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(poll) Since No Bts... Your Chapter Choice Please

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Kilrane, Nov 22, 2013.


What should be the Fifth playable Chapter?

  1. Imperial Fists

  2. Raven Guard

  3. Salamanders

  4. Iron Hands

  5. White Scars

  6. Community Chapter

  1. Brother Kant Elrik Cons Subordinate

    It saddens me that the Eternal Crusaders of the Imperium will not be making it to Eternal Crusade. I vote for our proginator, the Imperial Fists.
  2. Tekky Triskelion Prefectus

    I think this is obligatory.
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  3. Uh oh IF's behind....not good....
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  4. VeRMiLiON78 VeRMiLiON78 Active Member

    Salamanders have overtaken Imperial Fists?! o_O
    Vulkan is happy! ^^
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  5. Steve_Austin Shulvar Subordinate

    The Fire Born would be honored to stand among their brother chapters in this glorious crusade!It is a shame our bros for life the Iron Hands can not also be with us at launch.That being said I would be more than happy with any chapter on this list as they are all noble and honorable.
    Glory to Prometheus!
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  6. Crap i don't want to have to be an ultra You can do it fists!!! for Dorn!!!!
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  7. For Vulkan.

    Even though I support Chaos...
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  8. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    That's some crazy Alpha Legion manipulation >. >
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  9. I'm TS, thank you very much.
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  10. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    Ohhh, sorry I thought you were an effective Legion

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