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Ps4 Space Wolves

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Alpha_Deathwolf, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. LadyWyzdom Wyzdom Subordinate

    @ Alpha its good to see that you are going to keep the Wolves for this game.
  2. We should get in some games for old times sake :p
  3. Tig O Bitties MadOne Subordinate

    the wolves are coming
  4. PAPPYSIMS New Member

    PappySims here
  5. Iron Priest Roey New Member

    The Wolves are here.

    Nice to here from you all again.
  6. I will be ready for battle.
  7. Bluenoseboy New Member

    My battle brothers I shall bring the fury of Fenris.
  8. 0PT1C 0PT1C Menial

    Ps4 brothers.
    it will be an honor to fight along side all of you.
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  9. greetings from the crimson fist (360) i wish u all well on this adventure.
  10. Greetings well met
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