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[Poll] Dire Avenger Balance

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Philos, May 20, 2017.


Do you feel the Dire Avenger is on par with other "tactical" classes.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    Oh how I wish the Eldar campaign reward is a right shoulder pad for LSSM. That outta bring them over.
  2. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    They're probably going to nerf FDs, right now is super easy to pick a falcon, pin a rhino against a wall, drop two bombs and kill it in 0.1 secs. I feel like they're going to reduce their grenades to 1.
  3. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    I'm curious what they'll give Eldar for a reward. It's not like our shoulder armor is big enough to put much of a picture on it.
  4. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    That's actually a good question. Flying rune around the head?
  5. There were some galaxy inspired shoulders shown on a Twitch a long while back, wonder if it'll be those?

    (not sure if anyone has a screen grab?)
  6. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    It was featured briefly on a stream a week back.
  7. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    Aaah, thanks guys. I haven't seen any of the streams, honestly, so I will have to wait and see what it looks like later on.
  8. It was easier bacause weapons had 80 pen instad 100. And DA which weared gold armor got 110 toughness and extra armor. Sure DA then could live as long as tactical. Both hard nerf to HP/armor and penetration buff of all baseline weapons too 100 devaluated DA's buff of toughness 80->100 at all. In past DA could resist ~15% but today just 3-5% against bolters if wear gold armor. A common DA today runs with aspect armor usually have 150HP and 95 armor (245 EHP) with ~4% resist to bolter weapons and 0% resist to high pen weapons survives only 1,5 headshots into armor and then 2 headshots to body. Thats shit you know. That also means you cant use your DPS weapon in head to head fight when engaged with enemy in same time, not ambushing. They main grip you cant be ambushers whole team. You have to frontal attack most on the times, just because gamemodes and maps force you to do it. Im fine with 150HP but lack of armor is critical. Also armor wargear is overpriced.

    I wish to see 100 base armor back to me more than HP. I dunno but 75 base for tactical archetype is... shit. Just a headshot of CQB bolter.
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  9. Velenor Subordinate

    instead of a useless burstfire mode maybe we could have a bladestorm mode
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  10. That is wrong and you seems to have memory leak, basic weapons going from 80 pen to 100 as all Eldar classes going to 100 toughness change absolutely nothing for you but for the classes who had already 100 toughness. But all the other faction were indirectly nerf by this change when dealing damage to Eldar. That was one of the factors taking into account when EHP nerf fall. The deal was the same 80 pen against 80 toughness is the same than 100 pen vs 100 toughness...0. But for weapons unchanged with 110+ pen witch had a 30+ gap with your toughness the gap became 10+, there ORKS/CSM/LSM were dealing less damage to Eldar.
    The EHP gap between eldars and the rest is explain by this fact and some others factors like hitbox size and speed (SM/orks have bigger hitbox and slower movement). Btw your melee weapons keep the old damages and you get a 33% poison resistance to equalise strength ratio.
    Îm not saying the balance is perfect nor that the game system is fine and those two may give some drawbacks but that's true for everyone.
    Eldar should be polished, customisable, and I guess that Shuriken weaponery should have 110 base pen with a +10 pen mod to reflect weapon lethality. Spells should be rework ad least for offensive spells with some kind of bolter effect warp bolts to give warp user some kind of range capacity.
    But with your logic I can not agree.

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