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(poll) Since No Bts... Your Chapter Choice Please

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Kilrane, Nov 22, 2013.


What should be the Fifth playable Chapter?

  1. Imperial Fists

  2. Raven Guard

  3. Salamanders

  4. Iron Hands

  5. White Scars

  6. Community Chapter

  1. Caelius Caelius Subordinate

    Whilst the idea of a community created chapter is intriguing, I'm not sure how it could work realistically.

    A lot of the options are tempting for me, Salamanders, White Scars & Raven Guard would all be quite good to have, but given we're only getting 5 to start with I'm going for the Fists. In a game where a large part is presumably going to be about taking and holding territory (and thus fortifications) it only makes sense to have the Imperial Fists just as Chaos has the Iron Warriors.

    As for the bright yellow, I play/played NC in PS2/PS1 so I have a lot of experience of being shot at for wearing yellow on a battlefield :p .
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  2. Khaldam Active Member

    It's Really hard to decide becuase all of these chapters are great, but i vote on the most popular of them, the Impirial fists

    If i could have a second vote i would vote Iron Hands, there are a very original chapter ;]
  3. Shas'o monat Azkaellon Subordinate

    @ Kilrane

    You seriously think that considering you'll pay, since you did not pay for anything yet, you should be allowed to create a chapter/clan/warband/craftworld of your own ? If not for all factions, why the marines fans should be rewarded and not the others ? Because they don't deserve it, or just because you don't give a rat ass ?

    DOW sery as the Blood Raven have been made canon, thus it's obvious you suggest something like that for the community to create a chapter which eventually might become canon... by doing what ? Just by winning the spam&flood contest on a forum, since you did nothing more ?

    I think BI could create their own chapter (which they more likely won't do, since they are focused on balancing and pleasing the community with building a good game) because they 're making the IP live, they DO take risks, NOT YOU, they're investing time and money in this project, NOT YOU.

    Thus why would you be allowed to create your chapter ? Not to mention since nobody would agree on colours, schemes, combat doctrines etc... who would take the decision in the end : the more active posters ? For what reason : because having lots of time to waste on a forum make you a better fan, compared to all the other future players which barely follow the news ?

    You should consider than following the news as supporting the game might allow you to earn some goodies : items (done already) specific intel and so on, but participating that much in the developpement as creating a custom chapter, without taking risks nor spending money, looks just like a childish fancy whining to me ... at best.
  4. Droguza Droguza Active Member

    This is the communities largest hurdle. No need to assume they would make it to combat doctrines... They wouldn't.

    Az... you know better than anyone the majority of 40k fans aren't here, or there would be more posts like yours.

    But hopefully... some day...
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  5. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    I doubt the majority of warhammer 40k fans will play this game.
    I have a few co workers that play tt and they are not interested on a mmo.
    But you never know.
    For now I will just wait for the chapter vote.
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  6. Tankred Cloten Subordinate

    My vote went to the Community Chapter.

    I do not know enough about many of the other chapters listed in the poll give an opinion of one over the other. The Imperial Fists certainly wouldn't have my vote! I'd rather have a chapter I know nothing about or a fresh new seemingly random creation of a chapter like the Blood Ravens for the DoW series. Anything really since the Imperial Fists's chapter colors are lurid and, while they stand as honor driven Sons of Dorn, they've been annihilated in everything released on the Black Library save the 1 story made specifically because the IF's have been slapped around for over a decade.
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  7. Tankred Cloten Subordinate

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  8. We'd all agree to disagree and go for a cool cuddly pink so that everyone (or almost everyone) could be equally disappointed. If can't please em all, please no one :rolleyes:
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  9. Imperial Fists, of course! ;)
  10. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    I don't think that I "should be allowed to create (something) of (my) own", no. That's why it's called a "community" Chapter. Yes, I haven't paid for anything yet but that's simply because there isn't any way for me to financially back this project made available yet. There are a plethora of Warbands so Chaos could create one too, minor ork Clans are also not unheard of, the only problem are Craftworlds are not that plentiful so it would probably be harder to get the "okay" from GW. It's not that I don't care about them and I have no idea where you got the idea that I don't think they "deserve" something because I've done nothing but cheer for player involvement in this game.

    Winning a "spam & flood contest"? What are you on about? On one hand you're talking about how protective people are about this IP and the next you're implying that we would simply accept any idea that would get nudged to the top?

    I don't disagree that BI should create their own Chapter, that'd be cool as heck. I think you're not giving enough credit where it is due when you dismiss this great fanbase. Ideas could be submitted, talked about, tweaked, and/or voted on it's not that difficult. There's no need to get so upset about a hypothetical situation. You're right, they're taking the risks and putting the work in; nowhere did I dismiss the monumental task ahead of them. However, like they said during the AMA, they want as much player feedback as possible and this is an option that could be put in front of them.

    I don't know why you think I \expect this to be my Chapter. Where did I make that inference at all? The devs and players could vote on a handful of Chapters made by other players and the devs could take them and tweek them how they see fit so it'd be a collaborative effort. If that's whining then at least I'm in good company.

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