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Power Fist Heavy Attack Can't Break Chainsword?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Yes sometimes.
    They are even more rare than Eldar? Sometimes there are 4 matches ongoing against factions. I mean 4 fights between different factions.
  2. What is force of the attack? Light/Heavy Attack? So is it like 113*101 for Chainsword for Light Attacks or what? Can you give me the example with numbers? Well even if the impacts are the equal both take the durability damage still. How fist is buggy? I've heard Combat Knives were already broken that you could fight a Power Fist with it. And it would be so rare to parry Power Fist Heavy Attack with Light Attack of something.

    Also how durability damage is calculated when you hit a shield?
    @Catnium called since Krayt doesn't answer everything. ^^
  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    While I'm familiar with stats like Force and Stability I don't know the numbers or the math involved or whether or not these stats are actually still being used for something.
    Impact values are listed on the weapons next to their damage . Force .. I have no fcn clue.

    It's one of my biggest complaints in this game.
    They made a game with mechanic's and did not bother to tell anyone but a select few it seems how shit actually works.

    And there's only so much you can test on your own in the garrison.
    Don't have the manpower noir the time or will for that matter to try reverse engineer this game anymore.

    Someone once made a sort of guide to melee mechanic's on the main websites Q&A section but thats hopelessly outdated by now. and where most of my knowledge still comes from.
  4. Then your next mission: Deceive Krayt to explain me those. ☻ If you success it you will rewarded with Free RTC Store. If you success it in the first try and he explains everything most detailed then you will get the real Possessed that matches with it design with his huge fucking claw.

    Yeah, mine too. I have so fucking low knowledge to the game. :/ What kind of things are them?

    Like what? Trying to figure out how the parry system works?

    Outdated? So it has changed?

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