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(player Poll)auspex As A Loadout Item Versus Red Dots On Minimap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psychopski, Aug 9, 2014.


Auspex versus Persistent Red Dots(Showing enemy locations) on minimap?

  1. Only friendly dots on minimap

  2. Auspex hand held as load out option

  3. Red dots on minimap

  4. None of the Above(please explain)

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  5. Other(Add your own reply)

  1. 1. If you were running in my squad you would have 9 other guys covering down while you were scanning. This type of mechanic will encourage and reward teamwork.

    As far as the rest.... Personally I feel I will be more inclined to run counters to the Auspex(jammers) and I'm thinking a lot of the regulars I play BF4 with will be doing the same if they join me for EC. We are so used to not relying on a minimap for info on enemies it won't be any loss or change. As far as who/which classes that remains TBD. Too many unknowns about EC to judge at this point and time. However from a group leader's position overburdening any one support class wouldn't be the way to go because you're losing too much if that one team mate gets killed
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  2. I agree. But knowing where a Battle Brother, or squadmate, are so you can warn them or coordinate with them to take down the HB makes sense to me. You may need to "paint" the target HB to do it, but I'm fine with that.

    Signum, possibly Augur Array.

    From the Original Space Marine Armour article by Rick Priestley, Mk II Crusade Armour section:
    So SM hear and see normally, for them at least, but gain wider auditory and visual frequencies through the Auto-Sense. They can even filter and enhance the input.
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  3. Pharanooks pharanooks Drill Abbott

    I just wanted to add my two cents: I hate minimap radars, and they have no place here.
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  4. Tyrant Tyrant Prefectus

    I think the projected mini map and spotting enemy system will work fine, but why not add a little versatility to the game by giving players the option to only wield a one hand weapon and receive more battle info with an auspex? Most other games have some sort of motion sensor beacon so why not? We need to have as much content as possible.
  5. Because the Auspex will be a normal loadout option that you equip. And I'm sure it will boost the capabilities of the minimap.
  6. After reading through this thread I think I am pretty pleased with the comments from Nicolas. I hope its still up to date.

    In most books about Space Marines its written that the Power Armor system monitor the squad members so their position and vitality signs should be visible to alle members. This inter-suit communication however is also detectable by enemies sensors as some energy of the transission can leave some tracable signals. So in stealth missions the Seargeant can shut off these systems to allow the squad to hide more efficiently with the cost of steady informations.
    It would be nice to see this reflected in the Auspex system. Maybe by using a heatmap like system to show the likelyhood of an energy signatures (e.g. blue 100% detection of an organic energy signal and yellow 10% likelyhood and probalbly mechanic power source...and color gradient for inbetween percentages). Visibility, Vox usage and system linkage would increase the Heatmap bleed and would allow for certain detection by an Auspex scan...the less you use the system the heatmap percentage goes down and the enemy can´t be sure if its a real signal. You could create fake signal and disturbances by EM sources like generators, powerlines etc. plus warp effects and other anomalies...they would give you shadow signals but also allow for masking of a real signal.

    Its also often written that secure vox leaves some clicking sounds in the common shared vox-network...indicating that someone is communicating on a private channel. So maybe Vox-usage, which means teamspeak, would leave an effect on an Auspex scan...however Skype usage would circumvent this.

    I also like the Idea having two different scan-modes with a long-range directional cone and a short-range circle. Or having additional motion-sensor which can be placed (and destroyed) and which link with the Auspex to show if an enemy is entering a certain area when triggered.

    Maybe a future Techmarine class could have even more scanning-modes or possibilites to modify/clear/enhance the heatmap when tinkering with some machines in the buildings.

    @NoahWard I guess this thread is fitting to the current spotting discussion ;) maybe you get some inspiration what the community wants here ;)
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  7. Dragun16 Dragun16 Subordinate

    As long as it takes up your hand slot loose the use of melee, and ONLY enemy red dots on map that linger in the same area to long, and MUST HAVE A counter, like the SM Scout camo cloak would remove detection as well as ANY AND ALL shouded/cloaked(cover save items), but take up the chest "upgrade" slot or possibly a back upgrade like iron halo.

    Me personally I don't care in the end, now a days I can safly assume that 10% of the people I play with in a FPS are using a wall or map hack of some kind, most don't aimbot or head shot script (or both at the same time) there to easy to spot, but more then a few times I have hid myself really well and let enemy pass by with out shooting them just so I can get the hole team at once but some random guy for no reason looks at me even though 5 people in front of him never bothered, always seems a little cheat suspicious. All I can do is be better then the guy that knows were im hiding, if they don't "blind nade" me.

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