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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kalamor, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Kalamor Kalamor Subordinate

    So a simple question; is player going to be able to be a proper psyker in this game?

    I mean, if this game is going to have only guns and meele combat, won't it get boring really soon?
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  2. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    On the basic class list, it has Aspiring Sorcerer for Chaos and Warlock for Eldar.

    Edit: Also! Each faction is going to play differently from each other. I believe it was a Dev that said they don't want each faction to basically be a reskin, they want each unit to feel unique. So, there will be a lot of guns and melee combat, but each faction will go about it differently. Also, there will be faction vehicles. And, map mechanics, so as opening gates during a siege.

    And!! I read a post (I believe in the Q&A) about how the Devs wanted to change up melee combat. Originally, it was like THQ's Space Marine melee combat. But, they wanted it to be more than just LMB to win. We'll see if and how they decide they want their melee combat to be, but I expect it'll be more exciting than any other FPS's melee combat.

    I personally believe that this FPS game will deliver more than the average FPS, and the MMO part is a huge bonus. Also, the Q&A thread is an exciting read, I learned a lot from reading through it. I wasn't excited for the game until I read it, actually. Now, I'm hyped!

    There is the Q&A compilation thread. It has a lot of information, including more info about Sorcerers and Warlock. I'm not sure if Librarians will be a thing. Something about Space Wolves not trusting them, so it would clash with the lore of the other Space Marine subfactions. Or, was it Space Wolves? I don't remember...
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  3. libarians might be heroclasses for SM
    wyrdboys for the orks

    CSM and eldar will have more and easier access to psykers cause it is in their nature
  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

  5. Kalamor Kalamor Subordinate

    Thanks for the info, people!
    Hype is getting real! :D

    Think it's time to get a new PC (after 8 years or so). :)
  6. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    CSM get Aspiring Sorcerer (Basic Support Class; maybe more powerful versions as Elite/Hero class), Eldar get Warlocks (Basic Support class; maybe Farseers (Hero Class) later on), LSM get Librarian (Hero class), Orks get Weirdboyz (Hero Class). I personally think of EC having aggressive support classes.

    From "Official Basic Class List" thread (already linked). Also Brent (Lead Designer) gives a worded example during Livestream Into the Warp episode #1.
    "The point of any support class is to be a force multiplier on other characters. Healing is one way to do this, buffing & debuffing are another. Benedictions & maledictions are active abilities though, so don't expect to just be resetting counters on your friends and foes every 30 seconds."
    "For psychic powers, you pick a few to take to the field, then fire away using your warp charge. If you hit 0 (or max, we haven't decided whether the bar goes up or down yet), then you risk perils and become a sitting duck. Warp charge regeneration varies on the loadout spec, but for many it is restored over time. This is our pre-implementation plan though, so it may change once in-game."

    I expect to see Aspiring Sorcerer with psyker powers in action next time the class is on livestream.

    Here's some other helpful threads if you're interested.
    Nice signature btw Kalamor lol.
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  7. Zeldron Zeldron Cipher

    I think that mainly gonna be for Eldar. Although some races may have some "Weaker" psykers.
  8. I hope all the factions that have Psykers on the table will see them in the game, be it standard class or hero class.
  9. Diasaffected member Norm Well-Known Member

    Not sure about the "weaker" psykers bit. Eldar and Orks will probably have the most versatile and useful psykers, although the Weirdboyz are likely to be pretty unreliable and occasionally catastrophically incompetent. The mehrine psykers should be powerful but specialised. Asymmetric balance ftw :)
  10. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

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