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PSF-How a match is lost.

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Rheeva, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    PSF is a concept I came up with to simplify ressource allocation in EC: Prediction, Speed, Flexibility.
    All three are decisive factors in almost every match, specifically Supremacy. The understanding of the dynamics is rather simple, the application is more complicated and often requires you to be able to read the battlefield.
    What I want to do, in addition to explaining the concepts, is illustrating the most simple way to make use of them on the field.

    Prediction. Most of the time, what your enemies are about to do is fairly obvious. Yet, I rarely see anyone acting appropiately. Prediction can be substituted for the most part a with a few, simple rules:
    -If an attack on a point stops, the enemy is not just gone, they are headed somewhere else! Do not stand around and wait or clean up for those last two kills, get moving, because they wont wait for you.
    -If you hold a point and that point is completely empty, without any defenders, someone is already headed there to try and take it from you.
    -If you did not initiate a cap in the first 30seconds of a fight, you wont initiate one in the next 5 minutes.
    -If a cap has been ongoing for 75% and you didnt make any progress interrupting it, the point is lost. (This one will be important later)
    -Many maps have an easy target and a vital Target. For instance Blackbolt C and Torias A are vital, Blackbolt A and Torias C are easy. Always expect a strike on the easy target, but prepare for a strike on the vital one.

    Speed. The right time to attack a point is before it is defended. The right time to defend a point is before it gets attacked. You can save some time with prediction, but you still need to get moving. As an attacker, it can be decisive how fast you move from a failed or succesfuly capture to the next, so the defender cant regroup and set up.
    As a defender, it is important that you redeploy to a contested point before all hope is lost.
    You should always redeploy, and ASAP. Preferably before a point gets even attacked, but at least before a capture has been initiated.
    There is usually no use in moving to defend if a point is nearly taken, be smart and respond in time.
    It might sound surreal, but a bad driver or a team that prefers to run rather than redeploy can lose you a match. Sometimes 10-15 seconds are the difference you need.

    Flexibility, finally. I told you to redeploy to defend a point, always. But what if the point is almost captured? Ironically, most teams will not redeploy when they could still make an impact, but then swarm the point when it is too late. Thats where flexibility comes in: dont fight a lost battle!
    As attacker, if you cant take a point, dont fight for it. Just go somewhere else if you can (if you cant, you screwed up before and multiple times, you should always try to play for options, so you do not HAVE to take the last point, but can)
    As a defender, dont come to a point you cant save and, more importantly: dont keep fighting for it after it is actually lost. You are wasting precious time, the chance for you to immediatly retake the cap is near-nonexistent and even if you do, you will most likely just lose somewhere else.
    I have seen it work, defenders retaking a point and the attackers still deploying there, but for that to become a thing, your team has to be vastly superior in the first place.
    Do not fight over a lost point, move on to the next, I have won matches bys pecifically exploiting this dynamic against a strong defender, by relying on them wasting time on a point I no longer cared for.
    Also, it does not make sense to play for kills. You are outnumbered without backup, you are just there to become part of a scoreboard-statistic.
    The most useful thing you can do other than redeploying is hide with a capture key and wait about half a minute until everyone has gone away.
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  2. Thats my present for you for such guide.

    I can name it shortly - correct choice of ingame top priorities def/retreat/reqroup/sneak capture/attack another point when other is contested for reason if attackers will fail, and more
  3. DavyBoy CuCulainn Curator

    General Zsukov says “C.... B..... Rush Berlin!” :)
  4. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    A B C

    Always Be Clobbering
  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I should have known that the name would be a problem ^^
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Your 75% and not fighting a lost battle is 70/30 as there is always a 30% chance to intrupted cap with a good big push even at 80-85%. Said cap are only hopeless if you are in 95% and the enemy still has heavy to medium (10/5) players but even that can be subjected to change in the case of lsm lol. I've won matches by doing the opposite of what you've said by fighting/sneaking to nearly lost cases as decaping at the last moment, starting a cap in a newly taken point to distract the enemy and stop their point accumulation etc.
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    No, not really. For the records: I am no trying to imply that every interruption-attempt on a late cap is futile.
    TBH this is a lot about gut-feeling. Most of the time you just 'know' which fights you have a chance at winning and which you dont, or sometimes you take a look at the enemy and know, you might be able to sneak past them and do a stealth-interrupt.
    But this is not as easy for newer players, hence why I talked about 'progress':
    If you have not been making any progress, killing enemies, winning ground, this is usually a good sign that the enemy is either dug in very well or simply so strong in numbers it doesnt matter to them if you apply some pressure.
    If you want to hope to interrupt a cap this late, you have to see that the enemy is in distress, all of their assets are involved in heavy fighting, your teammates continuously manage to enter the room and survive.
    However, spawning or specifically redeploying to a point at this stage really is futile. You honestly wont be making an impact any more. The very closest far-spawns maybe would theroretically allow you to reach the capture in time.
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