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(player Poll)auspex As A Loadout Item Versus Red Dots On Minimap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychopski, Aug 9, 2014.


Auspex versus Persistent Red Dots(Showing enemy locations) on minimap?

  1. Only friendly dots on minimap

  2. Auspex hand held as load out option

  3. Red dots on minimap

  4. None of the Above(please explain)

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  5. Other(Add your own reply)

  1. I'd prefer the normal minimap, just because its easy to implement and convenient, but for dungeons and stuff, the scanner would be pretty cool.

    EDIT: Although OP is against BF3-4 mechanics, I think having a call system would be good, you know, Hold Q to spot enemies, use emotes, etc.
    This kind of system would work very well for this game.

  2. I do still play BF4 occasionally, although the group of friends that I run with only play on hardcore servers. Active Spotting in BF4 actually requires effort from the player. HALO style minimaps with persistent red dots showing enemy locations, which is what I saw in last Friday's live stream, requires zero effort.

    I don't understand the allure of this type of artificial situational awareness in games, especially for avid gamers. With surround sound, tracer rounds, voice comms, as well as red dots on your minimap showing enemy locations, what's left to chance? Where's the fog of war? Flanking or rolling up the enemy from behind, laying in ambush, sniping from a sniper hide, these techniques/tactics are nullified the millisecond you fire or the millisecond someone on the opposing team sees you, because you're position is compromised via red dots on the enemy's minimap.

    I'm really hoping for a gaming experience that's truly unique to the 40K universe, versus a game UI that looks and feels like COD, BF4 reskinned in a 40k setting.

    Sounds like the realities of the 40K universe...

    As far as your comments on lone wolves and players not using voice comms. Behavior has made it clear that EC will be a team based game, and that it will be more than clear that NOT grouping up and working with other players will put you at a severe disadvantage. Should team play and the mechanics involved be dumbed down or rendered less effective in order to cater to the lone wolves?
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  3. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    Ok, but what about the team working right next to yours? They see the enemy, your guys don't. With your system, you'll never know.
    And I pity the guy with the scanner, his job passes for the most boring gameplay ever, just keeping in cover and checking directions all the time, as the process is slow.Would go great for Space Hulk, but I doubt about EC environment.
    Still, the idea with auspex is not bad from the atmosphere standpoint, but in terms of gameplay it needs some more pronounced tactically viable effect. But even as you have described, I'd gladly leave this system for glorious Space Marines alone, as a handicap to overcrowded faction)
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  4. Eww tracers.
    I'd prefer bullets going normal speed and not so slow you can see them.
  5. Fine by me, chance encounters and being surprised by an enemy presence, sounds like a great game. You have heard of the "fog of war" I'm assuming? You've never played a shooter on the Hardcore servers? It's not as if competitive game play is impossible without the enemy appearing on your minimap, quite the opposite in my opinion.

    Seeing every enemy near me on my minimap the millisecond any other friendly player in my entire faction sees them... cheesy. A sniper on a distant hilltop could be getting eyes on hundreds of enemy players. It's physically impossible for them to relay that information to HUNDREDS of friendly players on multiple comms channels in a millisecond, which is what you'll get if you follow your train of thought. , so the theory behind those players appearing as blips on your minimap to simulate players sending spotting reports is bogus. Again, the fog of war.

    We are going to have sound in game if I'm not correct. With surround sound, gaming headphones, do we really need an enemy to magically appear on our minimap every time they fire their weapon? From what I've seen on most weapons in the pre Alpha, tracer rounds and plasma charges flying from point of origin to point of impact. This is yet another method for players to proactively locate the enemy, versus a passive system of red dots that's always spotting enemies for you

    Not every unit on the battlefield is in instantaneous communications with every other friendly unit. The reality of warfare, and it's not that different in the 40K books I've read. Different SM Squads operate on different channels, and switch frequently to other channels to relay enemy disposition, on changes in battle plans, ect. This takes time and is NOT instantaneous. There's also the fact that Communications is not always guaranteed. Communications devices get damaged,there's occasional atmospheric interference, jamming devices, the list goes on.

    I'll agree to disagree. I don't think anyone is wrong or right in this discussion. For me personally it's about seeing as much of the 40K universe as possible while we experience the Eternal Crusade. I'd much rather EC look, and feel like you imagine it would if you were there on the ground as a SM/CSM, Ork or Eldar. Seeing the usual "generic" Battlefield/COD UI in Eternal Crusade isn't how I imagine the 40K universe.
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  6. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    Well, this kind of gameplay has its charm, though it can be a real pain for commanders, but yes, I tend to agree.
    There are many good sides to it, indeed. One of them is the better chances for melee and fast attack classes.
    But still many people will have to type their info, when they spot an enemy squad on the move. And everything moves petty fast..
  7. Mr Human BrotherZadakiel Well-Known Member


    I'd find it interesting if each faction had a different minimap:
    - LSM/CSM: standard minimap showing terrain but only points enemies when they're firing, or an auspex-like map showing terrain and intermittently showing enemies (eg. every 5 or more secs)
    - Ork: their sixth sense/more advanced senses let them see what happens around them, so their minimap will be smaller but lets them see all enemies in a short range, without showing terrain (representing their improved senses)
    - Eldar: their technological prowess and innate warp abilities lets them see everything surrounding them, so their minimap constantly shows terrain and enemy positions, with a similar range to LSM/CSM. I know it sounds OP, but Eldar are masters of ambush after all.
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  8. unstable unstable Curator

    I would say yes to auspex but only in certain situations probally none other than pve hive lair or space hulk, or dense environment such as forest and jungle would also be reason enough or places with low visability due to environmental effects sandstorm, fog and heavy rain. I would also like to see a minimap used a bit more player driven like setting up comms relay instead of continually scanning for enemies, that call in area scan from the strikecruiser to relay enemy location in target area which is then shown on minimap may cost req.
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  9. PnzrNorm PnzrNorm Arkhona Vanguard

    I remember a shooter I played in the past had an identification system where it would display additional information about the target the longer you were able to maintain the reticle on the target.
    Perhaps having an Auspex equipped would allow a user to do this or make it occur at a faster rate so that the user will be able to prioritize targets more effectively?
  10. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    sniper elite v2 did that if you used the binoculars

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