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(poll) What Should Be The Fifth Playable Chapter?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Kilrane, Oct 27, 2013.


What should be the Fifth playable Chapter?

  1. Black Templars

  2. White Scars

  3. Salamanders

  4. Raven Guard

  5. Iron Hands

  6. Imperial Fists

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  1. Tvar Tvar New Member

    What about Grey Knights?
  2. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    What about them?

  3. Rule #1 Of EC
    We don't talk about Grey Knights ¬¬
  4. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

  5. TheSoullessLord Active Member

    I think the sons of Dorn should be represented but I would love to see ordos sisters of battle, grey knights or death watch.
  6. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

  7. Barsabbas Active Member

    White scars and Iron hands
  8. Ferrus Manus. "Rest? We were not made to rest; we go on, unflinching, unstoppable, unending in our strength. The Emperor did not make us for such mortal concerns as hearth and home, vanity or contemplation; we are his engines of war, his hammers, beating out the fabric of existence into a vessel fit for Mankind to inhabit." — Ferrus Manus
  9. So sad there are no BT at launch.
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  10. I will admit, this is a bit disappointing, as I too like the BT's(though not as much as the DA's) but I can see the reasoning behind it. Since BT's don't use Librarians or pyskers in general, it would be hard to implement the pysker class/mechanic into the game.
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