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[poll} Shoud Their Be Duel-wielding

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Valonox, Jan 23, 2014.


Duel-Wield yah na or discussed about

  1. Yah

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  2. Nah

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  3. Discussed

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  1. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    you forgot to mention the extra 50-100 years of training .... practise makes perfect after all lol
  2. Well can you explain to me the physics behind how a Bolt Pistol fires?

    How about a Plasma Pistol?
    Or a Hand Flamer?
    The Inferno Pistol?
    Grav Pistol?
    Or even the 30K version of a Raygun, the Volkite Serpenta?

    Plus I would point out what happened when the Mythbusters turned their attention to this.


    Remember, Adam & Jamie are not the ambidextrous killing machines that Astartes are, or that you tend to find in 40K.

    I guess you are not as familiar with certain aspects of 40K as myself.

    There are others that can Dual-Wield, though that is usually commander-types. But the HH ruleset does have an Elite unit that specifically Dual-Wields as part of their basic Wargear (two Bolt Pistols and a CCW/Chainsword), as well as officers that can with the Moritat getting the most benefit due to his Chainfire rule.
    And the unit and officer can both be equipped with Jump Packs.

    Actually that assumption doesn't necessarily stand. A Power Sword can be lighter that a similarly sized Chainsword as the chainsword has more mass and weight.
    But Power Weapons aren't standard for most melee-oriented units because the Chainsword is far easier to mass-produce.

    Plus weight may not be the issue. It may be size.
    Most Astartes carry the Boltgun as standard alongside their grenades and pouches for ammo. The Bolter can be swapped for either a similar sized specialist weapon, a Flamer for example, or a bolt pistol and chainsword. The bolt pistol can sometimes be swapped for other pistol types, and the chainsword for other weapons.

    There is other additional Wargear that can be taken, but this usually attaches to parts of the armour not normally used by weapons. The Combat Shield is such an example as it attaches to the users Vambrace/Forearm.

    There are many fighting techniques that use two melee weapons.
    As Mythbusters have shown, there is some viability to using two pistols together.
    The 40K Lore backs this up.
    Plus other games successfully use it as a gameplay mechanic.

    I'm sorry, but for me you haven't presented a counter-argument that successfully addresses all the points for it, nor successfully counters the points you do address.
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  3. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    While i agree that fiction needs some realism in order to be succesful!I have to disagree with your opinion regarding the Orks!The orks are engineered to make war all the time and they are succesfull when doing it(exceptions being when writers murder them for plot reason!)They certainly are not trash of the stars unless your only sources about them are the SW books or some UM fiction!
    Now regarding DW as others have said it has its place in the lore and also a lot of people find it cool so we have 2 very solid reason to include it in the game in my opinion!
  4. Trailer trash of the galaxy, thank you. Very important distinction. As in they lack refinement or decorum in accordance to the 'galactic standard', but that is a conversation for a different thread.
    I see I am in the vast minority and acknowledge that, but stand by my views on the matter.
  5. Durandahl Durandahl New Member

    I want do dual wield Predator tanks (or the equivalent for other races) driven by some people who are shooting and stuff.
  6. Králgor Kralgor Ordinate

    I think it really depends on alot of things. One how is the finished melee going to be, if its not much different from how it is now then there really isn't any reason for duel-wielding. All that would do right now is handicap you if you have no ranged weapon or melee. I think duel-wielding pistols would be cool. As far as effectiveness lets face it melee is really broken as is, two solid hits and your dead, so what good is two melee weapons? If the devs balance and find a practical use for duel-wielding then yeah I'm for it, but unless things drastically change then it would be a worthless waste of time.
  7. Králgor Kralgor Ordinate

    Personally I would prefer a pistol and a chain axe, lets face it any one who has played the table top (I play world eaters) knows that all berzerker arnt kharn and often that pistol is the only hit they will land on a ranged unit lol. I would rather be able to have a slim chance in hell at gettinga few consecutive head shots while charging than be only charging with two chain axes and be shot down before ever even getting close. Lol the guy duel-wielding chain axes is definitely going to be the guy I focus on if I'm his enemy lol
  8. Dual wielding melees, you say?

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  9. t0lkki t0lkki Menial

    If you're that close to the targets you're shooting it's pretty hard to miss them, dual wielding or no. He could probably have closed his eyes and would still have hit the targets atleast a couple of times.

    I disagree with adding dual wielding from similar reasons as Starkad does. It feels just incredibly silly, stupid looking and unnecessary to me. It would make the balancing process that much harder but would only add to the game in the "cool" factor.
  10. But what about the support for it in the Lore?

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