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Player Statistics And The Infamous Kill/death Ratio

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Policenaut, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. More Dakka New Member

    Track kills not deaths. After almost 20 years of playing FPS I can say that I hate the K/D ratio.
    I am so tired of just TDM and people playing for kills. I like to play for objectives and am always the first one to charge in and take a capture point and that usually means me taking all the hits and dying a lot. I am fine with that but what I am not fine with is the rest of the team not moving up because they might die and ruin their precious K/D Ratio.

    The paths to victory are stairs built upon the bodies of fallen comrades.
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  2. I think there's no harm in the basic stats - killing blows, kill assists, times killed, times squad members killed, times resurrected in field, objective captures, damage dealt, damage taken, healing given, healing received, etc. It can be rewarding to look at stats like that and go "Hey, I'm pretty awesome".

    Where harm starts to creep in is when some of them get associated. Killing blows vs time killed. Healing given vs times squad members killed. Damage dealt vs damage taken.

    Depending on what type of class you are, those might be useful to judge your skill...a DPS class with low damage dealt vs damage taken might want to rethink their personal strategy. Or their group strategy. Or maybe the low damage dealt is because they're working as assassins, killing low-HP healers and then suffering the full retribution of the enemy and dying...with the enemy then being easily cleaned up by other DPS members in the group who go on to brag about their epic kill / death ratio, leaving the assassin staring at the stats and thinking they're a terrible player where, in fact, their contribution was arguably the most critical.

    Stats yes. Counts yes. Achievements yes. Ratios? Best not if you want to use stats to encourage and reward good group play, IMO.

    On a separate note, it reminds me of some WOT fights. My T8 heavy has an atrocious set of stats, because of a) constant bad luck in matchmaking and b) it tends to get thrown in with higher tiers more often than not, so its far easier for me to get annihilated before I can contribute a lot.

    On the other hand, my T5 heavy has had a more even spread of matchmaking, and in it I've pulled off stunts like getting killing blows on over half the enemy side.

    If you look at my T8 stats, you'd see I'm an awful heavy tank player. If you look at my T5 stats, you'd see I'm pretty darn good.

    I can't be both. So how useful are those stats...really?
  3. Honestly, I don't care that much about K/D. I care slightly more about KA/D, but pay attention to the other stats that are already in place in PS2 - bases, defenses, points/minute (this one is really important to me). The reddit post seems weird and without any real basis to me.
  4. I don't enjoy statistics, K/D ratio and so on, mainly because people tend to go on an ePeen-rage mode comparing their stats and yelling other people ''noobs'' for being less efficient in combat. Big turn off in my honest opinion.
  5. Freke Freke Subordinate

    Exactly. As long as the stats are just something to look at and be proud or to gauge how well you're doing, then by all means.
    Having shitty stats for say the Psyker class, then perhaps you either just really suck at using them effectively and should spend time practicing. Without stats, you wouldn't really know how well you did last week versus this week. You wouldn't be able to see progress, or vice versa.

    Stats allow you to track your progress as a player and basically feel good about yourself. Or tell you "Hey, I need to focus on situational awareness, or my aiming is really bad."

    And I personally think simple stats like maybe kills, deaths, accuracy should have an option to be made public or not. With the rest just being something you can look at and say "Man I'm awesome."
  6. Bengt Bengt Member

    I say don't put a kill death ratio I hate it when people care more about the ratio than the actual game...
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  7. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    The entire point of having KDR not included is because it plays a psychological role in the player's mind. With an option to hide kills/deaths/etc., those who choose to hide them are going to be viewed as bad by players who openly broadcast their KDR. This could be despite the fact that a player who has a poor KDR might contribute more to taking objectives/capturing territory than someone who has a good KDR who simply runs around going for kills to increase their KDR.

    In a game about territory capture and team-play, KDR is a poor gauge for how good a person plays.
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  8. Aconti Aconti Scribe

    I'm like most others here, no need for KDR to be included (certainly not publicly anyway). This just fuels the selfish solo players that ignore objective based play.
    Let you your achieved customized armour/unlockables be your KDR stat - something you can really show off on the battlefield with pride!!
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  9. Raizo Raizo Curator

    I agree with no KDR.... it can be frustrating when you have people who are scared to die in PvP..... Drives me mad if your scared to die then don't PvP!! :mad:

    But show love for support classes... show the amount of healing done, or damage intercepted vi buffs etc not just damage done.
  10. Freke Freke Subordinate

    In my entire 10+ years of gaming have I never seen a player with a terrible KDR that was good at the game. On the reverse side, no where have I seen a player who has had a really good KDR be terrible at the game. In a game that is objective based with team work oriented objectives, how can you be really good at taking objectives, but die a whole lot without ever killing anyone? This game may have objectives and be about teamwork, but above all it's a shooter. How do you gauge how good someone is at a shooter? Well, you look at how many people they bring down while dying less than their opponents. Is that not what a KDR is?

    Look at EVE Online. They have a killboard, where it displays your Ship kills/losses, the amount of money you've killed/lost. Do you think Corporations (guilds) look at this when recruiting? Doubtful. And the ones that do are probably pretty active killers, in which it's required you to be good at the game. If you've lost shit loads of money in ships and hardly returned the favor, why should that Corp recruit you?

    Same applies to Strike Forces in EC. If a SF is looking at your KDR before recruitment, and it's shit, then you shouldn't join that SF. Join a different one. That SF that looks at KDR is more than likely going to be killing a lot of people and will require you to be able to do the same.

    Besides, there are ways to show how well someone is working together with their team. Like experience gain, or requisition gain, etc. Like in Planetside, it not only shows your KDR but your score points as well, from taking objectives, repairing, resupplying, etc etc.

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