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(player Poll)auspex As A Loadout Item Versus Red Dots On Minimap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychopski, Aug 9, 2014.


Auspex versus Persistent Red Dots(Showing enemy locations) on minimap?

  1. Only friendly dots on minimap

  2. Auspex hand held as load out option

  3. Red dots on minimap

  4. None of the Above(please explain)

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  5. Other(Add your own reply)


    ...I dont know much about alien lore :p
  2. reviving this thread. Playing a lot of BF4 over the holidays with a group of friends on hardcore servers which have no minimap. I can't stress enough how much more teamwork and communications come into play when players don't have the AI crutch of red dots(enemy players) rendering on a omnipresent, omnidirectional, God mode all seeing minimap.
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  3. I wish there were a "triple-like" button. I'd use it instead of usual "like" now.
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  4. I agree whole-heartedly with you Psychopski.
    - Orkz don't run around with magic computer chips in their brains that point out where enemies are. They have to rely on visual signals from other orkz and shouted alerts.

    - Space Marines/Chaos Space Marines have HUD elements built into their helmets sure, but that is mostly for their own team so they know where their fellows are in regards to tactical planning and complex maneuvering. The rest of their sensors are for target acquisition and imaging, unless you're using a "beakie" helmet.

    The only races I can really see having an omnipresent radar system built into their tech would be Eldar, Tau and maybe Necrons since they always seem to know where everything is at before they ever pop out of the ground.

    What I'm having so much trouble saying is this: Players don't need a mini-map to be good in a shooter. It's nothing more than a crutch. I'd even go so far to say that it hurts bad players more than it helps, because they spend way too much time staring at the thing instead of learning the map and its various hot spots.
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  5. First.
    I dont know how the aupex will work as a loadout item, like, I cant see it in my hand in a 3rd person game

    It can work as an upgrade item that you can have in your loadout, like an accessory.
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  6. Diasaffected member Norm Well-Known Member

    But if the mehrines don't rely on their auspex how are us Eldar going to feed you false signals?
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  7. It can work just like the Pip-boy does in the Fallout games! You're playing the game, running around when all of a sudden you need to access your auspex. You press a button and get a pop up on your UI of a zoomed in auspex. It tells you whatever you need to know in real-time, then you just press the same button to remove the pop up and continue as normal.
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  8. It is possible that the Auspex connects to your HUD and displays its scans there, with you only handling it when you need to adjust the settings on the Auspex?
  9. It could kind of work like the radar from Aliens, you switch to the Auspex that's in your gadgets and it makes your minimap larger and detects all enemies, as long as you have it out.
  10. A combination of both. I think that seeing friendlies should come as default, since that's just how an SM's auspex works. But! - What if some marines (if they choose it in their load-out, or maybe just techmarines(?)) Can set up a signal-booster tower? Which would give all marines within a certain range a boost to their auspex, allowing them to see enemies on the minimap, though only enemies within a certain proximity of each individual marine. So I can detect enemies within 20m of myself, but I can't see the same enemies that my buddy 200 m away are seeing on his auspex. This means that you still have to coordinate a lot.

    This signal tower can in turn be jammed/hacked and outright destroyed by the enemy. This is also something that could work well for the other factions as well, though obviously with their own flavour (You won't see Eldar setting up a signal tower, but maybe a "Psychic Enhancement Pylon" or something
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