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Praetorian Guard (Space Marines Outfit)

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kane101, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Commander Killshaw of the Space Wolves. I look forward to serving with you all and hope to see you on the battlefield. We shall purge the heretic. Cleanse the unclean. While having mighty beards and a pint of mead in our hand's. We shall be victorious. For The Emperor!!!!
  2. I joined PG back in 2006 playing Planetside 1. Through the years being with PG was and still is the best outfit I ever joined. What makes PG strong are the leaders and the members that fellow and know how to have fun on the way. PG is a solid group that has one goal in mind working as a team and kicking ass. PG is group to join if you want the full experience of ass kicking or you'll get the full ass kicking experience your choose. See you all on the battlefield or the front lines. PG leads the way!!!
  3. SwordofDorn Curator

    Known also as Fox, will be here to serve and fight beside his brother in the guard. I joined the Guard and though I haven't always been close by I have always been there. The Praetorian Guard will be in Eternal Crusade and kicking ass. We are a weird family of people but a battle hardened one, so come join us even if you don't join our family, fight and stand beside us.
  4. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Sweet News every one we did a major overhaul on the website and it looks bad ass. Its still being worked on so its subject to have more things added or changed to it but if yall want check it out or if your interested in joining Praetorian Guard then click this link info on joining is on the home page
  5. If your still recruiting I'm game. MrFlyingCow of the Space Wolves reporting for duty if you'll have me.
  6. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Absolutely it's always good to see another guardsman just go to the website link and apply and will get you set up welcome aboard brother
  7. Huma Huma New Member

    Veteran Member of Praetorian Guard and one of the current Leaders for Planetside 2 here. If you are looking for an organized group that knows how to weave fun into results then this is the place for you. Come to us as meat and we'll mold you into Space Marines
  8. fbh pgfbh Cipher

    Having been part of Praetorian Guard for the past 3 years I can safely say I have never found a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Seeing the outfit grow from just the one game into a gaming community these past few months has been a highlight of mine.

    The vision now is to watch the community grow into the games it plays and to observe as the name of PG scars itself onto the war encrusted world that is Eternal Crusade.

    If you fancy the idea of joining a rapidly growing community that looks to excel in the culture it creates then PG could be the place for you :)
  9. Kane101 Kane101 Prefectus

    Great news we almost have our recruitment video done. So as a teaser on the home page of our website we put the first snipet of the trailer hope you all enjoy how flipping sick it is.
  10. Question here, I look for a community to join which will hopefully be both serious but not repelling. The big but is, am I allowed and will the community be accepting towards a soldier that won't be able to play a lot?

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