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Post your personal Challenges...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Asheru, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. How much pain are you inviting others to inflict:

    Power Sword with Lifesteal
    Advanced Howling Banshee Armor
    Elegant Bonesinger Icon
    Vigour Gem
    Challenge Token
    Shruiken Pistol
    Plasma Grenade
    Cegorach's Lesson
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  2. I don't think anything trumps a Sorc Challenge token right now with MoT.
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  3. Make it and play it then. The idea is to better your game play by challenging yourself.
  4. Orfeask Orfeask Steam Early Access

    No thanks, wont be gimping myself with no reward.
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  5. Its not for everyone but it is a good way to improve your game play. There is a small reward you get to let your enemy know they just got killed by a cursed player on the death screen.
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  6. I'm still only rank 5 on my CSM and I'm nowhere near 500k haha.

  7. Azzagtot Azzagtot Drill Abbott

    Living on a furum with Patchnote section without patchnotes for a months.
  8. trustybroom trustybroom Steam Early Access

    Oooh! A MoT Sorc with challenge token would be the perfect drinking game! Take a shot every time you die. We'll call it, "The Race to Alcohol Poisoning."
  9. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    Please Asheru, I have been doing this since the game started by using the Klaw. This is before the most recent stint of patches when it became somewhat decent. I'm talking post superman sprint attack lunge move nerf. I'm talking when it was, as it is now, interrupted by knives and swords.

    If I want to farm kills or feel like a L33T pr0 I use a ranged weapon and generally finish with 30-40 kills, and I've been doing this since I've had the game.

    I NEVER use JPA/Raptors/Stormboys because I also find them too easy to play. Haven't tried much of them since the latest patch though so perhaps that's the next challenge?

    Inb4 obligatory "play a few rounds with SM and try to form a coherent strategy lolz".
  10. Hey buddy, how'd you like to screw over your team for a chance that you might end up with an excuse to be a braggart?

    Don't really know why this even exsists, but hey, next Imperial Guard thread we can just tell them to equip a challenge token and only use a pistol. We'll see how many actually still believe a fodder class would be then.
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