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Praetorian Guard (Space Marines Outfit)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kane101, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Evans Evans Prefectus

    Been playing against PG a good amount recently. Nice to see another old-school Planetside team coming in!
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  2. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Dam right Evans can't wait till we're fighting side by side on the fields of battle. Also to all Praetorian Guard members and the community I wish you all a Mery Christmas, and hope you all have a save Holliday with your families.

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  4. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

  5. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Hey evens I fixed your account to so you should see a application for Allies I think we have it set up
  6. Ashgarn Ashgarm Master

    Just wanted to say I fought you hummies in the alpha a number of times and wanted to let you know you guys put up one hell of a fight! I can't wait to stomp the lot of you when Orks finally come in HAR HAR!
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  7. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Can't wait to fight the ork hord as well, only thing is it will be more of a challenge for ever one when more PG are able to get in as full squads and fight together through unity, because team work and to much leading the way is op.
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  8. Gotrek40k Gotrek40k Prefectus

    You can accept a guy who well understands the language but communicate as a 4 year old sometimes? I'm not proud of my English yet ...
  9. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Are you asking to be apart of Praetorian Guard
  10. Gotrek40k Gotrek40k Prefectus

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