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Power Fist Heavy Attack Can't Break Chainsword?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. When I do heavy attack with Power Fist and lately the opponent does light attack it causes to parry. But how it doesn't break? It has 400 Impact for heavy attack, it's 4 times more than the durability for Standard Chainsword and even way more than the MC to be enough to break it on touch. So when parry happens against heavy attack it counts as light attack or something like that? Also I like that feature it is realistic, because no matter what weapons hit each other it causes parry.
  2. Because power fists SUCK
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  3. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.

    I've just made 20 kills with it if you don't count some couple of that made with Manslayer. :p
  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    The way durability works is you take both impacts multiplizd by thr force of the attack move and then substract both, the onz with less impact takes the results as durability damage
    While czsting heavy attack you are not using the heavy attack stats , it would be broken otherwise since fist is buggy

    20 isnt something to be proud of btw , good old jencent was able to achieve 50+ just with fist ... those were good times
  5. Why you typ lik tht smtms. How you substract 122 from 100? Can you explain? Both take durability damage doesn't matter more or the less. Wtf. So heavy attack stats useless when you hit heavy attack to opponent's heavy attack? How Power Fist being buggy? You mean 400 a lot? It's not so common that you are gonna use heavy attack with Power Fist. But so be it.

    Actually it is. It's melee, it's not shooting. On Tactical class you can get like 120 as I've heard but melee mechanics are harder. The most kills I saw so far was 34 or like that. So if it's Power Fist 20 is actually lot. I can make around 6 or 10 most of the time, I've just started. So it was my luck match I suppose. And that guy tells me that Possessed worst? Wtf. Just because he could achieve 50 doesn't mean 20 isn't to be proud of. It's like saying I've achieved 50 killls on Tactical but it isn't something to be proud of because someone else has already reached 120. It's stupid like that. Also if you can achieve 50 kills with it it ain't that bad or the worst. Never seen someone with 50 on melee even with Manslayer which would be counted as a best melee weapon in the game. Also when he has achieved that many kills? It was long ago? Because now people are experienced that know how to play melee. Maybe the people he has played against were just bad. Or maybe he just played with team. I'm always playing solo, don't stick with my team. And by your saying it seems pretty old.
  6. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    1) Now i'm laugh so fck hard. Did you hear dat? NOW ppl are experienced! Which of people? (cricket's sounds.)
    2) Skill is no matter, when you can spam one attack, shit out a grenade to faces of your enemies, be endless bullet sponge with MoK and be chosen by all gods of chaos and have lepricon's leg for a luck. I'M THE ONE WHO CAN ROLL 20 ON ANY DICE! RAAAARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3) Almost all my games was solo.
    4) ???
    5) 55 kills, 50 kills. And all is recorded, most of my games was on the stream.
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  7. 1) Nah. You can't hear someone else's voice out of your monitor from internet. Da people of the Eternal Crusade, scrub.
    2) Skill matters, doesn't matter if you spam anything. Grenade can be dodgeable and useless without nade trick. Bullet sponge? What's that? Lepricon's leg? What?
    3) Nice. I'm just new fist Power Fist. Maybe you mastered it.
    4) "???"???
    5) So? Btw you got Melee and Ranged Commendations which means those kills weren't full melee but I don't know how many you got as only melee though. But yeah since Pistol is a tool it would count.

    Btw why don't you have Icon of Wrath?
  8. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    500~600 hours of pure fisting. Maybe i mastered it, maybe it's just a luck.
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  9. Yeah, it's a lot only for normal play. ^^ But yeah might be luck since I saw there 16. ;D

    So you like Pistol that much to call Possessed a trashcan?
  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Any good melee player will tell you that pistol is as important as your melee weapon
    Possessed having no pistol and the worst melee weapon in the game makes him the most useless of all vets/elites ... hell he is even worst than regular classes
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