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Please Tell Me This Isnt Just Thq's Space Marine

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Whisprz, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Whisprz Whisprz Member

    Just wondering what the whole community thinks about this. Don't get me wrong, I want to love this game and spend months/years playing, but I'm a little let down. So far from what I've seen, it looks just like Space Marine. In the pre-alpha gameplay footage, all they showed off is Assault Marines being OP and jumping around everywhere. I'm going to go through a couple things just to state where I stand right now.

    First is, will this game get the attention that it needs? As popular as the Warhammer 40k universe is, there are more people that have no idea what this is. They need to make sure the public knows about this game well before release to draw people in. This is my least concerned issue, I just hope they are able to let millions of people know about this game and draw lots of players in even if they are new to this universe. Also, how are Space Marines NOT going to be flooded with people? Everyone is going to want to play them and it's going to be so unbalanced. I can't imagine the same amount of people will be playing Orks and Eldar as there are SM. Then people that haven't bought the game get to play as Orkboyz and get slaughtered in a couple seconds and just act like cattle for everyone else that's playing better roles? I know the point is to make them buy the game, but I don't think that will work. that this looks like a glorified THQ Space Marine MMO. Seriously, the UI looks pretty awful and similar to SM and the combat looks almost identical. I really wanted an in-depth helmet-looking UI to make it feel awesome with cool servo skulls are something other than what they have. Now I know its pre-alpha, but are they going to get that same UI? It just looks way too plain and cartoony, and I remember seeing that the grenade marker was the almost identical to the one from SM. I'm not sure and I hope they make it better. The combat looks almost exactly the same, and I am planning on doing a side-by-side comparison of the two to see if they just took what Space Marine did and put it in there, because that's what it looks like. They will definitely need to do something with Assault and Raptor squads and give them cooldowns for their jetpacks, or that's all we will see when it comes out. Also, how deep is this combat system? Are you going to have counters, blocks, stuns, grabs, and other things? Or is this going to be SM multiplayer where you get ruined by an Assault Marine because he is close to you and oh well you're fucked? Really want to know more about this if anyone has any information so they can prove me wrong.

    I guess the last thing is a personal vendetta with the art-style of this game. When I read the books and whatnot I imagine this dark and horrible world where death is everywhere and the Space Marines look like ancient Angels of Death and the Orks are terrifying in countless numbers, but when I look at SM and this looks almost childish and cartoony to me. Hopefully that's just because it's so early and they make it look rugged with armor scrapes, shrapnel and explosions, ancient buildings, and other things. I hope this doesn't look like Space Marine, because I honestly hated that whole look. Also, I found that in the Dark Angels trailer that they release that when he is walking out of the darkness with his helmet on, you could see a big part of his neck in between the helmet and armor and I almost flipped out because that is a HUGE no-no. But oh well, what are you going to do.

    I apologize if this seems like I'm just going on a rant and bashing this game. It's not my intention and I want to love this game. I just want to make sure that they are making something original, fresh, and have the feel of this Warhammer world that we all love. I want them to stay true to the lore and I really hope they change the proportions of the Space Marines because they are completely off. And of course it will be sort of similar to Space Marine because it's a third-person shooter also, but that doesn't mean they have to be identical. Thanks for your time guys and if anyone has information or comments, leave them below and discuss!
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  2. well it is like you have said
    its prealpha everything will change in the next 16 months

    and that it looks like space marine is understandable since it is a game with the same IP and the same basic mechanic

    they all have played space marine at least once
    so they took lots of influence from it

    yes we will have blocking
    we will have a cover systems
    we even have free crouching!
    we have executions
    we have 4 factions! and at release 5 subfactikns for each of them!
    we have vehicles

    we have still more then a year until release
    and almost everything will change then
  3. \signed what Whisprz said.
  4. Kill Killhunger New Member

    I think it could be darker and things like that. But I really liked Space Marine. I agree a little about the assaults and raptors but I could still kill them.

    If the game used exactly the same models (For the space marines, Chaos models were way too subdued) and many other elements achieving a massive combat scale I wouldn't complain. As far as I am aware all of that content is owned by Sega. This game won't have access to those exact assets.

    I agree with you on hoping there is a darker more gritty feel to the game and think that would help a lot in distinguishing EC from other 40k games. The art assets of the THQ mmo DMO looked very odd proportioned and extremely cartoony to me. Space Marine looked much better.

    I also noticed the exposed neck in the video and said wha? Also the front of the helmet in the mouth vent area seems odd.
  5. Please be dark, and yes I agree something about the Space Marine models doesn't look "right."
  6. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    You know what. I could just say that these are all pre-alpha assets, nothing we've seen is final bla bla bla.

    But I'd rather see a developer do that.

    Carry on gentlemen :)
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  7. Marneus Carnak Ascendancy Active Member

    Aye with the latest videos by EC you can also jump onto walls with your jetpack, then jump off again.
  8. Don't think we are going to get that, unfortunately.
  9. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    Lol, well they have actually done it many times. Just that people don't really use the Dev Tracker.
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  10. Hosk Hosk Curator

    A lot of your questions would be answered by having a good look through the forums/FAQ, but lets have a look anyway.

    This is true. Developers have stated that Space Marines will most likely make up about 40% of the player base. However they will be including balancing mechanics, such as the Tyranids, to help with this issue. Additionally, the Space Marine war council will not necessarily have the same objectives as those of other factions, meaning that they might come into direct conflict with all of the other factions or just one, depending on how greedy they are. Even if they focused all their combined might on one enemy faction, however, there's nothing stopping the other groups teaming up with a temporary alliance to crush the marines, acting as a player driven balancing mechanic.

    I don't doubt the bE team have other ideas too, they've often mentioned it and there discussion threads on the forum all about this issue.

    Not true. The F2Waaagh players (in the current iteration of EC's F2P) have access to three of the basic Ork classes: Shoota, Heavy/Loota and stormboy. They're theoretically on par in strength to any beginning player who has purchased the basic game. They're only restricted from accessing the fourth class and heroes and they have limited ability to spawn vehicles. While this may see like a big disadvantage, it's not, vehicles can still be deployed for them by the war council using its personal requisition, and other players who have the full, basic game will be able to spawn vehicles that the F2Waaagh players will be able to ride in as well (as gunner/passenger/whatever).

    Don't know what to tell you here. a) It's pre-alpha, so this is mostly just proof of concept stuff. b) They're going for a minimalist UI, not really the kind of thing you're looking for. It might end up looking very different to what they're showing at the moment (a lot of the pre-alpha stuff is just so they can start playing games and seeing issues and whatnot) but it's not going to be cluttered with lots of artistic flourishes like servo-skulls. It's a combat RPG, not an mmo, so they're keeping away from the hotbar kind've vibe of those games with a big UI.

    They definitely took some inspiration from space marine, and they stated that that's one of the games they took a lot of ideas from, and as it's pre-alpha there's no reason they couldn't take the visual indicators for grenades and the assault marine dive-charge when they haven't made their own yet. There are currently blocks, dodges and stuns (from what I'm aware), but odds are if you're a devastator and there's an assault marine right next to you, you're pretty fucked. But that's how it should be, right? He's an assault specialist and you're a mid-long range fighter. To allay your fears, however, from the gameplay videos we've seen it looks like there is a delay before assault marines can jump again after they've dived where there movement is severely slowed.

    Eh. Pre-alpha. They haven't even finished making textures for the marines.

    No sweat! You can find HEAPS of information regarding this stuff on the forums and in the official media. Just make sure to have a look through all that stuff and hopefully you'll be a little less concerned. If you can't get answers though, don't hesitate to ask questions like these. Odds are there's someone around who'll know what's going on.

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