

    Lastly, the Primaris Chapter Master stood, the colours of his armour raising some eyebrows among the most learned of the audience members in front of him, but caused no stronger reaction than that of a certain stormseer within the Lord Inquisitor's retinue, stirring up memories long past. The blue and white power armoured primaris stood, a mohawk covering his head along with a full beard along his face, and a power axe along with a boltstorm gauntlet attached to his Mk X Gravis Power armour along with an Iron Halo. He alone spoke out amongst the adeptus astartes.

    "We aim to do the Emperor's will and bring judgment upon all of his enemies. Let the enemies of man tremble, for the angels of death have come to join the hunt."

    With that, he salutes those in the chamber, as did all other members of the Nemesor Chapter. Other chapter members reacted differently, from mere indifference to signing the Aquila to saluting. Causing a variety of reactions from more praying and thanking the Emperor to stares of consideration, the Lord Inquisitor waited until things settled before finishing his speech.
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    "For the sake of formality, I shall introduce myself, though I believe none is needed. I am Lord Inquisitor Vindex of the Ordo Malleus, and you are here because either I have requested it of you or your respective organizations or one of those I requested, in turn, asked for your help. The other representatives of the Inquisition include Inquisitor Natalia Winsole of the Ordo Malleus, Inquisitor Equilius of the Ordo Hereticus and our respective retinues."

    He waved his hands towards them, and each stood, though the formal greeting of Winsole clashed with the casual two finger salute of Equilius before they sat back down. "This is retribution force Vindex, and we are the salvation of the Achilus Crusade sent by the Emperor, possibly the salvation of the Calixis and Jericho Sector as well. With everyone familiarized with each branch available to us, I shall hereby commence this briefing."

    With another wave of the hand, the map in the middle of the room zoomed into a small portion of the Calixis sector, within the Hazeroth Abyss, and the worlds Kommitzar, Idumea, Scarric XXII and Elros appeared, with the first and the last world being the closest to the current fleet location.

    "After our journey across the Cicatrix Maledictum, our forces had suffered significant casualties. Many of our ships were ripped apart during the crossing, and more were tossed into unexpected destinations upon returning to real space, some no doubt far away from our rendezvous point. As many of you know, we have waited here for a month now, and we can put off our duty no longer. A beacon shall be placed here to alert any more arrivals of our course, but we shall begin our task now, without further delays."

    "While our current overall objective is to reach the sector capital of Scintilla, our immediate objective is to resupply and make contact with local Imperial forces, and the forge world of Idumea is our best chance at doing that. Unfortunately, we have no intelligence on the situation planetside there, nor can we reach it without first handling the penal world of Kommitzar and the feudal world Elros. We do, however, have some situational report on those two worlds."

    First, the world of Kommitzar came to the forefront of the projection. A greyish planet with intermittent cloud and one massive sea filled with dark water, at least from orbit imagery.

    "We have reports that the majority of the prisoners have seized control of the major facilities of the penal world. By the Emperor's grace, they don't have any void capable craft in the area, so at least they're quarantined on the planet. However, some of the most vicious criminals reside there, and we have reasons to believe that there is also a leader who is leading the main faction in taking over the planet, though we don't have confirmation on exactly what the nature of this individual is. We also have great reason to believe that some resistance force is entrenched on the planet as well, and may have retained their loyalty to the Imperium of Man."

    With that, the planet shifted, and the feudal world of Elros replaced the greyish penal world. This planet looks much more similar to a typical Imperial world, with its golden tan landmass and blue oceans, and a dot of other shades of green and red around with the polar ice caps at the poles.

    "Elros is currently under a major conflict within its largest continent. Historical records showed that it is the home of a death cult of assassins loyal to the Imperium, though, with the current status of the sector, their loyalty is unconfirmed at the moment. The initial imaging of the planet showed a massive force gathered around the same approximate area of where the death cult's headquarters to be."

    The image shifted back to the focused view of the Hazeroth Abyss once more. "We will need to pacify the situation on both worlds before we can move on to Idumea. As per your invitation to this meeting, this is merely an informational briefing. I shall convene a smaller council with all the commanders at a later time to discuss deployment strategies, attack course and other matters. For now, all of us understands our immediate objectives, and we may begin the Emperor's Work.

    Let none here doubt that fact: this is the very work entrusted to us by the Emperor, the High Lords of Terra and the highest authority within the Imperium of Man itself. As such, his light shall guide us into the depths ahead, and we shall be a light to guide the faithful back into the arms of he who is on Terra."

    Lord Inquisitor Vindex then formed the sign of the Aquila. "This briefing is concluded, but I open the halls of the Righteous Fury to all of you. Should you have any questions, please await the commanders meeting or refer to your chain of command. Ave Imperator."

    With that, the various occupants of the room shifted from their seats. Some, like the Minotaurs and Navigators delegation, departed from the room immediately. Others lingered about, mingling with the powers of the strike force, and if they were successful, the future powers of the Calixis and Jericho sector.

    A crowd quickly formed around Cardinal Ropierre, with many seeking the Emperor's blessings through the Ecclesiarchy. The sisters of battle quickly corral the masses into an orderly line and formed up a defensive circle around the Cardinal, who didn't seem to mind engaging the masses, a gentle smile on his face.

    The Lord Inquisitor himself stood at the back of the room, near where he and the other inquisitors entered, and conversed with several individuals, Solar Admiral Solleus, General Clariene and several of the colonels included. Their respective guards nearby, but not all. Some others mingled with members of the other arms of the Imperial might.

    While there were still Exorcists guarding Vindex, the techmarine previously flanking him could be seen conversing with the Archmagos, the mechanicus retinue lingering by the statue of Sanguinius near one of the pillars.

    A Mentor space marine seemed to be in an excitable conversation with the lone guardsmen sergeant in the room, though the mortal was much more relaxed than the Astartes in a weird. To the side, Commissar-General Lingrin was trying to explain the information from the meeting to his ogryn bodyguard, without much success. Still, the abhuman seemed happy about the situation, so that was good. The atmosphere of the room, while not quite casual, relaxed noticeably from when the meeting occurred.

    The meeting, having concluded, left the newer members of the retinue to their own devices. Vindex merely left, permitting his own retinue members to act with the independence they've earned. Inquisitor Winsole stood and turned to her own retinue members, before saying "keep an eye open and don't offend anyone in here. We need as much cohesion as we can get if we may succeed in our task." She then stood and walked over to Captain Cubrik of the Exorcists and began a conversation with him.

    Inquisitor Equilius was even more casual with his instructions, merely turning to his retinue with a smile and said, "Enjoy yourselves and try not to do anything I wouldn't do."

    However, as his own retinue decided on what to do, he drew near to his skitarii acolyte and said to Marius. "Thought you might want to know: Ryza's finally been secured. Most of the greenskins had been killed by the Great Rift opened as you well know, but the daemons and the heretics that invaded after just got put down by the Iron Reapers. The sons of Silent Purgatory fielded no less than 5000 astartes on planetfall, though reports say it was closer to 6000 along with Adeptus Mechanicus support from other forge worlds. Ryza will now move back to providing materials to the Imperial war effort once more."

    With that, the inquisitor patted the skitarii's shoulder with a friendly smile, before moving towards the Ecclesiarchy party, and initiating a conversation with Canoness Develma and, when he could join in between his blessings, Cardinal Ropierre as well.

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  5. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester


    The room reeked of it, the sheer stench almost making the dark templar gag. Mortals, huddled around so-called beacons of faith, sorely lacking the strength to withstand the horror through the light in their own hearts, they looked to others to provide salvation. A sign of a weak will and a confused mind, so easy to be led astray. Proof of it shown during the long trek across the wound in the galaxy, where many were lost to predations of their own thoughts, fostered by the creatures beyond the veil. Indeed an easy task, to spread fear through the minds of the feeble and meek, an error made out of hubris of those that even now consider themselves saint.

    Towering over almost every other person inside the wide chamber, with the exception of the pentient engine and this newly-bred creature that called itself his brother, black-clad warrior showed no emotion outwardly, but he was seething inside. Chains that were wrapped around his wrists clattered a bit, while the crusading seals adorning his right shoulder guard shined fainthly in the dying light of the nearby star. Black cross on the white background was the main symbol about the warrior, both appearing on the left shoulder and across the tabard that covered the length of his form. To many it made his heritage clear, to others that didn't dabble in Imperial heraldry he had no plan of explaining with words. Only deeds mattered and for that he had the instrument of his will slung across his shoulder. Sword long almost as he was tall glimmered with low blue light, the crossguard mimicking the symbol on his shoulder. Brutal and simple, yet effective, weapon to go with the similar mindset. There were no other markings on the marine save for the laurels invictarius on top of his helm to say anothing else about his rank or intent, but perhaps that was fitting to accompany the thoughts running through his brain.


    Cries out of a sector, begging to be saved. Remorse-filled lords, lamenting fate and the fact they should've acted sooner. Sooner. Acted. Fate. There was always someone else to blame for one's failures, always something that happened that prevented us from acting. When met with overwhelming odds, we would fail and say that the victory was never possible due to this, due to that. And even now, reaching this Emperor-forsaken place, we call meetings and try to stem the tide and prepare everyone for another failure. We, but not him. Excuses were an anathema to this dark knight, the way of life left for those with no strength to overcome the difficulties, difficulties that always came from the inside. Once that thought is mastered and the path of the sword and heaven taken completely, only then can one call himself His Chosen and bring light were there was darkness.


    For whom? The failing lords of His kingdom that led to this point? The boot-licking sycophants that crowded such gatherings? Glory-seekers and so-called heroes, flocking to a cause like moths to a flame in order to earn themselves a place in history? Or the witch, the stench of their corruption polluting what was left of the place. No, there was no pity in dark templar's soul left for such things. Only a cold certainty of a warrior who's progenitor's honor has been smeared and the one who will set things right.

    Moving from his position, the warrior marched towards where Solar Admiral Solleus and General Clariene were standing alongside myriad of their helpers and other heads of the Imperial Guard. Establishing contact with these mortals was the first thing he had to do if his plan was to succeed. But first, a lecture in humility. "I've heard you were boasting of Cadia, but I see that none of you has the "sacred" blood flowing through your veins (OOC he means Cadian blood). Be mindful, vanity is for the weak and the weak are easily corrupted."

    "Now, onto important matters," he continued, "Has there been any word from other worlds in the close vicinty and Imperial forces stationed there? This sector should be filled with our troops, if they are dead then we should at least know it. Also, when are you ready for deployment. It has been a month filled with idling, are you sure your troops are ready for combat?"
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  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    The Skitarii Formerly known as Marius had listened to the briefing standing at attention as the Inqusitiors regaled them with their goals their grandeur and their morale encouraging speeches. Whilst he lamented the loss of vital time in this grandiose breifing he understood the necessity of its baroque nature for their allies. As the briefing ended and he began recieving protocols from the Magos as the inqusitor whom he was assigned to arrived.

    Turning he listened to the Data that the Inqusitior had for him. Slamming his fist to his chest he praised the Omnissiah and bowed to thank the inqusitor but halted as the inqusitor patted his shoulder " Inqusitor Equillius whilt this unit understands the nature of physical contact this unit also encourages a meter of space between its self and those without the correct protective gear. You would do well to retain your life by holding the area of seperation, radiation is detrimental to your healt. However the information you have brought me has brought imense joy to this Skitariius" saluting the inqusitor Beta-055 began taversing the crowds to understand the new personnel he would operate with

    The Skitarii formerly known as Marius would carefully approach the Astra Millitarum officers present blurting out binary whenever a trooper got too close. Eventually locating the commanding officer He would salute and give his designation code "Commander of the Crusade's Astra Millitarum forces i am beholden to ask you share this information with all relevant personnel regarding operating alongside Skitarii forces. If a skitarii dressed in a manner similair to myself is spotted on te field it is best to maintain at least meter space between the two. This information is to protect guardsmen from unwanted illness or conditions that may impact their fighting capability" with that sai and done he would search for another acolyte to interact with to see if he could ascertain more data from them
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Erika made sure she had proper posture. It made her feel more confident. Various prayers and litanies helped her keep her cool, just like she had been taught. She was good at keeping her demeanor seem calm but gatherings like these, there was always this tension in the air. Erika couldn't quite name the feeling but she felt it, she adjusted her grip on her heavy bolter.
    Halfway through the briefing her eyes fell on the Penitent. Eyes squinted as she tried to discern what foul crime she had done to deserve it, there was something familiar about her too but it too eluded her of its real meaning. Then the Guard's chant broke her focus on the Penitent Engine. Briefly she was reminded of her past as one of them, as a common grunt, she'd have smiled wistfully if any of her former unit still lived.
    She inhaled and shook her head then exhaled, focusing on the briefing once again pushing the thoughts out of her mind for now.

    When the introductions and briefings were over, Equilius dismissed his retinue. That man was somewhat of a puzzle to her and the less she spent thinking on that riddle the better. Erika had heard rumours and even faced the doubt of her integrity directly from her Sisters, so seeing the Inquisitor walk directly to the Ecclesiarchy had her mind race for few brief seconds. Just blessings no doubt.

    "We haven't properly met." She said out loud to the others in Equilius' retinue without turning to them, her eye still on the goings of the Ecclesiarchy party, holding a moment's pause before her next words. "My name is Erika. I've heard of you all but not spoken to." She turned toward them now, heavy bolter stirring in her grip as the heavy weight shifted in her armoured hands. "Would it be about time to rectify it?"
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  8. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member


    In the dim light at the edges of the room behind the Lord Inquisitor, an Astartes lurked - one of the old kind, not the twice-gigantic new breed. Clad in Deathwatch black, silver left pauldron and all, his right sported the olive-drab-and-white bird of prey of the Raptors, for those who knew such things. Sub the Raptor's head, the red Prime Helix of the Apothecarion, with a border of medicae white about the entire pauldron. The shadows didn't appear to enfold him in their tenebrous embrace, as fanciful descriptions of his famous progenitor Chapter tended to run. He had simply picked a good spot in which to stand and observe without being observed - a place where the room curved just so, creating shadows that deflected the eye and directed interest elsewhere - and then had stood stock still - eerily still - throughout the entire address, hollow, jet-black eyes staring out from a nondescript face.

    Taking in everything, giving out nothing. Such had always been his way with those he had no business killing. He had always been far more comfortable with the dead, the soon-to-be-dead, or the deadly. Attachments to anything other than work were anathema to his calling.

    Having arrived not four hours before via a fast gun-cutter, he had barely enough time to find his berth and report to the Lord Inquisitor before attending this briefing, let alone make the acquaintance of anyone else in the retinue...his Kill-Team, by any other name. Though, as his light-drinking gaze pans over the motley assortment in service to the Inquisition this time around, it occurs to him that things will be much different from working with Astartes, and only Astartes. Different though they might be from Chapter to Chapter, Astartes were bound together by many things, not least their distance from mortal humanity - physically, mentally, and morally. Pretty much all tasks, from the mundane to the existential, look set to be trickier on this mission.

    Part of Jean's being - the most important part - itches to be away to his berth. He has not yet had time to even set up the Forward Field Surgery, whose infield evaluation forms a part of his mission orders, and he has plenty of research projects to keep him busy all by his lonesome. Yet, as the Black Templar begins his brusque lecturing and interrogation of the Imperial generals, another party of Jean - the seasoned, tactically-minded operator - decides it might be worth his while to eavesdrop, perhaps even mingle a little.

    Never know what worthwhile news might turn up.

    With that, he leaves his place amid the drapes and goes to stand a polite distance behind the Templar's right shoulder, listening in silence to the conversation. His gaze flickering across Wilhelm's armour, he notes the marks of high rank with some measure of mild surprise, realising that the man is the equivalent of a Codex Captain, rather more or less. Having read the order of battle of the entire undertaking, he knows that this man is the only Black Templar in the entire force.

    No doubt, this one has a story to tell.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Enyo couldn't even pretend that he was not in awe as much as he was afraid. Not of the fight to come. But the expectations. He was a simple man from a simple world with a simple education. As the Inquisitor even gestured to the retinue, he gasped and stood straight as a lance. The mere thought of thousands of eyes landing on him. How did he make it here?

    His eyes landed on his wife and he relaxed. Her ever calm appearance and the aura of faith she emit put him at ease as memories of their deeds they managed to achieve together flashed through his inner eye. But was he going to make the Inquisitors proud? Was he going to live up to the expectations of all these Soldiers of the Astra Militarum he in a way was representing? Yet... He never made it into the Imperial Guard, being only an Auxilia Lieutenant. Would they respect him? Or disdain him? Face him with jealousy and think of him less than what they were?

    And beyond the here and now. Would his home ever learn of his feat? Did they even know he was still alive or did the Inquisition cover it up? Millions of thoughts were processed during the whole introductions in and out of his head. Only when the actual briefing and mission at hand was spoken about, his attention went fully onto the screen before.

    Shortly after the entire ordeal, the people started to get ready for deployment and their assigned posts. Every cog in the machine the Imperium of Mankind was had to do it's part. It brought a smile on his face. It was soon for him to do his part as well.

    @Keidivh | @Wata | (And others in imminent vicinity)
    Enyo remained ever vigilant at the side of his beloved Crusader-wife and smiled when Erika introduced herself. "Enyo Virtus. Lieutenant of the 142nd Heavy Infantry Ultramar Auxilia Force." He saluted promptly and then relaxed. "This is Aurelia Virtus, my wife, crusader and personal guard of Inquisitor Equilius." The soldier was clearly proud of his spouse. His hellgun rested on his back, strapped tightly around him and his Las Pistol on his waist in a holster.

    His body language gave away his excitement and equal stress, little sweat drops forming on his forehead. His speech was a little bit shaken and fast. Clearly despite experience on the battlefield he never was part of anything like this. Astartes, the Angels of Death, present in thousands upon thousands. Multiple Imperial Guard Regiments of various worlds having come together. A fleet of the Imperial Navy that could obliterate any common fleet in the blink of an eye. The Mechanicus, the elusive and secret society being so openly present to show their support and share their artisanship to ensure victory and superiority over aliens and heretics alike. It made his whole body tremble and shakes hand. The increased breathing rocking his body ever slightly. Enyo was used to the adrenaline of the battlefield. Not that of a retributional strike force being assembled with every other figure being a hero of the Imperium.
  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Fingers curled into palm, ceramite glove tips serving as a substitute for nails grinding against Tur's inner hand. Every digit that flexed sent weak echoes of pain racing through his nervous system, the aftermath of Vindex's many trials to ascertain the witch's purity. It was a welcome distraction from the supernatural nausea brought on by the blank in the room. The data slate, an inseparable companion since Tur's return to real space, also aided the endeavor, keeping his mind churning as surely as his stomach as the Stormseer turned himself into a sponge for information. Emperor help him so many 'facts' were false that he already developed a healthy distrust of events that took place during his time separated from reality. The record did not just deserve correcting, it needed thrown into the fire pit and started anew. Alas the galaxy the son of the Warhawk found himself returned to had no use for its history right now, it was embroiled in a fight to preserve the privilege to exist and continue creating it. What a cast of characters it had to defend it too.

    The Black Templar's presence was akin to a bastion stationed in the heart of the chamber. Physically imposing even for a member of the Adeptus Astartes, Tur regarded the mind guiding the body as an observer barred from entrance into a fortress. Not to say that the warrior’s intent or attitude were difficult to read, much the opposite, mood provided a caustic atmosphere of acidic rainfall as a backdrop for the imposing mind fortress.

    All that’s missing is a coat of yellow paint. Something approaching amusement tinges the thought. A memory, both terrible and fond, joins the musing and instantly the censure of a recent mind probing sets the gears in motion for grand headache engine to activate. Tur does nothing to physically reflect the growing aggravations of his body. Eyes still securely on his data slate, psyker pans subtle probings to the Raptor. A son of the Raven, and from his readings, a member of a chapter that hewed close to their parent’s doctrine. Another curious bird on the wire like himself. Another storm stirs in Tur’s stomach and bile climbs onto the shores of his esophagus. With supreme effort reflected in a brief dip of the eyes, he pushes his nausea back out to sea.

    His interest in the mortal members of the crusade waxes and wanes in similar fashion. The Astra Militarum and Imperial Navy are familiar enough, and the man vomiting introductions for both himself and his wife only briefly draws Tur’s guarded amusement, absent of contempt, a mental footnote equivalent to a snicker. On the opposite end of the spectrum his studies barely register the servants of the Omnissiah, alien and inscrutable as ever, all the more considering the common emotional disconnect that helped others stand out in such stark fashion compared to the adherents of the Machine Cult and their servants.

    The Ecclesiarchy and its representatives force Tur to wrestle with another spur sunken into his subconscious. The Steel Predator lets his attentions fly elsewhere shortly after observing any number of them. Energy would better served fighting battles that could actually be won.

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