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[poll] Should "one Shot - One Kill" Weapons Be As Depicted?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dimitrius_Kirrolov, Jun 21, 2014.


Allow certain weapons to kill in one hit?

  1. Yes

    27 vote(s)
  2. No

    32 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but also give them (significant) negative traits/debuffs.

    81 vote(s)
  1. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    For these AT-weapons, couldn't they be wildly inaccurate? Afterall, a tank is way easier to hit than a head.
  2. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

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  3. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Hahah, you are a careful and dilligent forum user my brother :).
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  4. getting sniped and 1HKO'd is not fun
  5. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    yeah but using a lascannon against regular infantry isn't either :).
  6. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    You see my new avatar? yeah :D

    As long as the weapon requires precision or has a huge backdraw 1 hit kill is ok IMO.
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  7. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    You mean the funny hat? Yeah it's really funny :D.
  8. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a Plasma round"
  9. Luciasar Luciasar Well-Known Member

    A big charge up time, slow projectiles, or lack of dumbfire are all good ways to keep anti-vehicle weapons from being too good at infantry combat. I personally liked the implementation of the old Halo spartan laser - yeah, it's a one hit kill vs infantry, but it's so hard to pull of it's barely ever worth the effort.

    This game also has the added bonus of point-based loadouts. Having a weapon take up so much space that it excludes useful perks and items like grenades might be a good way of balancing power and flexibility for those guns.
  10. FabricatorGeneral Unbihexium Forum Beta Tester

    I hope they really do make it VERY difficult to drop infantry with the thing if they go that route. It gets my blood boiling enough when I see people in shooters pull a sniper and then proceed to park their ass in a bush at the end of the map and ineffectually plink for the rest of the game. Especially in Planetside 2 where it isn't uncommon to see a squad's worth of these BR2 fools who think they're epic 1337 pro MLG quickscopers. They virtually never are either and the only time they get kills is from pure luck, yet they are guaranteed to be hellishly annoying.
    Now imagine the same hillside, but full of Ward marines playing the part of the bolt-action baby with lascannons while fingering their Codex Astartes.
    On top of that you might also attract those horrific assclowns of CoD who pride themselves on actual "quickscoping" and even actively promote their behavior if the downside of using the lascannon is not great enough to compensate for the instant TTK. And an instant TTK is a pretty damn big deal in a game where other kills will require 3 seconds of sustained fire.
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