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Primarchs MBTI

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by TheFluffyOne, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. I have been into 40k for quite a while and for about a year or so and I was disapointed to find that there are no posts regarding the personality types of the Primarchs and so I decided to integrate them myself.That beeing said,here's my theory(or,should I say,theories?).

    Here we go then(I will try explaining where it seems like an odd choice):

    INTP-Magnus and Corax
    Gives me a certain satisfaction as an INTP to see my favourite Primarchs sharing my personality types.Both of them have Ti and Ne (in that order) as dominant functions.They just use them for different things: Magnus (like most INTPs) used this combination in order to better understand the underlying of the Universe (the Warp,more exactly) while Corax used it to implement unconventioanl tactics
    While some of you might consider him an INTJ,I don't think that's the case.He seemed to be more of an improviser,taking advantage of current situations by exploiting the enemy's weak point(as shown when he was still leading the guerilla fighters on Lycaeus),rather than a careful planner.It was this NTP ability to quickly asses the situation in order to create opportunities that granted him the upper hand against Guillman in thier battle simulations.Guillman was so certaion of his carefully arranged step by step tactics that he would fail to consider how his enemies might make them backfire. We should also look at the way he experiences emotion to more acuratelly place him in any type,thus,he mostly doesn't feel anything at all and he is not too aware of emotions but when he does feel something it's sudden and very powerful(the INTP way of feeling caused by Fe outburts),which is shown after his failed attempt to bolster his legion's numbers after Istvaan III.

    INTJ-Lion and Alpharius/Omegon

    ENTP- not a clear candidate


    INFP- same as ENTP

    INFJ:-same as ENTP and INFP(possibly Curze)

    This type is known as "The Champion"...and that's pretty much what Sanguinius was to other Primarchs.He is clearlly an ENFX and since his bubbly attitude and idealistic interpreations hint towards Ne-Fi,I'd type him as ENFP.

    ENFJ-Lorgar and Fulgrim

    ISTP-Jaghatai Khan
    His restlessness make him and XSXP.He was shown to be pretty rational,joining the Emperor because of his desire to unite mankind,not because of some imposed sense of loyalty ,and realised the usefullness of psykers but was not too vocal about this not to get into trouble.He also considered himself and was considered as an outsider,making him an ISTP.

    ISTJ-Rogal Dorn,Perturtarbo and Mortation
    Don't know much about Mortarion but he was described as "the ultimate utilitarian" and was too reserved to be extroverted so he must be ISTJ.

    ESTP-Leman Russ

    ESTJ-Guilliman and Ferrus Manus


    Surprising,isn't it?I mean,sure,Angron was ruthless berzerker who enjoyed killing and that's undeniable but with those things in his brain,can you really blame him?Thus,despite his blood lust,Angron showed a great deal of respect and loyalty to his gladiators and was mad when Empy took him from them.To prevent himself from being stuck in the past(Si tendancy) and vent his frustration,caused by losing the only ones that gave him a sense of belonging(Fe attachments),he let his "gift" gradually destroy the core parts of his personalityThe fact that he could still be reasoned with by some like Kharn,suggest that his third function,Ti, had hidden deep within his psycheAs for Ne,it got obliderated by all the sensory input.He also seemed to put a high emphasis on honor.I think his best description is a psychopathic knight.

    ESFP and ESFJ- yet again,no clear candidate

    I am not sure what to really say about Curze because of his aparent split-personality disorder.I think that his base type was INFJ though I am very uncertain.He seemed to be guided by a certain moral code(though a highly perverted one) and admitted hating his legion as last words as they have become nothing more than cold sociopaths who terrorized the weak...which was what he wanted them to become...this guy's beliefs basically contradict themselves ,making it very hard to catalogue him.He had a certain insight and wisdom not common in his brothers but,in the end,his psychotic nature had the better of him.So yeah...

    If you have suggestions or objections,don't be afraid to share them!
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    Might want to explain what each of those means,,,
  3. Jahabssihdhdhsjsiwnakaowkdbhsha is clearly your personality type
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    what? charming, nice and over all likeable,,, like all sons of dorn :p
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    I knew I liked Sanguinius for some reason Enfp ftw... unless we get stabbed by Horus.
  9. We can have a similar discussion about what mental disorders each Primarch has.

    I'd classify Russ, Preturbo, and the Lion as the biggest sociopaths, a moniker that may well apply to pretty much all of them, but those dudes particularly.

    Angron and Curze on the other hand are more scitzophrenic, definitely more psychopathic than antisocial.

    I'm sure there's more, as well as things that aren't quite considered disorders, like Lorgar's fanatcism, that overwhelming need for the one truthiest truth that blinds you to the fact that most alternate beliefs aren't actually mutually exclusive.

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