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Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Korel, May 5, 2015.

  1. I have looked abit around and havent noticed this!!!,maybe im blind :), Do we get a chatbar outside matches? or maybe at least like a guild chatbar, so war partys will be eayser to orgenize...
  2. How about a proper Tug O' War map/ game mode. 5 control points, 2 points held by each side with a neutral middle point. Back point is locked until you cap the closer one in the chain. Time limit of 3-5 mins depending on flavor, bonus time added one time when a point is capped by either team. cap all 5 points to win or control more points when time runs out. sudden death in the event of tie.

    King of the Hill. One control point, first one to reach [insert time amount here] wins.

    Payload. attacking team pushes a cart to destination via set route with check points along the way.
    Defenders try to stop progress until time runs out.

    Payload Race. same concept except both teams have to manage defending own cart and harassing the other teams cart.

    Team Fortress 2 has been doing these modes for a long time.
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    Couldn't find a past thread but can we really make it so you don't spawn in a soon-to-explode APCs? It happened three times in four games.

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