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Power Fist Heavy Attack Can't Break Chainsword?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Nope, more stupidity leading to more insults. It's funny whining about insults while acting like total stupid. Don't talk about insults while you are into it and don't call me voli. It's not about my innerself, if you act like that anybody will insult you. And apparently you waged your buddy to like your comments, what a joke. lol.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    this one is true shoutout to you for realising that
    nah only uncivilized frustrated people will react like that i mean its not even difficult to understand the basics of the game :

    dbash + pistol = win
    pistol's DPS > Melee DPS in the timeframe of a melee animation
    pistol can shoot from range and be used while flying by JPA

    Possessed only has his stats for him since he is wielding the worst melee weapon ingame and has no pistol
    and yes fist is the worst melee weapon ingame , who would pay so much LP just to have an unconsistent buggy melee weapon that cant even clang properly and is so slow that you will get killed 1 time out of 2 midswing ? you cant even Dbash+pistol with him since he doesnt have a pistol ,hell the only legit attack that is dbash+ pistol isnt even available to him

    i didnt waged anyone , its just that some people can see that what i say isnt total bullshit , maybe you would feel better if i liked your comments?
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  3. What?

    Nah, everybody will act like that when you act like that. Sure insult people and when you get insulted by the same people call them uncivilized. What a joke you are. I'm not uncivilized that is just you who force me to insult you with your behaviours. Because basically I tell you that I don't understand something, because it's about my English then you act like that I am stupid, by indirection you insulted me also. When I tell you also insult me you don't bat an eye. I understand the basics of the game, that is not about it. I just don't understand what you meant by making their dbash a one hit combo with the pistol.

    Yeah, if they are not Vets.
    Yeah if you don't get shot.

    For him? Anybody has his stats for himself too. Power Fist is not worst melee weapon ingame. Nope, Power Fist is the best melee weapon ingame. It's best, it breaks every weapons. What do you mean by unconsistent? And how is it being buggy? It can parry properly. You can't get killed 1 time out of 2 midswings. lol. Even a Maul can't get you killed with 2 regular attacks, it takes 3. No need while I carry Power Fist. What's the point to use a Pistol while you carry the best melee weapon ingame? That is not only legit attack, plus you said it's not a thing. lol.

    Yes, you did. And your comment justifies my insults. I wasn't serious there I was just being sarcastic. And yes, you have waged him(sarcastic again) since what you say is total bullshit. If you really believe that it's so funny lmao. Nope, I don't care about likes, I just point out that your waged buddy exactly likes any shit you type. That's all.
  4. Yeah, what you say isn't bullshit I totally agree
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    ok i am done , thats the most stupid thing i ve heard on this forum
    glhf with the game
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  6. Didn't I say it before too already? lel. And yes "fist is the worst melee weapon ingame" is the most stupid thing I've heard on this forum too.

    Ooh nice more frustration leading to more insults, let your inner self come out Krayt!
  7. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    where is the insult voli?
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  8. Don't call me voli!

    No need to like it. I don't care and ask for likes. -_-
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  9. Try this against Orks and come back.
  10. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    Lol. Orcs still in play?
    Even when i played, a match versus Orcs was rare.

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