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(poll!) What Should Be The Fifth Chaos Warband?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Kilrane, Nov 4, 2013.


Who should the fifth Chaos Warband be?

  1. World Eaters

  2. Emperor's Children

  3. Alpha Legion

  4. Thousand Sons

  5. Death Guard

  6. Other (list your choice!)

  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Can you explain yourself then? Im not seeing how you can put them as a 5th if they are relegated to a single, rare to spawn unit.
    Unless you meant actually fleshing out them into a full fledged 5th, which has a imo non existent chance of happening.
    They have to compete with the Alphas and the warbands in the votes, and im sure we can agree the popularity of the stated two dwarfs that of the Fallen.
  2. Yes I ment by putting them into a full 5th Warband and the Herospawn would either be a general Herospawn which is in skills and equipment different from any other marine or a special Herospawn for the Fallen, as the Devs pointed out that they want every Subfaction to feel different, so it could be an attempt.
    Also the competition with the God-specific legions is 0, however the Alpha was in a previous statement of mine and is still the most likely included 5th Warband

    Anyway, I rate the possibility of getting the Fallen higher than i.e. Red Cossairs
  3. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    I dont recall even saying god legions are in the competition, that has been known since god dedication was confirmed post launch. I clearly wrote Alphas and the warbands. God legions are not warbands.

    I guess we are gonna have to disagree on the last part, i personally see the Fallen as the last possible choice they would ever go for.
  4. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Red Corsairs are actually pretty popular.
  5. Red corsairs or Alphas would be nice. but honestly, who else to choose from? Aside from god legions
  6. If we're going for god legions, DEFF GARD
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  7. Erobar Erobar Subordinate

    I'd go with the Red Corsairs, Thousand Sons, or the Alpha legion......or they could always introduce the sons of malice warband/The fallen just to mess with people and to add in a crazy plot twist for Eternal crusade. :p
    Sons of Malice marine:

    Fallen Angel marine:

  8. Talos Seelenkrank Subordinate

    Love to see the new Legion in it Crimson Slaughter.
    If not then Alpha Legion would be awesome
  9. As cool as the Alphas are - they'd be redundant with what the set-up currently is:

    Iron Warriors - Siege masters
    Black Legion - Military tactics
    Word Bearers - Zealotry
    Night Lords - Stealth killers

    I'd say Thousand Sons or Death Guard, maybe Emperor's Children. But the Thousand Sons and Death Guard both represent 'abilities' that the current four don't display: sorcery (TS) and heavy weapons (DG). Emperor's Children is a maybe just from the Noise Marines filling the same role in heavy weapons the DG do.

    Yes, we have the Word Bearers who are high priests of the Dark Gods - but their description, as per the reveal, has them filling the slot of more focused on melee. And I know there are loadouts that sort of disrupts what I'm saying, but I'm talking about it from the standpoint of fluff. The World Eaters are (dimly) echoed by the description given the Word Bearers, fanatical zealots.

    Alpha Legion and Night Lords function in similar archetypes - both value stealth and subterfuge, but where the Alphas are more like spies and assassins the Night Lords are terrorists and assassins.

    I can't think of others, right now, but it seems like they're going with the original Legions - both in Legion and Chapter flavours.

    These all just come from a fluff POV for me, though - since I understand the whole loadout thing.
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  10. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I think that's why Red Corsairs will be a popular choice. Dark Eldar people might feel a little better with some piratey stuff, and it gives a different playstyle.

    Night Lords are known for their raptors but that would be the only difference between them and Alpha Legion.

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