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Providing a secondary incentive(s) for people to join a guild.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Caentyr, Mar 1, 2017.

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  1. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Alright for this to work, EVERYONE needs to admit three things (I made them as unbiased as possible so it shouldn't be too hard):

    1) LSM is currently doing the worst in terms of strategy and teamwork. Despite being given new guns/buffs/trinkets by the developers, they just aren't keeping up when compared to other factions.

    2) The main reason for this is because LSM features a playerbase that is far bigger than what Orks, Chaos, or Eldar have. This results in a bigger "noobage percentage" and as a result they tend to lose quite a bit because of inexperience, not following orders, or simply not giving a shit. This isn't necessarily their fault nor does every LSM behave this way, but it's the current situation that results in LSM having a bit of trouble in campaigns.

    3) The people who play in guilds tend to do better than the people who stay exclusively with pugs. Anyone will tell you this. They communicate better, they plan better, but most importantly they know what they are doing. Not that pug people can't do that as well, but guild people can do it with more efficiency.

    With these three things in mind, the answer becomes simple: We need to get these noobs in a guild. Unfortunately, kicking ass doesn't seem like a big enough incentive to join. Many players still completely shun guild-play because they either don't see the reason for it, they don't work well with others or yet again they just don't give a shit.

    So, We need to make joining a guild more attractive to the self-centered player. Here are my list of suggestions.

    • A base of operations accessible solely by the members of that guild. It can feature a training area where guilds can simulate things like flanking, capping, AVing, a simple 1v1 area where players can have duels. Leaders of the guild can buy statues and other knick-knacks to fully customize their base. (Why yes I do play warframe, why do you ask?)
    • Dev-sponsored Guild Tournaments, having guilds compete against one another for either a unique cosmetic item, a unique trophy for the guild's base, or if your feeling really lazy RTC.
    • a cosmetic that is exclusively awarded to people for joining a guild. Just a little badge or the like on the character that is removed from the inventory as soon as they leave the guild. (To prevent people from coping out as soon as they come in)
    These are just suggestions but the point is fairly simple. We need more motivation for people to join guilds rather than just playing together and a fancy banner (Not that I don't like the banners they are very nice.) This doesn't have to be exclusive to Space marines either, they can bee for all guilds of all factions.

    Now *pulls out and points gun* GIVE ME ALL YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS TOPIC!!!!!!!!!
  2. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    You lost me at point 3. Goodbye.
  3. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    So your telling me that people who play, practice, communicate, and work together on a regular basis are not going to be better than the people that don't?
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  4. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    I'm telling you that I felt so insulted when you started trash-talking people like me, that I decided to stop reading your post.

    Because I'm very used to that kind of sentiment.
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  5. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    1) Sometimes.
    2) Probably.
    3) Totally incorrect. Not rare when stack of 10+ pre made players lose to pugs.
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  6. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    on point 3.

    There are a couple of LSM guilds, that clan stack 10+ and lose Vs pugs.
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  7. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Im not trying to insult anyone. Im just saying that if you stick to pugs your closing yourself in to new ideas and strategies that is so much more easier to access via guilds. That's all Im saying.

    *EDIT* sorry I was tired when I wrote this feel so stupid
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  8. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

  9. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    Look, I'll tell you why I avoid guilds, and I think a lot of my fellow PUGs tend to agree with the sentiment.

    Guilds are full of assholes.

    We're here to play video games, relax, do our own thing, win or lose on our own merits.

    And guilds would ruin that if we joined them, because they'd insist on scheduling, rules, practicing, regulations and all sorts of other shit we don't want to deal with.
  10. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Joining guilds do help, but not if they still don't give a shit or have this illusion of "now I have a guild tag I'm automatically better than before".
    I tried recruiting a few people, half of them gave up on the game, one refuses to practice, the other has potential but isn't terribly interested in getting better either.

    I wouldn't name names but I also see a decline in skill level in some other major LSM guilds.

    As of now I wouldn't trust any player's tactical comments if he is below Rank 5.
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