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Psychic Abilities.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Exzelenz, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Qwin Craedathi Prefectus

    I can definitely see a 'witchfire' type spell being a kind of basic ranged attack for each psychic class of the races. Lightning being the most prominent one used by the Eldar.

    Farseers could almost be considered the most iconic of the Eldar paths so i'm sure the devs have put a lot of thought into their creation and implementation in to the game. Given the nature of the Farseer and Warlock spells (such as Guide, Doom, Fortune, Embolden, ext.) I can see them passing out buffs left and right. This could also help give Eldar that 'elite' feel when everyone in a squad is buffed to the teeth.
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  2. Bishop520 Active Member

    Yeah exactly. That might also even out the numerical disadvantage that the Eldar will most asuredly have.
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  3. Anshar Anshar Master

    I think buffs would be like chosen from WAR, a decent aoe that increases accuracy or speed or maybe empowers ammo and the like. Offensive powers probably take the place of a bolter or from a staff and work like a rogues energy from WoW.
  4. Buhh454 Member

    I expect some awesome lighningcomingoutofmywarlockhandsandcrushsomeork!!
  5. winbringer windbringer Active Member

    A lot of the psychic powers in the codex are buffs or debuffs depending or who you cast it on, so not only can they buff there own they can put some nasty debuffs on there enemy's.

    There are two paths of psychic powers in the 6th ed codex: Runes of battle,(warlocks and spiritseers) and Runes of fate.(farseers)

    In runes of battle we have:

    Destructor/Renewer,(lightning or fire attack/healing ability)

    Embolden/Horrify,(in table top this gives fearless or reduces enemy leadership by three, i am not sure how it could work in eternal crusade with out moral)

    Enhance/Drain,(better melee damage and faster melee attacks)

    Protect/Jinx,(stops a % of damage or makes an enemy take more damage)

    Quicken/Restrain,(faster movement or immobilizes an enemy)

    Empower/Enervate(in the table top it gives or takes one strength, so more damage for the Eldar less for there enemy's)

    Conceal/Reveal,(adds stealth or removes it)

    In the runes of fate we have:

    Guide,(ranged accuracy and damage buff as well as a melee damage buff)

    Executioner,(high damage psychic attack) Doom,(is a very powerful debuff)

    Eldritch storm,(very powerful aoe ability)

    Death mission,(a very powerful buff that affects every thing all most making the caster all but unkillable but kills the caster at the end of the effect)

    Fortune,(makes Allies far more resilient to damage)

    Mind war,(slows and weakens one enemy heavy damage and if the enemy lives it takes a penalty to melee and ranged damage accuracy and speed)

    So just from the 6 ed codex we have a lot of psychic powers to work with for both support as well more deadly powers.
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  6. Ganelon Ganelon Well-Known Member

    I wish they'd put some kind of requirement on at least the Farseer class, so not everyone and their mum could spam it. Will also give the devs an excuse to make them powerful.
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  7. Eldar psychic powers just crap. It's mostly about support and can't be compared with destructive power of Chaos.
  8. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    You know, you say that, but 90% of their race was destroyed by their own psychic powers and they formed the eye of terror.
  9. Anshar Anshar Master

    And yet Eldrad still made Abbadon look like a chump.
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  10. Abaddon is an idiot, i dont like him. But I'd like to see duel between Eldrad Ulthran and Ahzek Ahriman.
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