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Please Expedite The Free-to-Play Option

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pouncey, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Except the way EC was suppoused to do open world was much more complicated with a more complex engine as they were making their own on a tight budget and a dev team.

    If you're not talking about that then Idk what else could you be talking about because PS2 failed even against a lobby shooter like EC in terms of everything else, especially content and netcode. I mean have you played the game? They have 1 faction. No, they HAVE 1 faction. Coloring every single vehicle differently and only having 2-3 vehicles out of 12 or so have different models per faction does not mean variety, and neither does the basic copy paste of stats of the said vehicles and pretty much every weapon/class in the game. And the "open world" is just about capturing territories that mean almost nothing and makes no advancement in any kind of story. Heroes and generals did a great job at that, EC is going their steps, but oh guys planetside 2 has open world now its better... no...

    I just take that game as overrated as most other f2p games on steam with the exception of warframe and team fortress 2 cause those games at least have some kind of content that is deservant to be played even for a f2p (Which is just a business model, doesn't mean the game is allowed to be shit)
  2. Imo the problem is if devs do not tune what they've done with last patch then players will see EC for what it is.
    And they will leave the game quickly.
  3. 1: Planetside 2 looks average at best, I ran it max settings and it wasn't very interesting to look at, not to mention some weird rendering, may just be me but I'm used to better.

    2: Planetside 2's server tech is home built and still has its issues. Due to it being a heavily client-side game it was open to hacking and a variety of other issues.

    3: IMO Unity was a far better engine to work with, simple is always better than complicated when it comes to making larger games. Sadly they decided to use Unreal4 and now EC is what we currently have.
    Either way I doubt the game will ever be as visually impressive as we want it to be, honestly I would be fine with average visuals that depict the 40k universe well over "MUH LIGHTING EFFECTS!!!"

    4: I said this in another thread, adding a f2p option wont raise the amount of buyers by very much, as EC is the kind of game where playing as 1 faction or even 1 class is enough to give you the full experience of the game.

    5: Dont want to sound rude but its the bad decisions on the dev's part that have slowed down the game's development immensely, focusing on physics systems rather than just basic animations and things along those lines have really impacted the game in a variety of ways. Also with their choice in engine and setting a higher standard for visuals (which aren't even met) meaning they spend longer trying to make cosmetics than what it should really take.

    6: No one was really expecting the open world to be anything impressive, what we wanted was simply a big continent to run around and kill each other on, no one literally thought that 1000v1000 players was going to be possible, it was just a neat idea and concept.

    Personally I'd have done things differently, but the devs decided to go down this route and this is where we're at.
    Fixing this shouldn't be too difficult, lower some standards and dont waste time on things that aren't a necessity, remove anything that complicates the game and focus on core content. Might take a while but ya'll keep comparing EC to warframe so who knows?
  4. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I largely agree on the grounds that I have two friends familiar with the 40kverse that have not considered EC yet. They can hardly say no to giving it a try if giving it a try is free.

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