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(player Poll)auspex As A Loadout Item Versus Red Dots On Minimap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychopski, Aug 9, 2014.


Auspex versus Persistent Red Dots(Showing enemy locations) on minimap?

  1. Only friendly dots on minimap

  2. Auspex hand held as load out option

  3. Red dots on minimap

  4. None of the Above(please explain)

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  5. Other(Add your own reply)

  1. Yes, the Auspex does increase chances of detecting Stealth (and extreme Camo) Units.
    Though in-game that could be extended to detect hidden objectives, like a camo-ed tunnel entrance like a bunker escape route or access route to a Tyranid nest.
  2. Last 2 posts got some really cool stuff in them.
  3. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    Hello guys! Sorry I missed that Thread totally. Rikamar poked me and please do so in the future for UI-related threads which needs my presence. Okay, I asked Brent and they haven't yet decided how the Auspex would work - they are still defining how the Accessory and Consumable systems will work, so details will come later.

    We all want to have the Radar/Minimap to be complemented by detection devices like the Auspex. Which markers are coming from which devives will have to be determined later. Right now for development purpose we kind of put everything on the map but will reassign things to Accessories as we implement them in our loadout system (which is too in its infancy).

    Keep adding your comments as we will refer to them in the future. Also, know that the balance between hardcore and spoon-fed will always move as we are developping. We do want to have a Tactical game and we want the better organized teams to win over the unorganized ones. What we don't want to do is create confusion in the heads of all of our players, noobs to hardcore. That's why we need to find the proper balance between the two. It's really about learning curves and having enough information at the basic level to not have clueless and useless players on the battlefield the first time they get in the game.
  4. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    Personally (only me saying) I would go with super basic Radar information and have additional info provided by either my accessories or other players with such accessories. Eternal Crusade needs to distinguish itself by focusing on the teamplay and the only way to do that is to have meaningful roles - one of them which is really important is the Leader/Information provider. A game I really enjoyed because of these roles was Chrome Hounds back in the days - it was really fun to spec your Mech as a Tactics Commander.
  5. Nicolas Brunoni NicolasBrunoni Lead UI/UX Designer

    Oh! And if there are Auspex-type radar-enhancing accessories, you can be sure there will the opposite radar-jammers/hinderers to conter-balance.
  6. Well. This is great to hear.

    Also big thanks to Rikamar for pulling a dev in. :)
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  7. Truth
  8. And the triple post.;)

    I just had a thought.
    What if it wasn't a radar system?
    What if instead the HUD worked off a pre-loaded map and Vox transponder system?

    By this I mean the Machine Spirit of SM armour has maps of Arkhona in its memory (plus some 40K equivalent of GPS) and knows where it is. It periodically sends where it is to the other members of the Squad via transponder and vice versa.
    With such a system there is no active radar to give away position, plus it can be jammed.
    Wargear like an Auspex would have an active scan, the data from which is added to the map.

    Of course there are other ways to use such wargear other than scanning. The Signum takes scans and passes them to the aiming system of a Heavy Weapon, temporarily improving that weapons aim.
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  9. I think that Enemy informations (a spotted/targeted enemy appears on your minimap) should always be automatically shared/relayed to your squad. So a squad member with an auspex exposes every enemy in the vicinity for all squad members (when not obscured somehow, see @NicolasBrunoni mentioning obstruction devices).

    Yes, a lone player is at a disadvantage there. As he should be.

    It's a Team game.
  10. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    EMP Squig confirmed ! :eek:

    That's pretty essential for stealth class builds, or at least the stealthy ones, your Striking Scorpions, Kommandos, Dire Avengers etc. It does seem like you'd end up in something of an arms race between those classes and the player characters carrying the detection equipment, so it makes sense to draw a line in the sand and I respect the need for that balance. Even if the best option is little red dots (please no doritos !! :D).

    I really think you could find a middle ground by having weapons fire ping the map briefly, to indicate the direction of fire, but not continue to track the player source, just mark the point at which the noise originated. The only problem is that it becomes overwhelming in a close ranged firefight/assualt, but at that point is your personal awareness for local sounds of any practical use ? If you're watching the radar you're likely bleeding out.

    Really appreciate your n the importance of a dedicated spotter role Nicholas. Auspex gear is fantastic, it could really become a wargear option in it's own right with mod slots similar to what we believe the weapon configurations will be. Greater range, faster sweeps, use frequency, precision spotting, tracking/identifying vehicles and specific classes etc.

    Just offtopic but Auspex units are built into most Terminator armour. Having that much constant battlefield awareness would go along way to making a Terminator Elite class way more powerful than a Power Armoured class. I'm still buggered if I know how you simulate Auspex or Augers for Orks. They do have a psychic battle-sense that attracts them to combat whether it's the next street over or 2 planets away, possibly represent that as wargear ?

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