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(player Poll)auspex As A Loadout Item Versus Red Dots On Minimap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychopski, Aug 9, 2014.


Auspex versus Persistent Red Dots(Showing enemy locations) on minimap?

  1. Only friendly dots on minimap

  2. Auspex hand held as load out option

  3. Red dots on minimap

  4. None of the Above(please explain)

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  5. Other(Add your own reply)

  1. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

  2. It's simple. This is a shooter, which requires a certain amount of paying attention to your surroundings. You shouldn't have a UI element that essentially wallhacks for you by providing the exact position of players as soon as their weapon opens up for the first time.

    If you can't determine where your enemy is by examining your environment, the position of yourself and your teammates and the direction the bullets are coming from then you deserve to be ambushed, it's as simple as that. Learning from those kinds of mistakes naturally makes you a better player, because you become more attentive and more cautious.

    An omnipresent minimap, however, minimizes this scenario. If somebody gets the drop on most people in, say a game of BF4 or CoD then the standard reaction is to do one of 2 things. Either you try and engage the enemy (and usually lose) or you immediately seek cover and look at your radar to determine exactly where your foe is at.

    The first situation encourages a constant revision of your thoughts and tactics in order to improve (and everybody wants to become better, right?) thus molding you into a smarter and more effective player in the future. The second situation leads toward an increasing reliance on an artificial crutch to do half of your thinking for you while encouraging only an increase in your reaction time in order to become more effective.

    Tl;Dr - Having a minimap takes away from the experience of the game, and the excitement that it can give you. Yes not having one makes the learning curve a bit steeper, but not having one also gives an overall better experience by making the game more intense and exciting.
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  3. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    Not sure if you know what a radar or a wallhacks is after that first phrase...
  4. Yes I know what a wallhack is. It's a 3rd party program that paints your targets for you so you know exactly where they are at all times, even through buildings and terrain. The minimap essentially does the same thing because in every shooter those red dots show up regardless of whether or not the player has line of sight and regardless of whether the player or his/her opponent is inside or outside.

    Now that we have that out of the way is there any actual flaw you can find with my reasoning? I tried to take all the angles into account and had to revise my word usage several times but I'm not a professional writer.
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  5. kuk.jpg
    I think this could be cool, the scanning radar ish whatever could be a bit transparent. Is this shit or what?
  6. That's basically what I had in mind. Unidirectional, intermittent(has a cooldown or requires several seconds to scan), shows enemy locations at the time of the scan, does NOT continue to track enemy players or vehicles when the scan is complete.

    One mechanic I'd also really like to see is a method of jamming enemy players comms/spotting, minimaps(to include showing friendly locations), jamming enemy players ability to call in support actions, temporarily throw their world map offline. This jamming would also temporarily blind your ability to track your team mates. The little icons over your team mates heads disappear, you cant track friendlies on the minimap, ect.

    Perhaps the jammers could have different settings/frequencies, so the player deploying it could either jamm one specific capablity for a long time, jamm 2 cabilities for a shorter time, or have a frequency hopping setting that jamms everything intermittantly. ie it jamms your world map for 30 seconds, then switches and turns off friendly player markers for 30 seconds, then switches and jamms your minimap for 30 seconds, then restarts the sequence. Players could pre program what settings they want and save them in their load out, with a couple options available once the jammer deployed.

    Ideally the jammer would be a loadout item, so you could run with 1 or 2 in your 10 man squad. And by loadout item I mean it takes up a weapon slot. A lengthy cooldown should be included, or some other mechanic like having to deploy 2 or more jammers forming a net to jamm enemy players in a specific direction or area.The jammers once deployed could be recovered by their owner or destroyed by enemy fire.

    Medal of Honor Warfighter had radar jammers, which scrambled enemy players minimaps. It was a great counter to player Deployed UAVs, which gave you and your team mates a temporary minimap.
  7. What if the Auspex had two scan modes?
    The first is an all round scan for detecting stealthed enemies and objectives; the other being a directional scan mode that has a long reach.
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  9. I'm almost sure they do check it from time to time. (Otherwise someone should talk to them :p)
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  10. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    Having a different minimap to stand apart from other games sounds good. The auspex and equivalents as equipment in load out to enhance the function of minimaps in whatever ways Devs and testing deem appropriate. I think actively pausing to hold the scanner and/or perform a scan would detract from the wild fun game times. If made into an activated scan then it will be spammed by as many people as often as possible always anyway then by effect you get the minimap of other games, just at the cost of one or more players being designated scan spammer in their squad. So a hybrid route seems best in my opinion.

    I was playing Planetside 2 the other day (I don't know why I do that to myself but sometimes I do) and I feel a minimap displaying friendles is a must for the scale, coordination and avoiding friendly fire. Such as throwing grenades into a building when enemies are in there but friendly icons being displayed in that same building would discourage such an action. Also with so many things happening all around, and I would expect LSM & CSM sounds of certain weapons and their boots to sound similar, relying on sound could be problematic. But to also note that faction voices during battle will sound different from each other so can expect to distinguish them more clearly.

    For the radar/minimap. After reading through this thread, a proposed middle ground of spotting & hardcore options:
    • Just showing friendly pings as in its not a constant feed but refreshes their position at intervals, think like Alien: Isolation motion tracker. (so if one dies you won't see the dot disappear until the next interval).
    • Can only see enemies if spotted by auspex in your squad (squad leader only? passive effect like current spotting system or an automatic cone scan every X seconds/minutes in direction auspex user is facing?) & maybe made visible to strike force too (a number of squads grouped together akin to Planetside 2 platoons). Have it as the same ping nature for friendlies above. If line of sight is broken then the spot vanishes from minimap. I've also said elsewhere that perhaps no "spot" at all but a general area marker could be a possibility. So players have the indication from friendly spotting but still have to work out where exactly they need to direct their death dealing weaponry.
    • For guns fire revealing positions think of Destiny radar. Certain areas light up on the minimap indicating direction and range of threats within range of your character. Here's a short vid explaining it, just modify and apply it to gunfire. (Certain classes such as Noise marines have increased range since they amplify their hearing?)
    • No "doritos" indicator over enemy heads or vehicles (battlefield fanmade term for spot icons over targets in HUD). None at all. With faction appearance/silhouette differences that won't be necessary. Level design would have to stay on their toes to avoid head glitching and 3rd person equivalent corner glitching to make this work fully and ideally.
    • Maybe have indicators only in close range. Why only close range? To better make sense for close quarters when allies and your own character get in the way of the camera and enemies mingle with friendlies in frenzied action with shootas shooting and choppas chopping. Okay maybe that CQC spot is just me because close quarters is often my downfall. Which is ironic since I'm looking forward to playing the melee focused classes in EC the most.

    Unrelated to minimap, but does the Auspex or a modified auspex scan help in detecting stealth units? Because I brought up options to do that in another thread. Perhaps use active auspex scan in some way for the following from there (edited a bit as indicated by [ ] ) :
    "Also through wargear choices (servo skull following over the SM shoulder?) when in range and in line of sight [cone of effect] of the wargear scan can give chance [chance decreases with obstacles in the way] of revealing the stealth unit, highlight the stealth unit or make the distorted effect [of stealth units; Predator style] even more noticeable. I think Planetside 2 [darklight] flashlights serve the purpose of revealing stealth now." ​
    Initial thoughts are that the stealther would be able to see then pick off those that can detect them and performing a scan would leave that player vulnerable as they would be somewhat less combat effective as well as stationary or slow while performing the scan. For good and bad. (always bring friends. always.).
    Made myself think of splinter cell multiplayer versus matches with this. Interesting.

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