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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Policenaut, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Sardaukar Sardaukar New Member

    Psykers are tough to balance. In order to do as cool as they look, thanks to years of Akira, Jedi and, well, W40K Psykers, (Alpha Class for the Win) like Esarhaddon, we expect them to do great things. With special effects.

    So when they can be snuffed by a bolt pistol, it has the effect of disappointing somewhat.

    Or devs go the other way and their completely natural psyker love means that Bright Wizards can crit DoT damage for months of hilarity, followed by also OP Bomb groups.

    Tough tough.
  2. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    I understood your middle sentence but I have no clue what the rest of your post is trying to say
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  3. DoWIIAtlas Subordinate

    Speaking solely for Space Marines I hope it's only Librarians. I would feel sorry for the guy who takes one for the team to be an Astropath otherwise. And you thought your day job was boring...

    Anyway, assuming just Librarians really nothing too powerful. The typical Smite and stuff. I'd imagine the game will leave the more unique abilities to either 'high level' or special rewards of some kind.
  4. Shas'O Jc New Member

    Lol! I assume each race will have at least one psyker option. They could always take the buff/debuff route as well as having offensive capabilities which could bring a lot of variety to the game. Just the age old balancing particularly with future races which have no real psykers.
  5. Nice ideas! Especially Weirdboyz' Waaaaagh!!! accumulation damage, concerning psykers I have a few ideas to contribute like someone said overuse of the psyker's ability will lead to the damaging consequences like taking temporary debuffs on the caster or its spread on the surrounding allies as the Shadow In The Warp it resonates onto the others. Or psychic tension accumulation, when the psyker uses their abilities too much they increase the chance to be tracked by a demon, therefore the psyker who filled the bar of Tension, the psyker then becomes temporary possessed, making him uncontrollably attack everything nearby while the psyker is fighting the demon within. The damage of the possessed psyker is supposed to be scaled with the help of his gear and perks or traits, or reputation, or skill, whatever the scale of actual achievement of rank will be in-game.
  6. skornich Active Member

    Hope for chaplains and stuff i think they will be most interesting to play... Psy+close combat=AWESOME!
  7. Sanguinem Deam Alure Subordinate

    This is exactly what we want to hear! Go go developers getting involved in the discussion.
  8. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    A yes...the Psyker; A ticking timebomb of heresy.
  9. Unconquered Unconquered Subordinate

    I can see this as a hard task to make psychers unique but not overpowered or unbalancing. I heard they were going to make powers equipable so that maybe a psyched has several powers but can bring only a selection of them on a particular mission. Then change them out for the next. Not sure how much truth there is to that but that doesn't sound horable.
  10. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    I'm curious, but where did you hear this from?

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