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[Poll] Dire Avenger Balance

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Philos, May 20, 2017.


Do you feel the Dire Avenger is on par with other "tactical" classes.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Slird Slird Active Member

    Faction balance is not classes balance. =\ Eldar DA not equal to LSM tactical.
    LSM tactical not equal to CSM MoN traitor. CSM traitor not equal to shoota boy.
    All factions have their own support units to smooth out the difference.
    Eldar have one tool more than any other, but don't use half of them.

    DA is not CQ specialist. ASC not so bad as you say about it.
    You just always needs your support, because support is core of eldar balance mechanics.
    Actually, eldar have more then others IF they can do brilliant teamwork.
  2. Utherix Utherix Firebrand

    Not sure if this is relevant to Dire Avenger balance per say, but I'd like to see Eldar get a "tanky" option. SM and Orks get Shields. CSM gets Mark of Nurgle. We have no item to really beef up a character and make it tanky.

    One way to do that might be to give the Warlock a very powerful, single-target shield it could cast on one person.

    As I understand it, Heavy Aspect Armour is supposed to be equivalent to Space Marine Armor in the tabletop, but we don't have that item in the game.
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  3. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    Dark Reapers, Fire Dragons and Scorpions all have higher base stats compared to other Eldar classes and pay and gain more from gold armour, this is the devs way of representing heavy aspect armour, they still all suck though and only really a Reaper can afford the gold armour anyway
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  4. Velenor Subordinate

    so the dire avenger is not a close quarters specialist, he has an inferiour ranged capability to bolters, has an extremely limited array of weapons to choose from and doesnt particularly excel at melee.
    What exactly is the Dire Avenger's speciality then?
  5. Main problems
    1) Lack of base armor.
    Imagine this
    Tac 200/100 - gold middle
    DA 150/125 - low HP, better armor. Still have less EHP. Have ability to hit and run instead Tac's ramming one firefight because of tanky playstyle and well-rounded bolter

    Current state:
    Tac 200/100 - gold middle
    DA 150/75 - WTF? Gimped as fuck in everything.

    2) Enhace reliance
    Move staying power to it was a mistake. Now its just a goose-grass

    3) Frontal assault unit with rat playsyle. Also high effort / low reward
    When you ambushed enemy and opened fire first in his back and then he rolled/turned and shitted on you with 4-5 shots. Thats bullshit you know.

    Post-death timer
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  6. Ephron Ephron Cipher

    The Avenger just is not as fun to play as the other cap classes and that is a bad thing. If its not fun change it.
  7. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Look envious of the ultra smurfs of course, Both are blue but only one passed the useful test..but ya DA needs a bit more Hp and more armor.
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  8. Rakshasa Rakshasa Recruit

    If they aren't going to increase survivability through EHP, they need to increase TTK so that 1v1 match ups vs other Tactical Units aren't so lopsided against Dire Avengers.

    Also people need to stop bringing up buffs from other units into the equation DAs need to be balanced on a one for one basis with the other tactical units first. Then the buffs need to be adjusted to account for that. Then if that makes the Warlock support units less playable adjust them to account for that.

    You shouldn't really have a situation in a game where one player has significantly gimped solo game play because a buff exists. It creates a problem where the absence of the buff creates a degraded gameplay experience that doesn't bode well for player enjoyment and overall future game stability. I say this because Tactical units are really the only units that are required because of the Capture Key.

    There is a big balance problem with Servo Skulls in that you have a Tactical unit that effectively can drop it's own buff. This would be like if DAs could cast Enhance and didn't need Warlocks to do it. This effects the meta balance between both LSM and Eldar Tactical units. It also effects the Support unit balance between the same to factions because Apothecaries don't have to invest resources into an offensive buff that Warlocks do thereby reducing the Warlocks options.

    Eldar really need something that increases survivability in static defensive situations where hit and run is not an option. I propose that DA get an option for a Force Field Gem (Flicker Field?) that can be dropped similar to the Servo Skull that debuffs damage by a percentage (maybe 20%) in an area but, does not stack with Protect.
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  9. Unahim Unahim Curator

    No, they don't. Or do you think Fire Dragon is our "one more tool"? You have melta tacticals with melta bombs, too... We have more classes, you have more diversity inside each of your classes.

    At the end of the day, that evens out the amount of "tools".

    Except when it comes down to capping points, ofc. As LSM you can pick a wide variety of weapons while you still go capping, as Eldar you get a Shuriken Catapult of some description and you better damn well like it.

    I often get matches where nobody, or only 1-2 people, are a DA because that's not the weapon they feel like right now. LSM seems to be full of tacticals all the time due to their wider variety. That's a massive, massive benefit, especially in pubs.
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  10. Slird Slird Active Member

    Common gunfight, like most of tactical classes.
    What about MoN ans orks? They have even more EHP. =)

    No, until game will not change core mechanics of balance.

    If you go outside and needs to confront tank - you are gimped as hell.
    If you go inside and needs to confront heavy gun team - you are gimped as well.
    If you needs to confront team with permanent healing - you are exactly gimped.

    Skulls is analog of jinx, not enhance. And it is not free. You need nade slot for this tool.
    Apothecaries have their weapon to invest in offensive capability. It is why they have AFK heal.
    Warlocks have choice, like tacticals have.

    Remove Protect then. Actually you blame it as usless.

    Yes, they have. =) I mean support tools, not FD. Eldar have their "tactical warlocks".

    sry, what? Online translator cant deal with it. Amount of all tools lose their sense without of context because of their different nature.

    Most of LSM weapons is not good in time of cap event. Boltgun, Storm Bolter... ok, QS boltgun (eldar have their, but it is crap). Actually, DA have better weapon for this purpose. ASC kills tacticals faster then boltgun does it. So, it is ehp issue, not weapon.

    Most of people don't know how game works. Especially in pubs. Especially LSM. In many eldar matches i saw warlocks who play like simple melee class. It is not their general purpose. LSM Apos play like gunners, but they was design for this playstyle and have lack of options. This is good for PUGs, but LSM have most of this kind of players.

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