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Praetorian Guard (Space Marines Outfit)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kane101, Sep 21, 2015.


    8a- This is a ONE GUILD SHOW you are not allowed to MULTI GUILD
  2. TekTerror Recruit

    So does
    So I take it PG has other guilds for the other factions then and are not solely focused only on the SM one? I play all four factions and want to be in good guilds for each. I already was in a guild with such a rule and I don't want a repeat of it; as in they were running guilds for all four, but only like 20-40 in the other faction guilds with 200+ in the main guild and would hardly play the other factions.

    PS, I am still waiting for an account activation on the PG forums; perhaps removing the need for accounts to be activated would be helpful if there is a public section for the forums which has a post of the PG rules.
  3. yes, we are predominatly a LSM guild though we do have PG varients for the other factions but as i said we are LSM the most. And in regards to that not alot of us play the other factions so it would be the same sort of situation
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  4. Beatus Beatusx Subordinate

    Name/Game tag: Beatus-I (İ)

    Gaming system: PC,

    What type of guild are you looking for?: PvP

    Class Specialization: Blood Angel-Tactical Marine,

    Region/Timezone: Gmt+3

    Language: English, Turkish

    Other: İ am over age 30 and hate playing alone
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  5. TekTerror Recruit

    I have still not gotten my account active on the PG forums site, I have been waiting for days since the guilds were not working in game.
  6. Hello, did you ever get help?
  7. Raxios Prordo Raxios Steam Early Access

    Hey if want to join up Add (PG)Axios Alfaxios(DC) on Steam and I can get you in
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  10. TekTerror Recruit

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