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ProMines, Feedback Thread and Rating. SteamED

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrplHze, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Running a thread on the steam forums, trying to get feedback for the map. In the simplest ways of just a 1-5 number, 5 being the best. and then a short reason for said rating. Please keep the voting thread to 1 post per person, makes it easy to do my math, and checking for double posts. Lets be honest, so that the feedback can really be of use.

    Then there is also a thread for explaining in Detail your feelings, and/or discussions.

    Current Rating Overall = 2.2/5

    "Voting Thread"
    "Discussion Thread"

    Thanks everyone,
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  2. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Dude the steam fourms is a toxic dump your results are going to be skewed hveaily by people who don't believe in team work and want eldar nerfed even more then they are now cuz lsm can't one shot em etc
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  3. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    No more then the people that do the same here. But honestly the results are what they are. Seems to me, that we're not looking at this the right way. Forcing people to play your way, is not going to make the "world" suddenly better. And i feel like thats what ProMine is.

    This forum, that forum. We're all in the same place, id rather know what the majority thinks, then the minority. Cause it seems that whatever is being done ain't working, continuously. Keep patting ourselves on the back, going "Good Job!" but the fact still remains that everything in this game is slacking off.
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  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    You can't do majority or minotiry or eldar might actualy be removed lol, feed back is taken, what is liked and what is not liked along with improvement suggestions. Also the biggest problem is the "forcing people" there is no forcing people there are load outs and classes that are encouraged but not a must do, certain classes do better then others in certain maps that's the "meta' of all games just as in other shooters some guns are just better then others and its best to use them. The way if looking at being forced or it only applying to X play style limits your view point , for best way you need to think what's the best mix for both casual and serious players
  6. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Then write about it on the Feedback posts. I dont intend to argue one way or the other. Just follow the posting guidelines please. As in Barebones for the Voting thread, and whatever on the other one.

    My hope by the end of a week or so, is to compile a list of common gripes, and likes about the map. Form up a good analysis of the map as a whole. Which mind you is going to take alot of work. Because i'm going to have to factor in, the threads here that have already talked about it. The rating score is just, a average based on the feedback scores.
  7. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    If you want to listen to the steam forums/reviews then we might aswell buff space marines even further beyond, since the most complained about part of the game is "I don't feel like a space marine".
    Sorry but I cannot take anything said on the steam forum seriously when this still gets counted as "feedback"
  8. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    I find this elitist mindset kinda grim, for one. Not rating the quality of dudes feedback, writing some long wall of text isnt a sure sign of intent or well thought out arguments. And most of all, this current mindset didnt work when we had 5k players and why do you think its gonna suddenly now.

    Boring, can be taken many different ways. and not only that its a common term used to encompass many elements. Not to mention about the most common gripe so far.

    Rather its not engaging enough, or visually unattractive. Im not going to try and guess at what that means. Im just interested in the over-all. But the community for the Eternal Scroogade still shines and has to make anything productive or possibly beneficial to the game as a whole, some finger pointing shame fest.
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  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Dont play shieldbro = problem solved
  10. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    Kinda become a mute point, but the map didnt rate well over-all. without doing the math its pretty obvious that "Most" people have a gripe about 1 element or the other. Biggest focus i seen is the relationship between C and the Defenders. Seeing as how i've lost interest in being emotionally involved with EC anymore, just not worth the time to gather the info for a report.

    By the looks of the 5v5 UAT Test, its looking good. Not something i really care to much about but im sure they're are "some" that will.

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