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Please Don't Restrict Yourself To An Over The Shoulder View

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Nuttydread, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. If you're firing a bolter, or casting a spell, your field of view MUST be restricted to first person. And for gods sakes no "lock on" targeting.

    Running around the game world, climbing and negotiating obstacles 3rd person view is fine. Melee combat should be done in 3rd person. However, if you're going to accurately put rounds down range with a ranged weapon, you should LOSE your situational awareness in the 3rd person view, and you should have to switch to first person view. Sure, you can "hip fire" from the 3rd person view at targets close in, but your accuracy should suffer significantly.

    If ranged weapons do NOT require a first person view, ranged classes or builds will have a huge, and unrealistic advantage over melee builds.
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  2. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    I agree. Honestly, the accuracy from Space Marine was just fine, but every gun with some kind of scope should switch to first-person view when you zoom in. Guns like Storm Bolters or regular Bolters (w/o scope) should zoom in a little bit, while still staying in third-person, and slow you down, so you'd lose a bit of situational awareness and manouverability, but you could aim a little bit better (still no sniping, or basically anything on long-distance, there's still recoil/spread to be counted in).
  3. as much as i agree, this is not how devs plan to do things.
    if you could help convince them otherwise though, i think that they can be swayed.
  4. Do you mean aim assist or like rocket launchers that guide the missile in once a target is acquired?
  5. I think aim assist--bolts aren't even big enough to include any kind of device that would allow them to seek targets. Though it would be cool if GW added something in lore about a rare(probably the most rare)type of bolt that actually did seek targets out. Maybe a new STC to find in EC?

  6. Aim assist. When I think of aim assist, or lock on targeting, I think of my 5 yr old and 12 yr old nephew playing Lego Star Wars..... or other various games they enjoy that are made for younger gamers. As an adult, and avid gamer, I'm hoping for a more challenging gaming experience from EC.
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  7. i think its not worth it lore wise
    SM are elite warriors with a demigodlike aiming they don't need auto aim ^^

    both would like an ammo type which does less DMG by would mark the enemy for some time
    ago your friends can hunt him down if you are to slow
  8. Oh lmfao of course not. Have you ever played an actual for or tps?

    Eldar are capable of dodging bolts, as are good number of things. And space marines miss all time.
  9. Kaelin Kaelin Curator

    I've been doing some research on this subject in the hopes of making my own thread about it, but it seems this is the best thread on the matter, and is not too old. So if no one objects, I'll just leave my $0.02 on this important subject here for now (I found things like this as examples
    , and discovered MGS4, Transformers, and others all have systems like this )

    I personally am hoping for a number of options, namely two 'main' options:

    1) A locked camera/reticle when not in cover (left shoulder, right shoulder, or directly above head reticle) with one holding the handle with your left hand and the stock with your right if you've chosen left shoulder, of course [sorry, I really wanted to make that distinction here]
    2) 'Adjustable' camera, such that you can actually switch hands when wielding your weapons on the fly - yes, animations will need to be added and would be a big pain, but I feel would be enormously worth it, and one of the greatest things (that should be in the game) that would be worthy of such effort

    I have to emphasize that games that can get away with not having anything like this are more about close quarter, cover-to-cover combat that can more easily rely on cover based mechanics to deal with this. None of these games pull this off perfectly however. I would actually say that Space Marine is a fine example of a game that could really have used this, but its 'areas of engagement' are so small and the gameplay so fast that it doesn't matter so much.

    Eternal Crusade needs this a great deal more than any of the above games mentioned because it is a) a *large* team game, and b) has very, very large and open terrain. You cannot count on cover to switch your shoulders for you very often, and other people on your team could easily be hogging these spaces anyway. In a nutshell, I feel that we really need to be able to take proper cover without being right up against it.

    So I must ask - how is the in-game third person camera shaping up? I'm not sure I caught a good look at how it worked in light of cover in the livestreams, they have been a bit too hectic. But I have been watching.
  10. For weapon sights, first person is alright, but I want this to be a good 3rd person shooter with good melee mechanics, not Planetside.
    In vehicles I kinda hope it turns out like BF3-4 with good first person perspective when using the guns.

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