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Psychic Abilities.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Bukulu1 Bukulu1 Subordinate

    That really would be freaking hilarious. Being able to enter a mental battleground to duel the enemy psyker sounds really good. Or (and I think that would be much easier to implement) your surroundings fade out, you can still see the environment, enemies and friends, but everything looks out of phase (kinda like the shadow world in Forge, if you play an assassin)
  2. PalmerC PalmerC Subordinate

    Late to the discussion but my first thought as well was support vs offensive capabilities. Could be some cool mechanics like-


    Guide- provides the unit with some sort of temporary view finder to make shooting easier?
    Doom- Increases damage to health per hit across the board?
    Fortune- Hmm not sure how to re roll a saving throw in a video game.
    Eldritch storm- I would think this would be a really effective and draining power that just does huge damage and can move vehicles. Could make it awesome lol
    Mind War- Powerful individual offensive attack
    Executioner- Less powerful broader attack


    Destructor- offensive attack
    Conceal- Since there will be cover dynamics it could be a cover buff
    Enhance-Melee buff?
    Quicken- movement buff
    Protect-Armor buff

    Cant imagine more than a few thrown in initiatially

    But Eldar should be the stand out psychic army as they always have been (maybe until now lol)
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  3. Bukulu1 Bukulu1 Subordinate

    I wonder if Banshees (if they are a character choice) will be able to use their psychic screams to blur the vision of close enemies, or stun them for a short time
  4. I think this is pretty much how I'd want them to be added as well. Those kind of Warlock-powers would mean they are perfect for group-play without being unbalanced.

    And Eldritch storm would need to be DEVASTATING - like you said, it should be able to throw even vehicles about - even moreso with infantry! I really hope the insane amount of psychic might the Farseers have will be represented accurately, as opposed to being a slightly buffed version of the Warlock.
  5. Morentz Morentz Subordinate

    That isn't a psychic scream. Their masks have an amplified voice module, which in turn can stun the enemy.
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  6. Bishop520 Active Member

    There you go, a potential banshee mechanic: a short stun and maybe a debuff.
  7. Bukulu1 Bukulu1 Subordinate

    Oh, okay. In a book I've read some time ago, they mentioned a psychic attack in a fight Spacies vs Eldar. I thought the attacking eldar were banshees, but it was probably another kind of unit then.
    Well, it doesn't matter that much, the effect would be same, except against spacies and chaos that wear a helmet. ^^
  8. Morentz Morentz Subordinate

    The Striking Scorpions have mandiblasters that need to be activated through a psychic pick-up. Also another thing is the Banshee scream can affect Space marines and CSM. The helmets don't filter out the sounds of battle so it will stun them.
  9. Qwin Craedathi Prefectus

    All Aspect Warrior gear has some kind of psychic relay in them, as stated by Morentz mandiblasters are activated psychically, as all Eldar are inherently psychic. This extends to the point that part of the Eldar language actually incorporates psychic wavelengths into speaking (one of the many reasons humans have a hard time talking with Eldar and vise versa).

    The helmets of the melee classes are iconic, if not being the thing that makes them so effective, so if Banshees and Scorpions are included these features will definitely need to be there. The lightning of the mandiblasters is said to be able to reduce guardsmen to a black charred husk by itself and make Scorpions dangerous just to be close to. According to lore Banshee screams can melt your brain if unprotected and sends those with protection into an intense grip of pain. In the book "Path of the Warrior" there is a scene where Banshees practically kill a squad of guardsmen before they even reach them because of their yells. Of course in game terms I would only expect Banshee screams to only stun/slow (as they did in DoW) and the lightning of the mandiblasters can just be a brief frontal damage cone.

    I would be extremely disappointed if these features were not included in the class but knowing how much love our Devs have for the 40k lore I have no worries about such a thing.
  10. Naurgalen Naurgalen Active Member

    I propose:

    Warlocks skills

    Destructor/Renewer: Single target damage /Single Target Healing(maybe self healing too?)
    Conceal/Reveal: Grants Cover protection even if there is none, or augments it / Cancels cover & stealth (both are area effects)
    Quicken/Restrain: Movement & Reload speed buff + frees people from Snare / Snare (you cant move X secs but you can still shoot/fight/etc...)
    Enhance/Drain: Damage buff / Damage debuff
    Embolden/Horrify: [If there is no morale system]: Removes and makes you Immune to CC effects for a few secs / Fear (enemy champ starts running in the opposite direction to you for X secs)

    Situational / not so sure:

    Protect/Jinx: Depends on how the cover system is made: if it grants you armor it would be redundant to have 2 skills that have similar function (Conceal/Reveal)
    Empower/Enervate: Enhance/Drain covers it

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